Parenting, Blogging, Housework-Top Tips on Juggling Jobs


So often I see people mentioning how overwhelmed they’re feeling with all they have to do.  Parenting is a full time job as it is, without adding in the mountains of washing and housework, and for my fellow bloggers and I, the writing time needed to get posts out on time, especially in the holidays when the children are at home all the time!

Personally, I’ve started working every evening until late, as this is the only time I seem to get quiet time, and then I have the days free to do things around the house and spend time with the little ones.

However, this still doesn’t stop me finding it all a bit much sometimes, and so, I asked some of my lovely blogger friends to help me out with some tips on juggling it all! Continue reading “Parenting, Blogging, Housework-Top Tips on Juggling Jobs”

Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey

So today, we’re off to Dorset on our Haven Holiday!  We live in Kent, so the journey is long (4 hours long to be precise), and to say I’ve been dreading it, would be an understatement.


Without Kye tackling his travel sickness, there’s also keeping his little sister occupied with him for the hours and hours that we’re going to be on the road!

We’ve only ever been in the car for a maximum of 90 minutes before, so I’ve literally zero idea about entertaining them for any longer than that!

Because of this, I asked my lovely blogger friends for their tips and tricks on handling the long journey! Continue reading “Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey”

It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!


During 1989 and 1999, my only issues in life, were attending nursery/school, homework and my favourite television programmes.  Among them-Fun House.  Running from 1989-1999, the CITV children’s favourite, was by far (in my opinion), one of the best things on my big backed telly box.

Now, 28 years since the first episode hit our screens, plans are underway to bring the Fun House back!!

Alas, this news isn’t as it seems!  To be in with a chance of reviving this “whole lotta fun” show, the team need your help!


To find out more about the revival, and how the general public can help get Fun House back up and running, I spoke to the man himself, Pat Sharp. Continue reading “It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!”

School Transition Time! How To Get Your Child (And You) Through It!

So, we’re coming up to that time of year, when either your child is moving schools, or moving classes.  Either way, you’re coming up to a possibly tricky time of transition-new teachers, new schools, new friends-it’s a daunting experience!

Recently, Kye moved schools, and he moved before the transition period.  Moving mid-term has to be one of the scariest things a child will go through (and parents), and I really thought he’d struggle with it all.  In actual fact, the plan we quickly scrambled together, about how to deal with the transition and his feelings, to suit the type of person he is, seemed to work quite well, and the move was successful! Continue reading “School Transition Time! How To Get Your Child (And You) Through It!”

Thrive-Feel Stress Free App Review

As most of my regular readers will know, I suffer with Anxiety and Depression.
Currently I’m once again stuck on a waiting list, waiting for an NHS professional who can do a Monday or Friday each week to see me.
So when Thrive gave me a month free subscription to their new app ‘Feel Stress Free‘, I jumped at the chance-anything to try and help me during this familiar ‘waiting list’ period.

Who are Thrive?

Continue reading “Thrive-Feel Stress Free App Review”

Momma Makes-Mother And Daughter Tee Review

we were sent some awesome clothing from Momma Makes!

who are momma makes?

A Mum and Dad team of two-Aimee and Scott, who, after seeing all the beautiful products available on social media, decided they wanted to see even more!
After searching the internet for specific items they required for their own little girl, and having no luck, they decided to make her the things they had hoped to find online! Continue reading “Momma Makes-Mother And Daughter Tee Review”

When Mummy Is Poorly-The World Doesn’t Actually Fall Apart

For the past five days, I’ve spent the majority of my time, stuck in bed, poorly with a severe sinus infection.

As a child, memories of being looked after by my parents, given medicine, food and drink, and unaware of anything else except the love and care I had to make me better, are still prominent now, as an adult.

When you become a parent, that role reverses, and you’re the caregiver, not just when your children are poorly, but continuously.

What you don’t realise when becoming a parent, is how different being unwell yourself becomes.

Things I’ve realised this past five days are;

You can spend five days in bed, but never truly rest-not even when asleep.
I have been laying in bed, trying to get the antibiotics I was given to work, sleeping when I need to, not having to worry about anything except getting better.
Once upon a time, that would’ve been possible-a complete shut down of my body, enabling my immune system to fight back.
Now, I wake in blind panic, worrying about what the time is-whether the children are OK (even though I know they’re fine deep down)-sometimes I even set an alarm to make sure they’ve got what they need.
When I sleep I dream about what I’m worried about,  I imagine they’ve forgotten bags for school or they’ve not been given dinner.  I never truly rest-my brain is constantly on the go.

poorlyMy husband is incredible.
Now, I knew this-he’s one of the best Husbands and Fathers I know.  I think when something like this happens, it just becomes so much more obvious about the amount he takes on.
Yes I know he’s only doing what I do every single day usually, but I’m used to it, I know what happens hour on hour.  I know how long it takes to get to school, then to nursery.  I know how to get Olivia into nursery without her kicking off-and that before, when we tried to get her in with the hubs, she kicked off royally.
I know how long a wash takes, how long to put the tumble dryer on for-I know what food is for who and for when.
Not only has my husband taken time off work to look after the children, and do all of the above and more-he’s also taken amazing care of me-never complaining once (well not to my face anyway).
Any issues he may have had he’s either not made me aware of, or made them seem less stressful than he probably found them at the time.
It’s times like this I know I made the right choice in not only marrying this man, but having children with him.

