Growing up

Yesterday while sitting in the in-laws front room, the biggest kidlet turns to his Nanny and says something about his teeth.   Assuming he had something stuck in there from dinner I ignored it, until she had her hand in his mouth grabbing hold of one of said teeth. 

Turns out my 5 year, 4 month old baby boy has his first wobbly teeth! Two bottom ones, the ones he got first as a baby, are ever so slightly wobbly, and he’s ecstatic.  Me on the other hand-not so. 

You see, it’s never come up before, it’s never needed to, but I have a massive issue with those children with teeth loose, moving them with their tongues and fingers, eventually being left with this tooth dangling by the last piece of baby root until it falls out – I feel physically sick when I see/think about it! 

The mother-in-law assured me, the day it’s ready to come out, to take him to her and she’d sort it, as her mother-in-law had done with her boys, but it doesn’t stop me having to see it gradually becoming looser and looser!

All this really just sums up how I feel in general about the time of life my darling son is going through right now, it’s all too much growing up! Why can’t he be my little baby just a tiny bit longer?!  And what’s next for him, chest hair, hormones, girls?! 

Whatever it is, he’ll always be my little baby, and whatever comes next, I’ll deal with a lot better than the wobbly tooth phobia! 


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