Having a clearout? Ebay it! Selling on Ebay is easier than you think!

It’s almost October-and almost Christmas!  If you’re anything like me, you’re getting ready to sort through last years clothes that no longer fit, kids toys, and general bits ‘n’ bobs you’ve accumulated since your last “sort out”.

That’s where Ebay comes in!  Do you know how easy it is to sell on ebay?!


Take a look at this.

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Children’s literature-Storytime Magazine-Review and Giveaway!

If you’re like us (and I’m pretty sure like most of the worlds parents), you have story time as part of your bedtime routine.

I’m always after new stories, new books, and new concepts to shake story time up a little, so, when I was sent two magazines from Storytime, I knew the children (and I) would love them! Continue reading “Children’s literature-Storytime Magazine-Review and Giveaway!”

BritMums-Ecover Laundry Challenge

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have washing coming out of your ears.  Genuinely, I can’t work out, how the children go through so many items of clothing-especially considering my son wears a school uniform five days a week!

So when BritMums challenged us to put Ecover’s New Non Bio Laundry Detergent to the test, I thought, hey-whatever makes my life easier! Continue reading “BritMums-Ecover Laundry Challenge”

Weekend Box-Snazaroo Mini Face Paint Range-Review

How much do your children love face paints?  If they’re anything like my Daughter (just her-my son isn’t as keen), then the answer will be “thiiiiiiiiis much”, (while they hold their hands as wide apart as possible).

We were sent a Weekend Box and inside, were some awesome mini packs of Snazaroo face paints! Continue reading “Weekend Box-Snazaroo Mini Face Paint Range-Review”

Fudge Kitchen-Home Kit Kids in the Kitchen-Review

Hands up if you love fudge!

I do!  I mean I love pretty much any food-I’m one of life’s “grazers” (like a cow really), but how much more fun is grazing when there’s fudge involved!?


Fudge Kitchen sent the little ones their very own fudge-making kit! Continue reading “Fudge Kitchen-Home Kit Kids in the Kitchen-Review”

Meccano from Spin Master-Imagination & Creative Play Review

When I was younger, I was kind of half girly girl, and half tom boy-I loved barbies, dressing up and pink things, but I also loved cars, action men, and building things!

I also absolutely loved Meccano-so, when the opportunity came up for me Kye to review a box of it, I was more than happy! Continue reading “Meccano from Spin Master-Imagination & Creative Play Review”

BritMums-Healthy Red Meat-Cooking Challenge

I was given a challenge from BritMums, to cook my little family a healthy red meat dinner!

Before I begin, a small disclaimer if you will*
*I am not a chef.  I’m not even a very good cook.  I mainly just give making dinners a good attempt and hope for the best!


One of my main issues with cooking is that the children are always around, so I don’t find time to make new dishes-however, I do like to give them the best food-food that is healthy and tasty. Continue reading “BritMums-Healthy Red Meat-Cooking Challenge”

Why my Son is scared of the world, but I’m not completely sad about it….


Over the last 6 months, my son (7), has begun having nightmares, and sometimes anxiety before he’s even gone to sleep, about being scared of the world and situations around him.

My Dad and Step-Mum, both work closely with children of all ages, and have assured me this is normal-something I confirmed with our old friend Google.  Apparently at this age, children become more aware of mortality-their own and other peoples.  They overthink situations that usually wouldn’t get a second thought. Continue reading “Why my Son is scared of the world, but I’m not completely sad about it….”

Xupo-Find, Track, Secure, Anything. Bluetooth Key Finder Review


I am one of the most organised people, I know.  I always know where I’ve got to be and when, I’m on time, the kids have what they need for their days, and I make lists about lists.

The only thing I manage to always fail at, is making sure I know where my keys are.  I know, I know, they’re way to important to be leaving laying around in random places-and I’ve never actually “lost” them-I just misplace them a lot a fair amount.

So when I was sent the Xupo Bluetooth Key Finder to review, I had a feeling we were going to get on like a house on fire…. Continue reading “Xupo-Find, Track, Secure, Anything. Bluetooth Key Finder Review”

I Love Gin-Discover The Perfect Gin & Tonic-Review

I was recently sent a subscription box from I Love Gin, to review!


I actually do LOVE Gin!  I’m well aware that makes me sound like an “old soak”, but it really is one of my favourite tipples!

Who are ‘I Love Gin’?

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