Elf on the Shelf-Day 14 (and a visit to Santa!)


Today was a pretty quick-and-easy ‘treat’ antic, as I had to be out of the house by 6:30 to catch a train this morning (more about that soon-stay tuned!)


So Daddy videoed this one, and as you can see, the children are steadily getting more excited (or possibly just losing their minds), every morning that they come down!  (Although as you can see from the end of the video-Kye seemed to think the book left for him was too hard for him to do!)


Once I was home from London, we had a quick change out of school clothes etc, and went off to see Santa at Westwood Cross!  The children were SO excited, and had a long chat with him about what they’d like for Christmas!


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I feel like we’ve taken the elf thing a little easy the last couple of nights, so tonight’s is going to be a good one (even if I’m on the brink of exhaustion from today)-just wait and see!


Until tomorrow…….. keep your elf eyes on my blog!

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