#Blogtober17 ~ Day 10 ~ Joke

Today is day 10 of Blogtober 2017, and the theme today is ‘Joke’.


As a blogger, regardless of how I describe what I do, and how I spend my time, I still end up being treated as a joke.

I know, I know, you didn’t expect to come over to today’s Blogtober post and read this did you!

But it’s true-I genuinely am treated and thought of as a joke. Continue reading “#Blogtober17 ~ Day 10 ~ Joke”

Innocent People

Yestrerday, as a nation attempting to live in a world hounded by terrorism, we stood together for one minute to remember the innocent victims of the London bombings 10 years ago.  

Today, the Daily Mail felt it necessary to publish a frankly vile article regarding the family of the bomber, Hasib Hussain.

This is the a photo of Hasib Hussains father Mahmood, who yesterday, joined by his wife Maniza, went to the grave of their son, to pray, to continue to grieve, and to be silent in thought at a place of peace. 

The Daily Mail felt this a good opportunity to cowardly hide in bushes, photographing Mr Hussain at a private moment and then write an article about it!

The article started well – “Deep in thought, the parents of 7/7 bomber Hasib Hussain stood by their sons grave yesterday to remember the boy they still love”. 

After that opening sentence however, the character assassination began. 

“To the outside world the 18-year-old will always be an evil suicide bomber responsible for murdering 13 innocent people on a double-decker bus in London’s Tavistock Square.

But his family appear to have ignored the terrible circumstances of his death ten years ago by mourning his passing as if he were a victim himself.”

The family are victims! 

There’s no denying from me, or I assume most people in this country, that would disagree with the description of the bomber.  An attempt to brainwash readers into believing the family have ignored the circumstances of his death however, isn’t acceptable. 

This man has lost a son, his wife who carried her son for 9 months, gave birth and bonded with him.  The family who made memories and plans with this person, are grieving!  Grieving doesn’t cease to end because the circumstances surrounding someone’s death aren’t “right”.

This family have as much right, as the families of the bombing victims, to grieve in peace!

The Daily Mail go on to suggest, flowers shouldn’t be left, and that the family don’t open the door to respond to questions about the day they lost their son.  I wonder why that could be!  Maybe because they know people like the vile, uneducated reporters that wrote the article today, would twist their words and portray them as bad as their son!

For an unknown reason the article then goes on to describe the everyday lives of the family, including the names, jobs and family relationships of not just the mother and father but the sisters of the bomber too.

I am proud to be British, to stand together in the face of adversity.  Yesterday a nation came together to remember our people.  Today I am disgusted and the nation seems to agree. 

CHRIS BROOKE and NARZIA PARVEEN, I hope you are both proud of the “article” published today.  And I hope, you can live with yourselves and sleep at night knowing how hurtful and vindictive your words will be to an innocent family.