Minnis Bay Brasserie & Gravity Review ~ Olivia-May’s Birthday Week


A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Olivia’s 4th Birthday-and boy, does that girl know how to drag out Birthday celebrations (goodness knows where she gets it from…..)

I’ll attach a vlog I put together over the week, at the end of this blog, but first I wanted to review a couple of places we visited during the celebrations. Continue reading “Minnis Bay Brasserie & Gravity Review ~ Olivia-May’s Birthday Week”

#Blogtober17 ~ Day 9 ~ Ice Cream

Today is day 9 of Blogtober 2017!  Today’s theme prompt is ‘Ice Cream’!


A rather vague prompt (aren’t they all), I wondered where I’d go with this subject-as I have a rather love/hate relationship with this cold “treat”.

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Cadbury’s Adopt A Cow-Picowso Event With Rose Blake

Meet Buttons, the 8ft animatronic face of Cadbury’s ‘Adopt a cow’ campaign!


On Sunday (23rd July), myself and the children took a trip into London, to the Barbican Centre, to not only meet Buttons, but to also take part in a Cadbury’s life drawing class with renowned artist Rose Blake!

Here’s a little mini vlog of our day! Continue reading “Cadbury’s Adopt A Cow-Picowso Event With Rose Blake”

Diggerland Kent-Family Day Out-Review

Diggerland in Rochester, Kent-a fabulous fun day out for all the family!

We visited Diggerland on Saturday (13th May), and, after a really quick, easy journey, arrived at the park as the park was opening.

diggerlanddiggerlandGreeted by the parks mascots, Dotty and Duggy, the children had some cuddles, and we headed off to have a look at what was on offer to do.
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Kent Life, Maidstone-Review


During school holidays and weekends, it’s so easy to get stuck indoors, because you’ve run out of things to do.  You’ve taken the children to everything you know of, and they’re now moaning that they’re bored.

Thankfully, there’s a day out waiting just for you!  Kent Life in Maidstone, is perfect for children of all ages, and for the whole family.

Located just off of the M20 on the outskirts of Maidstone, Kent Life sits in 28 acre grounds.  A real working farm, Kent Life showcases those farm animals, along with some cute fluffy friends in Cuddle Corner, the Big Top tent for shows throughout the day, indoor and outdoor play areas, gardens, a vintage village, food and drink establishments, train and tractor rides, and various events!


There are picnic areas, which is where we started our day.  After arriving around 11, we decided to get the food out of the way, so we could focus on the rest of our afternoon.  From there we went to the Big Top tent, to watch BubbleJo’s Bubble Show.  The children were allowed out of their seats to play with the incredible amount of bubbles BubbleJo made, and a large amount of audience participation was included, when BubbleJo invited children onto the stage for help.

From there we decided to take in the 28 acres on offer, and walked around the gardens and farm areas, getting the opportunity to feed some horses and goats.  The lamb feeding was next on our agenda, and, although the amount of people queuing, was larger than the amount of lambs needing feeding, we took great enjoyment in watching them be bottle fed. My children also fell in love with some baby goats, (and I think the feeling was mutual).




We continued over to Cuddle Corner, where we were shown into a room, and allowed to pet a guinea pig and a rabbit.  The animals were well looked after throughout, and our animal expert guide was friendly and talkative.






The children, after passing it several times throughout our afternoon, were then desperate to have a run about in the outdoors play park area.  With fun activities to do for all different ages, my son immediately threw himself down a slide, while my daughter sat quietly in the sand pit.  With plenty of seating areas for the grown ups, it’s easy to rest your legs while keeping an eye on your little ones.


We were also excited to go on the Kent Life train, which takes you on a ten minute ride around the park.  After planning to go earlier in the afternoon, but missing the last ride at 1:30, we managed to get on the first one an hour later, and the children enjoyed the bumpy ride, taking in all that we’d done in the afternoon.

Before leaving, the children went back to the baby goat pen to say goodbye to their new little friends, and, as is always the way with children who have enjoyed themselves so much, they didn’t want to leave!

We made so many memories, and the children got to encounter animals we wouldn’t usually get to see.

An incredible day had by all-we will definitely be going back!

Tickets are affordable at £9.95 for adults, £7.95 for children (aged 3-15) and £8.95 for concessions.
There is also the option of a year long membership.  For just £95.00 for a family of two adults and two children-you can visit whenever you fancy an up close and personal day with the animals, and fun filled activities around the park.
For more information on other various membership options-visit the membership page on the Kent Life website here-http://kentlife.org.uk/plan-your-visit/membership/

Throughout the year, there are special events for your family to enjoy-to see more information on what’s coming up at Kent Life, visit the events page here-http://kentlife.org.uk/events/

For all other information, including opening times, and how to get to Kent Life, visit the website here-http://kentlife.org.uk/


I was sent a press pass enabling me to visit Kent Life with my family, in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are those of my own.

