Why my Son is scared of the world, but I’m not completely sad about it….


Over the last 6 months, my son (7), has begun having nightmares, and sometimes anxiety before he’s even gone to sleep, about being scared of the world and situations around him.

My Dad and Step-Mum, both work closely with children of all ages, and have assured me this is normal-something I confirmed with our old friend Google.  Apparently at this age, children become more aware of mortality-their own and other peoples.  They overthink situations that usually wouldn’t get a second thought. Continue reading “Why my Son is scared of the world, but I’m not completely sad about it….”

Helicopter Parenting-Do You Really Have All The Facts?

Helicopter Parenting
Some have heard of this term, others may be  wondering what it is.
To clarify, “helicopter parenting” relates to a parent that hovers around their child, being overprotective, shadowing them, keeping a short distance between them, in case of accidents and other life issues.


This is me. I’m a helicopter parent. The thing is, I don’t want to be one.  I certainly never chose to be one.  It kind of just happened. Continue reading “Helicopter Parenting-Do You Really Have All The Facts?”

Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 1

Way back in March, at an unrelated awards ceremony, I happened to be sat next to two of the nicest, funniest people I’ve met in a long time.  They happened to be PR and Content Managers at Haven.
As they left, I was given a card, and told to contact them the following week-something I did first thing the Monday morning, thanking them for making us feel comfortable at the table we were all placed at.

5 months later, and we owe those two Haven managers, Johnny and Helen, the biggest amount of gratitude.  We’ve not long returned from our first family holiday, to Poole in Dorset, which we were given by Haven, in exchange for a review.
This sounds pretty simple, but to us it meant everything-and we hope we’ve done Haven proud with our review, as well as the vlog I’ve spent a week putting together-wanting it to be nothing less than perfect.

Continue reading “Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 1”

School Transition Time! How To Get Your Child (And You) Through It!

So, we’re coming up to that time of year, when either your child is moving schools, or moving classes.  Either way, you’re coming up to a possibly tricky time of transition-new teachers, new schools, new friends-it’s a daunting experience!

Recently, Kye moved schools, and he moved before the transition period.  Moving mid-term has to be one of the scariest things a child will go through (and parents), and I really thought he’d struggle with it all.  In actual fact, the plan we quickly scrambled together, about how to deal with the transition and his feelings, to suit the type of person he is, seemed to work quite well, and the move was successful! Continue reading “School Transition Time! How To Get Your Child (And You) Through It!”

Life’s Little Bugs-T.Stubbs Book Series Review

We were sent seven books from Life’s Little Bugs.

Life’s Little Bugs are a company aiding children’s development, also providing a good support for SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural studies within schools) and Home Education Studies.

All written by T.Stubbs, the books allow children to learn about good habits, in a range of subjects, using the fun book content and illustrations.  With fun characters, and a professor explaining the moral of the story at the end of every book-these really are an excellent way to get your children to understand right from wrong, in a great way!


Let’s meet Life’s Little Bugs!!!!!


Doodle Bug
Telling the story of ‘Doodle Bug’ who just loves being creative, he soon realises that drawing and painting on others property, isn’t appropriate.  Being given another outlet for his creativity, he teaches his young readers how to respect others and their belongings.


Litter Bug

‘Litter Bug’ (and his friend ‘Fly’) absolutely love making mess.  They happily throw their rubbish around, until a few people explain to them that this isn’t acceptable.  A great lesson in how to keep things tidy, and the importance of disposing rubbish appropriately.

Tummy Bug

‘Tummy Bug’ is probably my favourite out of the set of books we got sent.  Mainly because it’s the one life lesson I really preach about the most to my children.  No matter how clean we seem to be at home, they still end up with the tummy bugs from school and nursery!  This story explains how important hygiene is, not just on our bodies, but also in what we eat.

Flu Bug

Another germ prevention story, this one tells us about ‘Flu Bug’, who just loves to share himself around, making others unwell with his germs.  The professor explains how resting, staying away from others and taking care of yourself, prevent ‘Flu Bug’ from spreading himself around!

Gum Bug

‘Gum Bug’ tells us how much he likes to get into our teeth and make them feel bad!  The story explains to children, what they can do to prevent cavities and gum infections!

