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The end of 2016 is finally here, and I know most people will be happy to see the back of it.
I feel like the news has been full of celebrity deaths, terrorism and crazy politics (let’s not go into Brexit or Donald Trump).



For me, in this “end-of-year blog”, I’m focusing on my personal and work life.  It’s been a busy old few months for me and Mayflower Blogs, and I thought it a perfect time to round up on the last 365 days!

Professional highlights;

~Becoming a media and website volunteer for The Miscarriage Association.  Those roles give me more of a chance to make a difference, and to help others in what they’re going through.
The Miscarriage Association help so many women get through what is possibly the worst experience of their lives.  I’m proud to work alongside them, and, their constant support and help with my experiences, are something I will never forget or take for granted.


~The Mummy He Used To Know was one of the most read of my posts this year, and actually one of The Miscarriage Association’s favourites!



~In October I decided to buy my own website, and start my blog up again with my .com name.  It was a risk, but it paid off, and the success from it has just been amazing since taking the plunge!

~Last month I attended my first London Press Event, with the lovelies from Yours Clothing, and, although I battled through an anxiety attack on the way there (which you can read about here-My Date in London, with Anxiety), they all made me feel super welcome, and I am so grateful for opportunities like that.

I then had a meeting with another lovely lady from The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury within a week of the London event, and, after showing her my work and explaining my reasons behind blogging, I’m now going to be invited to press events at the theatre too.


As I said to both of those companies, during both the meeting, and event in London, I haven’t been doing this for long.  A year and a half seriously, but I’ve been really busy this last 6 months, with lots of reviews, blog posts and campaigns, I am still technically a beginner-and beginners all start from the same place.  We all need a starting chance and companies to showcase our work off to, and we build from there!  If no one ever gave you a chance, you’d get no where-so I thank everyone I’ve worked with in the past, and that I’m scheduled to work with in the future, for that!

TA17 individual logos WEB sheet v02


~A massive positive, and an amazing Christmas present, was being nominated for the Tommy’s Mums Voice Award (you can see how to vote for me here-Mayflower Blogs has BIG news!)

To be honest, this is really the most amazing thing that has happened this year, not just because it’s a nomination for an award, but because of the reason I’ve been nominated.

As previously mentioned, my reasons behind blogging are to make a difference.  Not like global world peace kind of difference-I wouldn’t profess to be so powerful!

5 years ago-I started on a journey that would see me battle through not just losing three babies, but a lonely, devastating time, with no aftercare from medical professionals who were supposed to help me, and mental health issues that came from the trauma I’d been through.
Those days, the darkest, worst days, inspired me to write about my issues, to stop the stigma attached to mental health issues, to start making a change for women who have been through the same as me.  Mainly though, to make just one person,who was feeling as alone as i felt, feel less alone,
To be nominated for an award for those reasons, mean more to me than anything else.
I will continue on that journey, attempting to make a difference, regardless of the outcome of the awards in March.


Personally, the year has been full of up and downs (life seems to always be like that though!)
~The usual money worries, exacerbated by our car failing it’s MOT on 13 parts the month before Christmas, and my husband having issues at work really got us down for a bit. We’re so grateful for our family’s help in these horrible times.

The same old school run dramas, that have finally settled down, after I had a massive social media clear-out, and found a new frame of mind with regards to what/who got to me and what/who didn’t, have made me a stronger person-I’m actually so grateful for things like this, because they teach me what’s important, and what to focus my energy on!


~In June I lost my Uncle to Bowel Cancer, and in all honesty, this was probably the worst part of the year.  It all happened so fast-one day he was being diagnosed, then starting chemo, then suddenly he’s being rushed into hospital for an emergency operation and ends up on life support.  He never regained consciousness, and, holding his hand, I sat at his bedside while the machines were switched off and he went to join his parents in heaven.  This was, once again, something I learnt from and something I battle through daily, but something I will never ever regret.

~As usual,  my children continue to make me proud, and excel in all they do-they’re always the reason I am who I am.  I imagine without them, life would be a much quieter duller place, and I think I’d not have as much motivation for things if they weren’t here to give me a reason to get up each day.
My son, currently in his last year of infant school, is just amazing at pretty much everything.  He’s not perfect, he’s got his mothers temper on him sometimes, but the majority of the time, he’s amazing.
His sister, our little rainbow, continues to copy her brother in all he does-and, although her temperament is nothing like his, her mind, and abilities are just the same.  She starts nursery next week, and, although my anxiety is through the roof, thinking she isn’t ready, I’m sure, as usual, she’ll prove me wrong and flourish, just as her brother did.  (If not, well, at least I’ll have some blog material!)

~A massive mention in this blog, has to go to my Husband.  His IMG_7038constant support, love and faith in me has literally known no bounds this last year, especially in this last few months.  He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and I’m able to talk through any issues or concerns I have, professionally or personally, and know he will always think I can do anything.  He says he’s proud of me, and, although I don’t take compliments easily, this means more to me than he’ll ever know.

~For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like I am making people proud.  Of course, there’s still some who don’t see what I’m doing as a “proper job”, or see me failing or giving in, but those are the people that don’t matter to me.  The people the do matter, are the family, and friends, that see how hard I work, how much passion I have for what I do, that see the talent I have for writing, that mean the most to me.
I think I’ve finally realised who is there for me, and who will always be there for me.  I will continue on my journey with that in mind, and not make too much space in my head for thinking of the ones that don’t deserve my time.

Professionally, I’m just going to continue with what I’ve been doing!!!!  I’ve enjoyed everything with the blog so far, and I’ve worked really hard the last 6 months to get it to be as successful as it currently is.  As long as it never becomes a chore, or something that takes me away from my family, I’m going to enjoy it!  I don’t have resolutions, they’re just too much pressure-I’ll just take each day, and each blog post as they come, and enjoy whatever comes my way this year.

, less sadness and stress, and more money and happiness would be lovely!  But once again, without control of what happens each day I can only live it, learn from it, and move on from it.
I hope to be able to manage my anxiety and depression a little better, and with my littlest Mayflower starting nursery next Tuesday, I think I’ll have a good go at battling them sooner rather than later!
With the support I have from those closest to me though, I know I’m in good company no matter what 2017 throws at me!

Whatever your goals/resolutions/wishes are for your 2017, I hope you’re happy, healthy (and stick with me through it all too!)

Much Love and A Happy New Year to you all,
Signing off for 2016,
Mrs Mayflower

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