Vasectomy’s-No Need to get ‘Teste’….. (See what I did there?)

Last weekend, the hubs bit the bullet and went off to have his bits manhandled, all for the sake of a) our sanity, and b) my reproductive system.

We are well and truly done-no more babies are entering my womb, or vacating it for that matter!

Obviously, I'm a woman, and to write a blog about vasectomy's really isn't something I can do from a first hand point of view.  So I decided to get the husband's opinion on it all, and some thoughts from blogger friends who's partners have had it done, in the hope it gives those who are thinking about doing it, some more information on what to expect! Continue reading “Vasectomy’s-No Need to get ‘Teste’….. (See what I did there?)”

Cadbury’s Adopt A Cow-Picowso Event With Rose Blake

Meet Buttons, the 8ft animatronic face of Cadbury’s ‘Adopt a cow’ campaign!


On Sunday (23rd July), myself and the children took a trip into London, to the Barbican Centre, to not only meet Buttons, but to also take part in a Cadbury’s life drawing class with renowned artist Rose Blake!

Here’s a little mini vlog of our day! Continue reading “Cadbury’s Adopt A Cow-Picowso Event With Rose Blake”

BOOMF-The Boomf Bomb & Personalised Marshmallows-Review

It was my Birthday last week (Yep, I’m now 31!)  I was spoilt to say the least, but this year, I received Birthday Blogger Mail!  


Boomf sent me two super-special products from their range of loveliness!

The Boomf Bomb!

Continue reading “BOOMF-The Boomf Bomb & Personalised Marshmallows-Review”

B&M 4 Seater Folding Picnic Table Review


At family events, the issue that most have when holding a party or get-together, is seating.  Peter Kay famously used the “emergency chairs” subject for one of his stand up shows-and we all know how true it is!

That was when this awesome contraption from B&M came into play. Continue reading “B&M 4 Seater Folding Picnic Table Review”

Vodafone Smart Tab N8-Tech Review (from a non-tech blogger)

Vodafone sent me their new Smart Tab N8 to review!



If you read my last tech review, of the Samsung mobile, you’ll know two things.
1. I am not a tech reviewer.  I review as a Mum, woman (and as someone who has zero idea of tech related information.
2. I am a fierce Apple addict.  I have an iPad, and an iPhone, and don’t often find Android very easy to go back to. Continue reading “Vodafone Smart Tab N8-Tech Review (from a non-tech blogger)”

It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!


During 1989 and 1999, my only issues in life, were attending nursery/school, homework and my favourite television programmes.  Among them-Fun House.  Running from 1989-1999, the CITV children’s favourite, was by far (in my opinion), one of the best things on my big backed telly box.

Now, 28 years since the first episode hit our screens, plans are underway to bring the Fun House back!!

Alas, this news isn’t as it seems!  To be in with a chance of reviving this “whole lotta fun” show, the team need your help!


To find out more about the revival, and how the general public can help get Fun House back up and running, I spoke to the man himself, Pat Sharp. Continue reading “It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!”

Summer Holiday Clubs & Camps-Why I Won’t Be Participating

So, it’s that time of the year again.  Kids are coming home with leaflets in their bags, events are being set up and shared on social media.  What are they for?  Summer holiday clubs.

Sports clubs, holiday clubs, holiday camps, fun activity clubs-you name it, there’s something for everyone.

So why won’t I be even debating on sending my children on one of these?

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One Third Stories-Spanish & French Book Review & Giveaway

You may remember, a blog I wrote not so long ago, reviewing a language book from One Third Stories.  (If you don’t, hear it is- One Third Stories Review)


StoriesStoriesSince we reviewed that French language book, we’ve been sent some more!  Another French one, and, a Spanish one.

I’ll hold my hands up now, before any vlogs pop up below, before anyone else feels the need to mention it-I don’t speak Spanish.  I literally learnt how to say 1-8, and Hola.  My son however, has just moved to a new school-and, as luck would have it, he’s begun Spanish lessons there!

He’s still not up on the majority of the words we found in the book One Third Stories sent us, but he had a good go, as you can see here! Continue reading “One Third Stories-Spanish & French Book Review & Giveaway”

My Dad-A Daughters First Love

A blog I’ve been wanting to write for a long time seems perfect to do this weekend ready for my Dad’s Birthday.


“A daughters first love “

I read a lot of quotes, I use a lot-especially in my blogs, then I decide whether I believe them or not!  However, there’s not a shred of doubt that the above quote is 100% true. Continue reading “My Dad-A Daughters First Love”

Peppa Pig Potty Training Bundle-Product(s) Review


Look at all the lovely Peppa Pig goodies, we, (well Olivia really) were sent!


Olivia is a rather big fan of Peppa Pig-we recently went to London to see “My First Cinema Experience” and she loved it!

Because of this, she was thrilled with her box of goodies, and set to work placing the items where they needed to be in the house.

What was in the box?

Continue reading “Peppa Pig Potty Training Bundle-Product(s) Review”