#HelloYellow ~ Young Minds ~ Supporting Our Children’s Mental Health

Being a Mental Health Blogger myself, it goes without saying how important my children’s mental health is too.


So when I saw my Son’s school were supporting Young Minds-the UK’s leading charity championing the well-being and mental health of young people-on World Mental Health Day 2017, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that I would support them too.

Tomorrow, my Son, his friends, fellow students, teachers and school staff, are wearing something yellow, and donating 50p for to fundraise and raise awareness for Young Minds.


Additionally, pupils are also taking part in an educational assembly, which will highlight ways the youngsters can make sure they can not only cope with life’s adversities, but also have the confidence to find and ask for help when needed, and succeed in life.

As a Mum of two, and as someone who suffers from a variety of mental health issues, I have had to adapt and keep my problems under control, so that they don’t affect my children.

One of my biggest fears is them picking up on any of my issues, worrying about me or having issues themselves.  I would hope, if that was ever to happen, they would have outside influences that would help them work through their worries.

School is hard, especially nowadays-curriculum expectations, and school routines, are so full on.
All children should have positive, strong, role models, inside and outside of school, helping them to cope with the increasing work load, to prepare them for their futures, and to guide and advise them in all aspects of their education, including mental health and well-being.

Young Minds provide exactly that-a service offering a helpline for parents who need help, advice or just a listening ear-you can find out more HERE.

There’s also information on other ways you yourselves can be involved-whether it’s campaigning for Young Minds, fundraising, donating, or joining the movement-see HERE.

Tomorrow you can join in with me, my Son, my Daughter, my Son’s school, and everyone else who will be supporting #HelloYellow day.  Wear something yellow, paint your nails yellow, whack a yellow bow in your hair-anything!  And, if you can, donate some pennies-just like the pupils at Newington Community Primary School are going to be!  (Donate HERE).

Mental health is unfortunately one of the hardest things to treat and prevent-but it’s also something that’s constantly on the rise.  With limited NHS staff and limited funds from the government to train people to become Mental Health staff, we must help ourselves and our little ones as best we can.


Lets support Young Minds, and other organisations giving a helping hand to our children.

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