Hum Bug

I loved this one!  As a mental health blogger-I notice more and more, rising statistics of children suffering from mental health issues.  This story explains how the power of positive thinking helps stop the negative thoughts taking over.  A really important message at the end from the professor which I think really aids children during many of the stresses they now find themselves going through during their school years.

Fitness Bug
Kind of self explanatory from this bug’s title, this book explains how important not only keeping fit and exercised is for our health, but also how we should make sure we have a balanced diet.

I absolutely loved these books!  The characters were really engaging for both of my children (aged 7 and 3), and the message each story is trying to give, comes across really well-my children, after only reading each one once, were able to tell me exactly what each individual story was about.

I try and teach my children at home, using some Home Education resources, even though they both attend school and nursery.  Some resources I find really work for general life lessons-these books are included in those resources.  There is a free introductory story over on the website-so you can really see what you’re getting for your money!

You can buy each book for as little as £5.99 (small book 16.5cm x 15.0cm) or £17.99 ( big book – 31cm x 28.5cm).
You can also buy the entire set of 7 books (small size) for only £33.99 with free p&p!

There are plenty of other special offers over on the website-take a look HERE!!

The books were sent to me for free, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

‘Peppa Pig-My First Cinema Experience’

On Saturday (25th March), myself and Olivia were invited to London, to Entertainment One’s event, ‘Peppa Pig-My 1st Cinema Experience’.


At the tender age of three and a half, and living so far away from London, it was Olivia’s first trip to the big city, and knowing it was an hour and a half journey each way, plus tube trips and over two hours at the venue, I did have some concerns that she would be slightly overwhelmed by it all.

Oh how I love it when my children prove me wrong!

She was absolutely amazing-no breakdowns, no moaning, full of excitement and happiness throughout the entire day.  

We arrived at the Picturehouse in Piccadilly, and were shown straight into the thrall of activities.  With so much to do, Olivia found it difficult to choose-that was until she saw Peppa and George.


Happy to queue for the best part of 20 minutes, she was so excited when her patience paid off, and she got to give Peppa a cuddle and pose for photos with both her and George.

From there we went to take our seats in the screen room, and shortly before the show started, we were blessed with a visit from Phil Davies and Mark Baker the producer and animator of Peppa Pig!

Then, the lights went down and the happy, excited little voices of the audience, died down to silence.

The interactive scenes that are shown between each Peppa Pig episode were amazing.  Several times, Olivia would turn to me, open mouthed, believing that her efforts had been noticed by the characters, and had an effect on the screen.

She sat, enthralled, watching every episode, joining in with every interactive moment and dancing and singing wherever she felt it necessary to do so.


When the screening was over, and we left, while singing about jumping up and down in muddy puddles, we were greeted by lovely Peppa staff, laden with goody bags for the lucky viewers.  The goody bags, which we looked through on the tube back to our train station, contained the most incredible Peppa merchandise, and, before we left the venue, Olivia very kindly asked one of the ladies for a bag for her brother.-an act that had me in awe of her thoughts for her brother at home, and almost in tears at my selfless little girls actions.

‘Peppa Pig-My 1st Cinema Experience’ will be launched on April 7th across cinemas in the UK.  Definitely well worth a visit with your little Peppa fans.  The new episodes are funny and educational, and some star names voice some of the new characters!

Thanks Entertainment One for the invite and the amazing experience.  It’s one Olivia will always remember as her fist trip to London and the day she met Peppa and George.

peppa                  peppapeppa

12 years-Memories On Our Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 12th anniversary.  12 years of memories-the best days and the worst days.  I can’t list 12 years worth of memories-so here are just some…….
On the 28th of March 2005, an 18 year old me, and a 19 year old you met in our local town.  We’d known each other (on and off) since we were 7

Within a few months (6 to be exact), we were on our first holiday together.

The 6th of October 2005 you asked me to be your wife. We didn’t even live together but I knew I wanted to marry you.

At the end of March 2006 we moved in together. Our first flat and we loved it.

5th June 2009. Our world changed. I was pregnant. Unplanned but so wanted we realised we really wanted to be parents.

