Good morning! 

Apologies for the blog silence, July is always crazy for us as a family, with birthdays and anniversaries taking up the majority of our time. 

This happens to be the first blog since I turned 29 two days ago! 

It was also my dads 60th Saturday, we share a birthday usually but I decided to not celebrate mine when I was with him, thinking he’d like to have this special one just for him.

I did get to spend the morning with my beautiful children and husband, opening my presents and cards.  The children got me all my favourite things. Wine, a wine glass, flowers, a candle and perfume.  The husband went and spoilt me massively, buying me tickets to see Thriller at the Lyric Theatre in two weeks, as well as hotel and train tickets for two days! London is my favourite place, I am a complete London geek so he got this years present spot on-I’m unsure how he will top it for my 30th next year though!!

We had lunch with my dad, a surprise one, he thought he was seeing us Sunday. Aside from being completely overwhelmed he really enjoyed it and sent me a text message in the evening thanking me and telling me how lucky he is. 

Saturday evening I spent refusing to take my birthday dress off and watching a film with the husband. 

Then it was over!  And to be honest I’ve been a misery since! 

The downside to deciding not to celebrate your birthday is it doesn’t really feel like a birthday. The morning was fine, and while celebrating with my dad it was fine, but it all seemed to finish quite abruptly.  Additionally, certain people didn’t even bother to send a card or message this year, people who usually bother with me, didn’t.  

As usual my own mother didn’t send a card or message, which never bothers me, but knowing I would be with my dad, she sent him one to upset me.

By yesterday evening I was done, aside from the morning with the kids and hubs, it didn’t really feel like a birthday-a bit of a washout to be honest!

So now it’s Monday, back to normal with biggest kidlet at school, housework and dinner to sort, with the additional visit to the doctors in a while.  

The last year of my 20’s is already on its third day, my 29th birthday a distant memory already.  

I suppose I just need to come to terms with birthdays just not being as fun anymore.

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