Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Women’s Rights


I really wasn’t sure if I was going to write this post, let alone publish it for judgemental eyes to read.

As most of my readers will be aware-maybe the reason they’d be surprised at the content of this blog-I have had three miscarriages between having Kye and Olivia.  It took us two years to get Olivia, and after the heartache of losing babies, I can understand if people are a little shocked that I would write about this kind of thing.

If I fell pregnant now, while on the contraceptive pill, it would be a massive mistake (hence the use of the pill).  I’m very clear when I speak to people about how adamant I am, that I won’t have any more children.  It would, for want of a less dramatic explanation, ruin my marriage.  Neither myself or my husband, want another baby-in fact, in a month, my husband will be having a vasectomy, to prevent any unwanted pregnancies happening.
Because we both agree no more babies are entering our lives, if I was to fall pregnant now, we’d be straight to to the doctor to book in for a termination.

That decision is based on our current circumstances.  I can’t comment on how I would feel different if I had no children or just one.
To me, we are done.  Another baby would ruin so much-and I know that’s hard to read, because babies are supposed to be a blessing-how could one little human ruin lives.

But it would, because to us it wouldn’t be a blessing.

I know people who are in their 30’s, with no children, but are still adamant they’re not ready for babies, and that they’d also terminate a pregnancy should it happen for them now.  They don’t want a baby, and why should an innocent baby be forced to be brought into a world they’re not wanted in?

How would the anti-abortion law work, in the current financial climate?  With cuts to the NHS and very little mental health funding as it is, we’re then expected to make women go through with pregnancies that they don’t want, possibly culminating in them resenting a child, a rise in post natal depression, and mental health issues, that there isn’t funding to treat?


proPolitically, the pro-choice opinion is rife, social media is buzzing with the worry over the leader of our government choosing to join forces with a party, that are so against women having right to do what they want with their bodies.
Anti-abortion isn’t an option-it would ruin this country, taking away the rights of women, who should have the right to make decisions on their own lives.
Passing a law to make having abortions legal, won’t just stop people having them, it will increase people having them in a dangerous way.
If this law is passed, what does that mean for those who’s lives will be at risk if they were to fall pregnant?  Are they then  forced to continue with a pregnancy, that could possibly end in their death?

I cannot think of any (acceptable) reason, that a political party would have, to pass and enforce such a deplorable law.
A woman should be in charge of her own body, just as a man should be in charge of his.

Arlene Foster (leader of the DUP) and Theresa May (PM and leader of the Conservative party), appear to have forgotten the women that fought for their rights many years ago.


I’m pro-choice, pro-abortion and pro-women’s rights.  I’m not ashamed to have this view and I think it important that those who do believe in those things, speak up to drown out the moronic and senseless ideologies that are set to shape this country, should the DUP and Theresa May make it so.

Take courage, join hands, stand beside us, fight with us.









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25 thoughts on “Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Women’s Rights

  1. I’m prochoice too, always. I can’t imagine much worse than being forced to have a baby you don’t want. It’s barbaric and helps no one.

  2. Love this post Jemma! Thank you for being so honest with us all, we need people like you in our lives.. in fact I think you should run for PM? Lol, in all seriousness though, brilliant post! X

  3. I was and remain deeply troubled by the tories shacking up with the DUP. Such backward facing attitudes have no place in our society and culture today. Thank you for being so honest, it’s a tough subject to discuss especially as I know couples who can’t conceive but one that shouldn’t be ignored because some women don’t have the strength or support to be brave about their choices. #postsfromtheheart

  4. No one, government or otherwise, has any right to tell a woman (or man) what they can or can’t do with their bodies.
    Yes, a baby is meant to be a blessing, and for some people they are and that’s great. Yes, you could choose to have the baby adopted but that has it’s own issues. At the end of the day, forcing someone to grow a living organism in their body that they don’t want is surely taking away the most basic of human rights.
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  5. I totally agree. Having gone through a pregnancy, I know how hard it can be physically and emotionally – it’s not something you should force a woman to go through if she doesn’t want to. And parenthood is even harder! No government should tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. #stayclassymama

  6. Everyone should be left to make up their own minds about this. No one has the right to make that decision for them or not make services available because they don’t agree with them. (The DUP and May seem to have forgotten that you can’t legislate people into their way of thinking).