The Canterbury Tales-Medieval Story Telling-Review

On Saturday (8th April) myself  and Kye took a short train ride into the City of Canterbury.
As someone who is in the city each week for press nights at the Marlowe Theatre, I know the town well-but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never taken Kye to The Canterbury Tales.  I went as a child with the school I attended-but in all honesty, could only remember snippets of that.

So when we got the opportunity to visit on Saturday, and have the additional pleasure of attending the Medieval activities in the Canterbury Tales Gardens, we jumped at the chance.
For those that haven’t visited this attraction before, or, like  me, have visited so long ago that they’ve forgotten what it’s all about, here’s a little background information for you!

The Canterbury Tales, tell stories from Geoffrey Chaucer’s well known and loved tales from his book, of the same name, ‘The Canterbury Tales’. Canterbury
Journeying back in time to discover Chaucer’s famous tales, you get to join a costumed character, recreating the pilgrimage from London to Canterbury.
Myself and Kye were then given hand held live audio guides, which differ if you have an adult’s one or a child’s one (the story is a little more “refined” for the little one’s ears).
The tour took around 40 minutes, all floors are level for easy access, and the next room you need to visit each time, lights up, making sure you don’t wander into the wrong place, when the costumed character leaves you with your audio guide.

The audio tours are available in multiple languages, and are narrated by famous voices, including Robert Powell and Prunella Scales!

Towards the end , you are joined by another costumed guide, who ends the tour at a reconstruction of the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

There is also a  gift shop before you leave the attraction, with a variety of merchandise at a variety of prices.

The story is humorous; Kye found the whole tour hilarious, and had great fun pointing out each lit up character and their funny looks on the way round.


Following our tour, we walked around the building to the gardens to take part in the Medieval Story Telling event.  We were met by a really lovely medieval guide, who firstly explained to Kye the activities he could take part in.
He began with Knight School, where he trained to be a knight.  Kitted up with a shield and sword, our guide taught him how to strike and defend, culminating on him being knighted as “Sir Kye” at the end.

Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury   Canterbury







Canterbury Canterbury

Following Knight School, he tried his hand at a little Herbology.  I, the patient, had to choose my medieval ailment from a basket, and Kye’s job was to find the correct herbs from the herb garden.
He had great fun reading out the various herb names, and eradicated my ‘Inability to Sleep’ with his Valerian and Chamomile herbal cures.



Finally we made our way to the Story Tent, where our guide read him ‘Tales of Beadle of the Bard’ (Harry Potter fans will know this one well), and two other (less serious) stories.Canterbury

There was also May Pole Dancing on offer, but Kye wasn’t keen on that idea, and, after the best part of an hour spent in the Medieval Garden, we thanked our guide (who was pretty awesome actually), and made our way out.

Kye couldn’t stop talking about the great time he’d had, the whole way home.   His favourite part was the Knight School (obviously).

When something like this attraction, with its educational and fun elements, is right on your doorstep, there really isn’t any reason not to give it a go!
Prices are affordable too-at only £9.95 for adults, £7.95 for children (aged 5-15), and £8.95 for concessions.

The Medieval Story Telling event, is still running, until this Friday (14th April) and is open from 11am-3pm each day.
If you can’t make this event, there will be a Mystical Beasts themed Medieval Story Garden on the 1st May (2017), and to coincide with the next half term, a Magical Patterns themed Event between Saturday 27th May and Sunday 4th June (again between 11am-3pm each day.

More information on these events and the Canterbury Tales tour, including opening times and how to find the attraction are available over at http://www.canterburytales.org.uk.


I was given free entry for myself and my son in exchange for an honest review.  Any thoughts and opinions are those of my own.

‘Peppa Pig-My First Cinema Experience’

On Saturday (25th March), myself and Olivia were invited to London, to Entertainment One’s event, ‘Peppa Pig-My 1st Cinema Experience’.


At the tender age of three and a half, and living so far away from London, it was Olivia’s first trip to the big city, and knowing it was an hour and a half journey each way, plus tube trips and over two hours at the venue, I did have some concerns that she would be slightly overwhelmed by it all.

Oh how I love it when my children prove me wrong!

She was absolutely amazing-no breakdowns, no moaning, full of excitement and happiness throughout the entire day.  

We arrived at the Picturehouse in Piccadilly, and were shown straight into the thrall of activities.  With so much to do, Olivia found it difficult to choose-that was until she saw Peppa and George.


