Mothers Day Gift Review-Mills & Boon-Turning Into Your Mother


This is just one of the hilarious exerts from Ada Adverse‘s new book-“Turning Into Your Mother“.  Another entry into the Mills & Boon Modern Girls Guide, Ada and her witticisms once again make this book an absolute joy to read.

Upon initial receipt of this book, I did assume I’d be using it as a self help guide of ways not to turn into my Mother!  However, with each turn of the page, I realised that actually, Ada has once again stolen the majority of not only mine, but quite possibly the worlds population of Mothers thoughts.

Stealing the “book crown” once again (there’s one of those yeah?) the additional pictures, are perfectly selected for each page’s content.

Personally I’ll be keeping this book for my daughter to read one day-to confirm to her it wasn’t just me that thought these things, and to show her how she’ll also think when she has her own children.
(I’d like to add I’ll be telling her that she should turn into me-I’m pretty awesome.)


Celebrate Mothers Day with Mills & Boon!



With Mothers Day closely approaching, what better way to give your own Mum a giggle than with this awesome book!

An absolute steal at £6.99, you can buy this laugh a minute “Modern Girls Guide” at Amazon-just click HERE!




Please note I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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