17th June 2009. You supported me during one of the toughest times. Nanny dying, while I was pregnant and planning our wedding was tough. But you stayed strong for me.

1st August 2009. The day i became your wife.
One of the best days of my life-becoming one with you.

7th February 2010. Our son was born. Kye George Peter Willson, bundled into our lives and turned them upside down. Another of my favourite days-watching you become a Daddy was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

28th September 2011. Our family was growing. Another baby on the way. Our hearts were fuller then they’ve ever been. Plans for our new arrival were underway.

26th October 2011. Our new baby was gone. 8 weeks 3 days. No heartbeat. No baby.
Once again you were so strong. You kept me going when my world had crumbled.

1st September 2012. We tried for so long to have another baby after we lost our angel. We fell pregnant again. But just days later we lost another angel. I was distraught. You were strong once more.

7th November 2012. Another lost baby. I was done. Numb. No more babies for us. You said we’d see what happened. I was done.

27th January 2013. Emergency appointment at the early pregnancy unit. A scan showed a beating heart. Another chance-our 5th pregnancy.

27th September 2013. Olivia-May Barbara Willson-our rainbow after so many storms. Our family was complete and so was my heart.

Mental Health.

Following Olivia’s 1st birthday-I realised something was wrong. I wasn’t feeling myself and I wanted it sorted.

Since my first visit to the doctor regarding how I felt, up until today, I’ve had counselling, and I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression all caused by my miscarriages.

You give me the support I so often need, so much that I often worry you’re too strong too often.
Since being diagnosed with those mental illnesses, I’ve bought my website. I now write anything I fancy, any time.
My Work.
You often tell me how clever I am. How good my writing is. You don’t realise how much those words mean to me.
I now go to blogger events, often having a meltdown before every single one, and have regular anxiety and panic attacks. But you always have hope and faith in me. You tell me I can do it. You tell me I’ll be fine. You’re always right but you know I’ll not remember the next time I’m facing that battle-so you tell me again and again each time.

You work so hard for our family. I know it’s not easy. I’m so proud you’re so hard working and a perfect role model for our children.
12 years have passed and we’re not the same people we once were. So much has changed. We’ve changed. But we’re still us. We’re still one. We’re still together.

I am grateful for you, I am thankful to fate for bringing us together. And I love you today, and every day.

Happy Anniversary Baby xxx

Golden Parenting Advice-UK Parent Bloggers

This week I have drafted in my blogger friends to add their opinions and thoughts on subjects I’ve chosen to write about.
Today is day 3, and the subject today (as you can see from the title), is;

Since becoming a parent have you ever been given any ‘golden’ advice that you just can’t live without now?

Personally, mine is to not worry as much.  Something it took me two children, and 5 years to understand-but something I’d definitely share with fellow parents and parents to be!

Beth from Twinderelmo was told “Always trust your gut instinct. It’s too easy to be led by books, health professionals etc but you are with them 24/7 and know them better than anyone.”
How true this is, I spent half my time with my first child going through a library of books and panicking about what Health Visitors would say!

Amy from Amy & Tots was told “Lather your newborns bum in vaseline before putting on their first nappy. It helps to stop the meconium poop sticking to them!”
Where was this information when I had my two!!!  That stuff is like hot tar!!!

Jaymee from The Mum Diaries was told “When it comes to breastfeeding each day is a milestone!  Don’t think too much about the future just concentrate on today!”
This is such good advice-it can take so long to crack breastfeeding, this advice takes so much pressure off!

Emily from EmilyandIndiana was told ” If clothing is stained (especially from those newborn poop explosions!), hang in the sun – it magically lifts the stains!”
I’ve heard about this!  The amount, even now the children are grown up, that gets stained with dinner etc-I could salvage so much with this advice!

Kate from Counting to ten was told “Knowing about developmental leaps (Wonder Weeks) made a huge difference to me. When baby is being particularly challenging you know there is a new exciting behaviour on the way.”
All I’m going to say is, I’d never heard of any of the “wonder weeks” business!  I had basic email alerts each month, but nothing that gave me insight into why they were doing what they were doing!