    Well done for pressing publish!

  7. Women fought long and hard for their voices, there’s no way they should lose that! I’ve been criticized on my blog before for being pro choice, I think because I’m an advocate for Down syndrome people assume I’ll be pro life (or is it pro birth). As far as disability is concerned, I’m pro correct information, medical and reality. If that has been achieved then the choice lies at the hands of the woman. I was actually told I was a disgrace to my son for believing this! Nobody has the right to tell any women what to do with their own bodies, it really is as simple as that.

  8. I’m sorry – it’s not in my nature to be confrontational – but I’m afraid I disagree with you. The first item on that human rights photo is “everyone has the right to life” – it doesn’t specify that you need to be a certain age first.

    This debate has (and will continue) to rage on for years and I’m sure I can’t say anything new here that you haven’t heard before.

    I fully appreciate that there are times when pregnancy would be detrimental to the mother (physically or mentally or both), so I understand why people want abortion to be an option. But, it saddens me that the baby’s life and rights are rarely taken into consideration.

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree x #stayclassymama

  9. I always find commenting on these types of posts really hard because my general feeling is that I don’t know what I’d do or how I’d feel until I was in that specific scenario. Every set of circumstances are unique, and complex. One thing is for sure though and that is that it’s an argument that will always generate strong feelings whatever side of the fence you’re on. Unless you’re sitting on the fence like me, that is.
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  10. It’s such a tough one this, because like MMT I have always said that I’m not entirely sure how I would react or feel until faced with the situation. We, like you, are done at 2. We don’t want any more kids, we don’t feel we could adequately provide for more than 2 kids, and we don’t have the energy for more than 2 kids. That being said, we had a scare a month or 2 ago and I was literally in bits at the thought of what I might do… I believe every human, woman or otherwise, ahs the right to make decisions about their own lives, but I also feel that abortion is not something that should be taken lightly. It’s not an easy topic to discuss, and no-one is ever going to agree. I think one thing that most of us can agree on, though, is that the DUP shouldn’t be allowed anywhere this country’s serious political decisions! #stayclassymama

  11. I definitely think that whether a woman has an abortion or not is completely her decision, it is up to no one else what she does with her body. Saying that, if I were to find myself accidently pregnant I don’t think I would ever be able to go through with an abortion but would never judge anyone who did. The thought that there are women in Ireland who want a termination but can’t because their government has taken then decision from them is awful xx #bigpinklink

  12. Well written hun and I am totally with you, pro choice. It must have been tough to write this, well done for you getting your point across eloquently. Thanks for linking up lovely #bestandworst

  13. Thank you for writing this! I am with absolutely with you on this topic, pro choice. I’m so pleased you’ve written this, and so well too. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  14. Such an honest post. I’m not sure I could go through a termination myself – but that is my feeling and my feeling alone and put in that situation I may think differently. Every woman is different and every woman has their own reasons for going through a termination. I’m definitely pro-choice.

  15. I’m with you on this. Each woman should be able to decide what is best for them. There’s also proof that making abortion legal way back in the US, was what helped improve the economy due to women having more control over their bodies, family and therefore the ability to work if wanted/needed. #sharingthebloglove

  16. Completely agree. This is the 21st century and for there to be a law against abortion would be taking a step back in time. We have a voice and why should it be be silenced?! Great reading. #bestandworst

  17. I agree with you. Although it’s a choice I’d hate to have to make, all women should have the right to have that choice. If it’s not your body, it’s not your decision. I’m glad you did publish this, there should be debate and conversations about this – thinking, reasoning, not just knee-jerk reactions. #BloggerClubUK

  18. What is going on? I thought the whole Trump situation was bad (I’m from the US and wrote a similar post about Planned Parenthood funding in America), I wasn’t expecting this to also happen in the UK! I’m so angry about the current state of the government both in the US and the UK, I can’t even fathom what will happen next. I think it’s really important you share your opinion on this so thank you so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  19. As a Mum whose son was stillborn at full term, and who lost fifteen babies to miscarriage from 6-13 weeks gestation, I would be lying if I sat here and said that I agreed with your views. I don’t judge you for feeling that way, and I will always admire those who are honest enough to share them, but I can’t agree, it goes against everything I believe in as a Mummy. Thank you for joining us at #sharingthebloglove

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