Down With Gender Roles-It’s 2017 For Goodness Sake!


The other night I had a conversation with my friend-she was telling me how a neighbour from her building came and kindly offered the use of her washing line, now that the weather is better, so my friend didn’t have to use her tumble dryer as much.

Unfortunately during the conversation with my friends husband, she inadvertently asked him to tell his wife that when she did her washing to feel free to use it.


Being an elderly lady, we did suggest that in the era she is from, it would be the female that did the washing and therefore it just happened to be how she worded it.

As the conversation continued however, I explained how, in the last month I’ve really struggled to juggle all my “jobs”.

I’m not ashamed to say I haven’t worked since before I had Kye.
What with having him, then losing our three babies, then falling pregnant with Olivia – there just wasn’t a time that felt appropriate for me to work.

Now however, as you know from reading my blogs-I’m a little busier than I once was.
I write daily-I review frequently for a variety of companies and events.
On top of all of that, I’m primarily a Stay at Home Mum and Wife, which means school and nursery runs, housework, shopping, bill paying, school event attending, and outside of all of that, family events-Birthdays etc to attend and remember.
I’m not ashamed to say, I have been struggling of late.

To do all of the above-and having got it all down to my idea of a fine art-I decide to go and get me a website-a blog, and to make myself ridiculously busy, working for free to build my audience up.

I LOVE my jobs. I make no qualms about any of it-those who know me, know I’m a happy Mummy to my two children, I’m married to my best friend, and I really love writing.

The conversation myself and my friend were having was really about how we’re supposed to juggle all of these things-even when we go and get ourselves a job.
Why are we made to juggle and spread ourselves even more thinly between our jobs, but it doesn’t change for the partner/dad/husband?
Why don’t the jobs get shared equally?
Why doesn’t the overwhelming struggle they see us go through, make them want to help?!

And the only conclusion I can get from it all-like the little old lady from my friends building, is that 2017 hasn’t actually moved as far forward as we’d have liked it to.

Generations are still relying on the female in the family to juggle jobs and home life, while the male is still seen as the bread winner.
(I’d just like to add here-my husband does help to an extent and I know plenty of families where the male does his fair share-and sometimes more. My point is that a large percentage of families aren’t like that.)

It makes me wonder, will I ever see the change I think is needed, in my lifetime?

I hope so-and if not in my lifetime, I pray it happens in my daughters.




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