My Message To You

This is by far one of the easiest blogs I think I’ve ever written, and will probably ever write.

It is a blog filled with different messages-those of hope, sadness, disbelief, anger, thanks and fellowship.

For months (possibly years), I’ve been blogging about my experiences of baby loss, trying to raise awareness for recurrent miscarriages and mental health issues surrounding and following on from losing a baby.

Most of the blogs I write, highlight two major mental health issues, incidentally, two I suffer from-anxiety and depression.  But these issues stem from one other diagnosis I have also been given, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Continue reading “My Message To You”

Helicopter Parenting-Do You Really Have All The Facts?

Helicopter Parenting
Some have heard of this term, others may be  wondering what it is.
To clarify, “helicopter parenting” relates to a parent that hovers around their child, being overprotective, shadowing them, keeping a short distance between them, in case of accidents and other life issues.


This is me. I’m a helicopter parent. The thing is, I don’t want to be one.  I certainly never chose to be one.  It kind of just happened. Continue reading “Helicopter Parenting-Do You Really Have All The Facts?”

PJ Masks-Powerful Fun For Little Heroes-Magazine Review

Myself and my daughter, were kindly send a PJ Masks magazine to review! Olivia is a massive PJ Masks fan, so this was very well received by her!


Most pre-school magazines are pretty bang on with how appropriate they are for their target age-we reviewed a CBeebies magazine a little while ago (see here) and, although Olivia was a little younger, she still managed to get a lot out of the learning pages. Continue reading “PJ Masks-Powerful Fun For Little Heroes-Magazine Review”

Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 3


Continue reading “Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 3”

Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 2

Following on from the first part of our Haven holiday review (see here for part one), I’m bringing you the next instalment today!


After unpacking and taking in the views from our decking area, we grabbed our swimming clothes and headed up to the park.  The children had seen the outdoor pool on the way in, and were desperate to visit it, and, as we didn’t have to head to a shop to pick up the necessities thanks to Haven, we agreed to take them! Continue reading “Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 2”

Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 1

Way back in March, at an unrelated awards ceremony, I happened to be sat next to two of the nicest, funniest people I’ve met in a long time.  They happened to be PR and Content Managers at Haven.
As they left, I was given a card, and told to contact them the following week-something I did first thing the Monday morning, thanking them for making us feel comfortable at the table we were all placed at.

5 months later, and we owe those two Haven managers, Johnny and Helen, the biggest amount of gratitude.  We’ve not long returned from our first family holiday, to Poole in Dorset, which we were given by Haven, in exchange for a review.
This sounds pretty simple, but to us it meant everything-and we hope we’ve done Haven proud with our review, as well as the vlog I’ve spent a week putting together-wanting it to be nothing less than perfect.

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London Eye & Shreks Adventure-Family Days Out

We were treated to a lovely day out in London, reviewing the London Eye and Shreks Adventure!


With summer holidays in full swing, and the kids giving you the boredom eyes at every given opportunity, it’s not only hard to find things for them to do, but to also take a risk, spending money on days out, at attractions you’ve not visited before!

Luckily, I’m here to give you an idea about two of London’s best attractions-and a little insight into what you’ll see (without spoilers of course), and how to make the best out of your day out! Continue reading “London Eye & Shreks Adventure-Family Days Out”

Vasectomy’s-No Need to get ‘Teste’….. (See what I did there?)

Last weekend, the hubs bit the bullet and went off to have his bits manhandled, all for the sake of a) our sanity, and b) my reproductive system.

We are well and truly done-no more babies are entering my womb, or vacating it for that matter!

Obviously, I'm a woman, and to write a blog about vasectomy's really isn't something I can do from a first hand point of view.  So I decided to get the husband's opinion on it all, and some thoughts from blogger friends who's partners have had it done, in the hope it gives those who are thinking about doing it, some more information on what to expect! Continue reading “Vasectomy’s-No Need to get ‘Teste’….. (See what I did there?)”

Cadbury’s Adopt A Cow-Picowso Event With Rose Blake

Meet Buttons, the 8ft animatronic face of Cadbury’s ‘Adopt a cow’ campaign!


On Sunday (23rd July), myself and the children took a trip into London, to the Barbican Centre, to not only meet Buttons, but to also take part in a Cadbury’s life drawing class with renowned artist Rose Blake!

Here’s a little mini vlog of our day! Continue reading “Cadbury’s Adopt A Cow-Picowso Event With Rose Blake”

BOOMF-The Boomf Bomb & Personalised Marshmallows-Review

It was my Birthday last week (Yep, I’m now 31!)  I was spoilt to say the least, but this year, I received Birthday Blogger Mail!  


Boomf sent me two super-special products from their range of loveliness!

The Boomf Bomb!

Continue reading “BOOMF-The Boomf Bomb & Personalised Marshmallows-Review”