Happy to queue for the best part of 20 minutes, she was so excited when her patience paid off, and she got to give Peppa a cuddle and pose for photos with both her and George.

From there we went to take our seats in the screen room, and shortly before the show started, we were blessed with a visit from Phil Davies and Mark Baker the producer and animator of Peppa Pig!

Then, the lights went down and the happy, excited little voices of the audience, died down to silence.

The interactive scenes that are shown between each Peppa Pig episode were amazing.  Several times, Olivia would turn to me, open mouthed, believing that her efforts had been noticed by the characters, and had an effect on the screen.

She sat, enthralled, watching every episode, joining in with every interactive moment and dancing and singing wherever she felt it necessary to do so.


When the screening was over, and we left, while singing about jumping up and down in muddy puddles, we were greeted by lovely Peppa staff, laden with goody bags for the lucky viewers.  The goody bags, which we looked through on the tube back to our train station, contained the most incredible Peppa merchandise, and, before we left the venue, Olivia very kindly asked one of the ladies for a bag for her brother.-an act that had me in awe of her thoughts for her brother at home, and almost in tears at my selfless little girls actions.

‘Peppa Pig-My 1st Cinema Experience’ will be launched on April 7th across cinemas in the UK.  Definitely well worth a visit with your little Peppa fans.  The new episodes are funny and educational, and some star names voice some of the new characters!

Thanks Entertainment One for the invite and the amazing experience.  It’s one Olivia will always remember as her fist trip to London and the day she met Peppa and George.

peppa                  peppapeppa

Jamie Oliver’s Italian, Piccadilly, London Review


Last weekend, we took our Kye for a surprise Birthday treat to London.  And, as Jamie Oliver is his absolute hero, we surprised him with a lunch to his Italian Restaurant in Piccadilly.

Upon arrival, the Front of House staff took my booking details, and, seeing it was Kye’s Birthday, addressed him as the Birthday Boy-something he (and we) really appreciated!


Kye was given a menu viewer, and, although he knew he wanted a burger, he still loved flicking through, and it gave us the opportunity to choose our lunch at our own pace too.  He was also given a kids pack, with some activities in to do-he was thrilled to be given it!


We chose to have a burger as well, and once we’d all ordered, they served us drinks, and Kye was super excited to have water with fresh strawberries in.

The food was served quickly, our burgers were cooked perfectly, and my husband had ordered Garlic Bread too-which was literally out of this world.


Kyes mini kids burgers, were demolished within minutes, and he stole some of his Dad’s garlic bread too!  We kept one of the little flags from the top of one of the burgers, to bring home for his memory box (we hope the restaurant don’t mind!)



Kye had to be forewarned that Jamie himself wouldn’t be at the restaurant, but he was still so happy to be there, and watching the chefs cook and yell random things in their Italian accents, captured his attention (and my husband’s) throughout our visit.

Because it was half term, there was an offer on kids meals too-something I hadn’t realised until we went.  For every main meal purchased by an adult, the child eats free!
This offer is still on until the the 26th of February, and is for all Jamie’s Italian restaurants, so definitely take advantage of that if you are near to one!

For more information on the offer click HERE, and to find your nearest Jamie’s Italian, click HERE.



*This review is based on my own opinion and experience.  No payment or reward was given.

Half Term Family Fun-At The RAF Museum in London

It’s almost half term!
You know what that means-bored kids within a day of being off and limited funds to fill each day with an activity.  You’re bound by the area you live in if you don’t drive, or if the public transport isn’t great,

Little do you know, there is a perfect day-out, just waiting for you!

The RAF Museum in London, is not only perfect for anyone of any age, it’s educational, it’s FREE and more accessible than personally , I even thought it was!

Your day at the museum
There are over 100 aircraft on the museums site, and these are all free to see.  There is no other museum or attraction in London that enables you to see so many historic and educational, aircraft and exhibitions, without paying an entrance fee!
Additionally, there are constantly free events and various educational exhibitions.  There is actually so much to do, you’re advised to plan to spend an entire day there, because of the amount there is to see!  How perfect it is to spend a full day here during the half term, for free!

You can drive to the museum site, which is just 10 minutes from Juntion 4 of the M1.  Currently however, there are are refurbishments being done to the car park.  This is not an issue at all though, because the ease to travelling in via train and tube, are just so easy!

The RAF Museum is only 30 minutes from Central London,  then either a 8 minute bus journey or 12 minute walk from Colindale tube.

If you don’t believe just how accessible the museum is, here’s a short video, featuring a  family, on their day out!

For more information on all there is to see and do at the RAF Museum, click HERE!