Elf on the Shelf-Day 17

Today feels like I’ve hit a wall-which I think is natural to go from one or two blogs a week, to one a day over the whole of d=December!

Still, we crack on every day, and without this I do think I’d have blagged the elf antics some nights!

Last night, we set up the elves on the dining table, with our advent calendars completely open and spread chocolate round their mouths to make it look like they’d eaten every single chocolate!

We did debate doing the kids ones but it just seemed too cruel!

We agreed to act pretty outraged by the entire situation, and sad that we had no chocolates left, and, during today, Olivia told me as I was a girl she would share her advent calendar with me!  Kye on the other hand responded that it didn’t mean he had to share with Daddy just because he was a boy!

Tonight, I’ll be watching Saturday night TV and making the children’s videos from Santa at the North Pole with the PNP app on the laptop, then when the children wake up tomorrow and click the ‘on’ button, the video’s will be ready to play!


Until tomorrow……elf love to you all!!!!!

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