Children’s literature-Storytime Magazine-Review and Giveaway!

If you’re like us (and I’m pretty sure like most of the worlds parents), you have story time as part of your bedtime routine.

I’m always after new stories, new books, and new concepts to shake story time up a little, so, when I was sent two magazines from Storytime, I knew the children (and I) would love them! Continue reading “Children’s literature-Storytime Magazine-Review and Giveaway!”

Peppa Pig Potty Training Bundle-Product(s) Review


Look at all the lovely Peppa Pig goodies, we, (well Olivia really) were sent!


Olivia is a rather big fan of Peppa Pig-we recently went to London to see “My First Cinema Experience” and she loved it!

Because of this, she was thrilled with her box of goodies, and set to work placing the items where they needed to be in the house.

What was in the box?

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One Third Stories-The Great Francais Word Search

We were sent a French language learning book from One Third Stories!


Who are one third stories?

OneOneCreated by friends of 8 years, Alex (who loves languages) and Jonny (who loves stories), they’ve been thinking of ways for years, to combine their two passions into a business.   The first time they tried they were just 17 years old and ended up dressing as penguins and sleeping on boxes full of books. (We’re going to need photos of this right?) Continue reading “One Third Stories-The Great Francais Word Search”

Mills & Boon-Growing Old Disgracefully-Book Review

‘Growing Old Disgracefully-Ada Adverse’

Those who regularly read my book reviews, will know I’m a little in love with, not only Mills & Boon but also Ada Adverse.

An incredible writer of some of the most hilarious “self help” books, I’ve ever read, Ada has done it again, with this absolute corker of a guide to “Growing Old Disgracefully”. Continue reading “Mills & Boon-Growing Old Disgracefully-Book Review”

Emirates Flight Time Stories-Monkey On A Plane

Mayflower Blogs were sent ‘Monkeys on a Plane‘, a flight time story from Emirates.

(They also sent a banana guard-which has generated a lot more interest from my children than I thought it would!)


Created by award winning author-illustrator duo-Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve, ‘Monkeys on a Plane’ is based on a story of the same name by 4 year old, Maddison Penney. Continue reading “Emirates Flight Time Stories-Monkey On A Plane”

Clever Tykes Storybooks-Supported By Lloyds Banking Group

Clever Tykes sent us the three storybooks they have published with the support of Lloyds Banking Group.

Earlier this year the co-founders of Clever Tykes secured sponsorship to gift the Clever Tykes storybooks into all primary schools in the UK–which will give 4 million children an enterprising role model no matter what their background.
Alongside the books, Clever Tykes have also made online teaching resources, free of charge, enabling schools to teach enterprising skills to their pupils.

The books are illustrated by Sam Moore, and are perfect for the 6-9 age group they were created for.

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Loving The Life Less Lived-Book Review

I was sent ‘Loving The Life Less Lived‘ by Gail Marie Mitchell to review to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.


lovingGail suffers from anxiety and depression-and has done for many years.  After struggling to try and beat her mental illnesses, she finally decided to accept them instead, using her own tips and tools, culminating in her decision to write this book. Continue reading “Loving The Life Less Lived-Book Review”

James And The Amazing Gift-Book Review


jamesHere at Mayflower Blogs, we love a book or seven to read at bedtime!  The book we were sent from author Nicola J. Rowley didn’t actually make it to bedtime though, as Miss Olivia was waving it in my face to read to her, the second we walked through the door after picking it up from the post office.

James and the Amazing Gift is all about a little boy-called James funnily enough! Continue reading “James And The Amazing Gift-Book Review”

10 Things Girls Need Most-Book Review

As I’m writing this, the Department for Education is reporting that a third of all teenage girls in the UK suffer from depression or anxiety.


Starting out as a mental health blogger, means I’m privy to a large amount of statistics.  How many men suffer from one type of mental illness, how many women suffer with another.

What I’ve rarely seen are statistics for children, until I received best selling author, Steve Biddulph’s book.

10 Things Girls Need Most, to grow up strong and free, doesn’t just focus on younger girls mental health-but an entire range of methods, and interactive tips, to enable you to bring up your daughter to the best of your ability.


The NHS say that 20 percent of girls are self harming-three times as many as ten years ago.

As previously mentioned, I am a mental health blogger, who suffers from mental health issues.  To read in this book that not only are a large and increasing number of young girls are suffering from mental health issues, but that there are also a worrying amount self harming and suffering from PTSD, is enough to make me want to work hard on making sure my daughter is safe and secure.

During the content of the book, there are a large amount of interactive activities for the reader to take part in.  Enabling you to think about your own background and past experiences, it becomes clear how those influence our daughter’s present and future.


A father who is able to show his caring makes a huge difference to a girl.  It’s a learning curve, since her world is very different to yours.  there are some secrets to make it a lot easier.


There are sections for both parents to write in, which personally made me realise how much of a massive part Dad’s play in their daughters lives.  I’ve heard about underestimating the relationship between a father and daughter before, but the importance of their relationship is made evident throughout this book.

Regardless of the age of your daughter or your home situation, the entire book is helpful.  You learn not only what you may have missed previously in their lives, but also what you can currently do to help them, and what you can aim for in the future.


Taking one chapter at a time, you can create your own ongoing support group to help you care for all your daughters together.  That’s how girls were meant to be raised-by a tribe.

During my journey through the book, the interactive activities felt like a therapy to me.  The information I was given, didn’t come as a surprise, but knowing my daughter may suffer in some way because of my past, was especially hard hitting.

If anything, during the sections of this book, and once I’d finished working my way through, any concerns I do/did have about my daughter and her future, felt manageable.
Knowing I could refer back to the book whenever I needed to, knowing that these pages held more than just information-that they held help, nourishment and education for us as parents, alleviated those fears I have for my little girl.

This book can be read again and again.  It’s not a book about how to parent, it’s not a book about do’s and don’t’s.  It’s a guide-an aid if you will, to bringing up your daughter in the best way-enabling her to tackle the world and its stresses, with strength and freedom, whilst knowing they’re guided safely by you.


This really is an incredible book-especially for those with daughter.  To buy your own copy, head over to Amazon here.

Mothers Day Gift Review-Mills & Boon-Turning Into Your Mother


This is just one of the hilarious exerts from Ada Adverse‘s new book-“Turning Into Your Mother“.  Another entry into the Mills & Boon Modern Girls Guide, Ada and her witticisms once again make this book an absolute joy to read.

Upon initial receipt of this book, I did assume I’d be using it as a self help guide of ways not to turn into my Mother!  However, with each turn of the page, I realised that actually, Ada has once again stolen the majority of not only mine, but quite possibly the worlds population of Mothers thoughts.

Stealing the “book crown” once again (there’s one of those yeah?) the additional pictures, are perfectly selected for each page’s content.

Personally I’ll be keeping this book for my daughter to read one day-to confirm to her it wasn’t just me that thought these things, and to show her how she’ll also think when she has her own children.
(I’d like to add I’ll be telling her that she should turn into me-I’m pretty awesome.)


Celebrate Mothers Day with Mills & Boon!



With Mothers Day closely approaching, what better way to give your own Mum a giggle than with this awesome book!

An absolute steal at £6.99, you can buy this laugh a minute “Modern Girls Guide” at Amazon-just click HERE!




Please note I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.