Louise Bell from Wee Ohana was told “Trust your gut! If you think something isn’t wrong investigate it! When my little boy didn’t smile until late, laugh or give eye contact at 6 months I had concerns, and then he didn’t talk and I had more concerns, every told me he would talk in his own time.. now we are awaiting an official diagnosis of autism. So trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right don’t let people blow it off!”
This is so important.  You know your child!


The above advice is so important!  I wish I’d known half of these when my littlies were babies!

Thanking my lovelies over at UK Parent Bloggers for their contribution!

(If you want to see our last two blogs from this weeks crowd sourcing series, here they are! Future Advice For Our Sons-UK Parent Bloggers.
Future Advice For Our Daughters-UK Parent Bloggers)

Future Advice For Our Daughters-UK Parent Bloggers

This week I have drafted in my blogger friends to add their opinions and thoughts on subjects I’ve chosen to write about.
Today is day 2, and the subject today (as you can see from the title), is;

For those with daughters, what one piece of advice would you give them for their future?

Personally, I would tell my daughter to keep the confidence she has now at the tender age of 3, to make sure she gets where she wants to be in life and not let herself get walked over.

Hannah from Hi Baby Blog would tell her Daughter never to be afraid to take a risk, you never know what brilliant opportunity is waiting for you if you’ll have a little courage.

Beth from Twinderelmo simply but perfectly would tell her Daughter to believe in herself-always.

Sharon from Everyone’s Buck Stops Here would tell her Daugher to make sure she has a comfortable bed and a comfortable pair of shoes, because if you aren’t in one you are in the other.

Amy from Amy & Tots would tell her Daughter to always be who you want to be, not who others want you to be.

Jo from Pickle & Poppet wants her Daughter to never be afraid, and to stand up for what she believes in.

Vikki fromFamily Travel With Ellie never wants her Daughter to let anyone dull her sparkle.

Megan from Truly Madly Kids wants her Daughter to celebrate herr body, it can do amazing things!

And finally, Alex from Better Together Home was given some advice from her Nan, that she hopes to pass on to her Daughter!
“Keep your eyes and ears open, and your legs crossed”.   (Alex’s Nan-you legend!)

It;s funny how we tell our boys about respecting others, but our girls we feel the need to make sure no one disrespects them. 

Thanking my lovelies over at UK Parent Bloggers for their contribution!

(If you want to have a nose at yesterday’s blog, about advice we’d give our sons, see here-Future Advice For Our Sons-UK Parent Bloggers)

Future Advice For Our Sons-UK Parent Bloggers


This week I have drafted in my blogger friends to add their opinions and thoughts on subjects I’ve chosen to write about.
Today is day 1, and the subject today (as you can see from the title), is;

For those with sons, what one piece of advice would you give them for their future?

Personally, I’d tell my son to speak up if he ever has any issues.  Never to suffer anything in silence-and to always try and focus on the positives in his life, rather than worrying about negatives.
Emma from emmareed.net  would tell her Son to always retain the confidence, independence and stubbornness he shows now Even though it drives her crazy right now, one day it will get him very far in life.

Mandi from Hex Mum Plus 1 would tell her Son that it’s OK to be different and that he doesn’t have to follow the crowd.  (She also wants him to know it is OK to give her a hug!)

Kirsty from Life With Boys would want her Son to know that his dreams are never too big.  If he truly believes in himself – especially from a young age – he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to do.

Niki from Play & Learn Everyday Would like her Son to treat others like he wants to be treated, no matter who they are.  She doesn’t want him to forget that everyone has a story and deserves kindness and respect.

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids is a Mum to three boys.  She will always want them to know that they should treat women (well, everyone) with respect, but to make sure that they are also treated with that respect, and not to let any one belittle them because they are male.

Clare from NeonRainbowBlog always says to her two boys, that as long as they are making the right choices they will be fine in life. They need to concentrate on their own kindness and not to worry about anyone else.

Louise from Pink Pear Bear would like her Son to believe in himself,-that he can do and be anything.   She wants him to always be kind, but not to be afraid to stand up for himself, and enjoy life to the full.

Regardless of how similar or different our advice for our little boys is, the one thing that remains constant is our good wishes for them and their future.

Thanking my lovelies over at UK Parent Bloggers for their contribution!