The dreaded terrible twos

Terrible twos? Or terrible 18+ months?

This is something I’m starting to ask myself on a day to day basis. 

Littlest mayflower is about to turn 21 months. As far as I was aware “terrible twos” was exactly that, terrible behaviour at the age of 2! Except for some strange reason, my toddler has decided to start 4 months early! 

Around a week ago, after draining us all with the worst behaviour I’d ever seen, she proceeded to have a break. We enjoyed 6 of the loveliest days with a happy, polite, contented little girl and I really thought after all the rules and discipline we’d worked hard to instill into such a young person we’d cracked it! 

Day 7, and yesterday she woke with-as my dad would say- the devil up her bottom. 

She spent the entire day randomly shouting NO at me, her dad and herself some of the time. She cried, whimpered, whined and refused to be consoled at any point. 

I think as a parent it’s very easy to go into “denial”. You think, it’s ok, she probably just didn’t get an acceptable amount of sleep last night, she probably just needs an early night and she’ll wake up fine in the morning.  This did not work. She went to bed earlier, which meant she woke earlier, and now we find ourselves, if at all possible, with her in a worse mood than she was yesterday. 

Currently she is laying on the floor reading a book, following getting lots of toys out then refusing to tidy them away. I’ve told her there’s no lunch until it’s tidy-which has been met with a resounding NO and a scowl.  I had assumed she would end up going along with it and tidy up before it got too close to lunchtime.  I’m now starting to believe she’s not going to budge and I’ll end up coaxing her into doing it by helping her. 

I can cope with the terrible twos. I can cope with the tantrums. I can even cope with the NO’s and the scowls.  In all honesty I’d just like a bit of warning! Just a quick “tomorrow I’m going to be a nightmare mummy ok?” 

Alas, this is never going to happen. So off I go, to assist my daughter in putting a jigsaw in a box! #mummyproblems


15 thoughts on “The dreaded terrible twos

  1. I feel the same with my son! He’s very frustrated lately and tantrums are just part of the day. They’re just really passionate toddlers aren’t they haha!

          1. That’s really kind of you to say I’m a newbie too having a tiring couple of days so it’s been difficult to post. You’re doing well so far AND I love ramsgate harbour it’s fab we visit every now and then x

          2. Where are you from? I’m so lucky to live here! Keep telling the children that too lol.
            I’m a bit addicted to blogging already, I just want round thinking I should blog about that lol

          3. We’ve just moved to Ashford, we love the countryside where we are it’s gorgeous but it’s nice being so close to the beaches and shops. We have friends in Broadstairs it really is lovely round there and you’ve got everything on your doorstep! Haha its addictive isn’t it, it’s such a good outlet for just anything! X

          4. Oh lovely!
            Yeah it’s almost the same as my Facebook statuses but a)I’m able to type lots more lol and b) people don’t have to read it if they don’t want to!
            How did you get the tabs down the side linking your twitter etc, and the links along the top?

          5. If you go down to appearance then there’s a button called ‘widgets’ then you just look for the social widget and you fill in all your account info I will link up when you’ve done it

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