You know who’s bothered.poorly
Unfortunately, even though I put this picture on my Facebook, with a needle sticking out of my arm, there were actual family members and “friends” that still didn’t bother messaging with concern!  I didn’t do the picture for that reason obviously (I was actually super impressed I was sat with a cannula sticking out of my arm without passing out!)
You definitely realise who means the most to you, and who you mean the most to, when you’re unwell.  It’s a big learning curve for me, to put those that clearly don’t care, out of my mind.

You really miss your kids.
Obviously this one only really rings true if you’re a parent.
Seriously though, I may as well have been quarantined miles away from home, for the amount I’ve seen my babies.
It didn’t help that I got worse over Easter-and they had family visits without me, and that I’ve basically only seen them at bedtimes when they give me a kiss goodnight.
It also doesn’t help that their little faces fall each time they come and see me and realise I’m no better.
I actually missed doing the school and nursery run today.   I really wasn’t well enough, and I won’t be for a little while, but it didn’t stop me thinking I could drag myself out of bed and take them in!

You’re a proper WIMP! (This one may just be for me) 
Really, am I now an eight year old?  I’ve managed to push two 9lb 3 babies out of my foof, but I can’t cope with a fuck load small amount of facial pain?!
I have cried more in the last five days than I have in the last five years.  I have wept for the years spent being looked after by my parents-being force fed Lucozade and being tucked in by my Dad.  I have continuously felt sorry for myself, panicking about how everyone will cope when I’m not able to look after them.

It turns out, everyone copes just fine.  All of the above points are entirely selfish on my part-things I think and feel about myself.

It also turns out, I’m one lucky girl to have those around me who are willing to look after me.  Those who step up, those who worry, who care, who help.

(I would like to add though, if this continues much longer, I’ll be needing a lot more in the way of people and their help-to stop me losing the plot entirely.  If anyone has a miracle cure for Chronic Sinusitis too-that would also be greatly appreciated.)

Keep Talking, Keep Sharing, Change is Coming

Last week, I had an interview with a well known women’s magazine, who want to run a story about my miscarriages, and mental health issues following my losses.

My initial reaction was that I would do it-I didn’t even think of saying no.

I’ve come to realise just how important talking about miscarriages is.

I get that it’s so very personal to people.  That moment you not only type those words you’ve been thinking for so long, but know that you’re going to have strangers look at them, is basically terrifying.

I remember the first time I wrote down my feelings regarding my miscarriages-the sheer panic that people were going to judge me.   That they were going to comment negatively on me releasing feelings that I should keep to myself.  People who didn’t want to hear the intimate details of what my body went through, and subsequently what my mind then went through.

To date, I’ve never had one negative comment, one hateful message, one person telling me they don’t think I should be posting about my experiences.

If anything, I’ve received more than my fair share of positive messages and comments.  Women messaging me telling me my posts could be written about their stories, about their personal experiences.

I knew going in to this that nothing would be secret anymore.  My deepest darkest secrets would be out there in black and white, for the world to see-and I know now how much of an amazing thing that is to do.

I’ve never felt so alone as I did when I lost my three babies-so abnormal when I realised I had mental health issues.

Talking about these things, sharing my story, has not only made me realise I’m not alone in any of it, but that by talking, just talking, big things will happen.

Right now, researchers are working to find out why these things happen.  Their hard work is going to change the amount of women who suffer with complications during pregnancy-meaning further issues will not arise-meaning less women suffering with mental health issues following their trauma.

Just by talking and sharing, we can raise awareness, for those who have already suffered, and for those who may suffer in the future.

Just by talking and sharing, we can help those researching baby loss issues.talking

Just by talking and sharing, you can help one woman feel less alone than she did yesterday.


Keep talking, keep sharing, and together we can change these things.



Change will  not come if we wait for some other person, or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the change that we seek.

Barack Obama


As I mentioned above, change is coming-and it’s thanks to people like the researchers working alongside Tommy’s that are making this happen.   Find out more about the research HERE, and how you can help HERE.



Today I am thankful for…….

Hi my lovelies!

I know, I know-what an odd choice for a blog title.  Well, you’re going to see a lot more of it!
For a long time now I’ve wanted to change the way I look at my life, and the days events that go with it.  Every day, in everyone’s lives there’s stresses, worries, and tons of emotions and negativity, that you tend to focus on a lot more than the positive stuff.

For me, suffering from anxiety disorder and depression, those “positive” days, sometimes seem few and far between.

So I’ve decided to start this series of blogs.  I won’t say I’ll do them every day, but I’ll try to (that’s as good as it’s getting im afraid).

The purpose, is for me to try and focus a little more on what I’m thankful and grateful for each day, rather than moaning constantly about the negative stuff that’s stuck out more.  Also, I’d like to show others, maybe in a similar situation to me, that it really does help, when you have mental health issues, to do things like this.  I’m not saying everyone should start a blog about it all, but even just writing it down at home, or saying it to yourself could help!

Today is Tuesday the 17th of January-and today I’m thankful for the following;

I’m full of cold-thanks to my little darlings sharing their lovely germs.  Even though I’m poorly, I still had two nursery runs to do today, and general mum/wife related stuff, so medicine today, has been my friend.   I do believe it’s a life long friendship that I’ll continue every time I have an illness which coincides with loads things I have to do.
Olivia, not so long ago, started nursery (as you can read about here-Another New Chapter).

She started going in absolutely fine, then a week in decided it wasn’t for her anymore, and, because she’s only three and still thinks she can rule our lives, as well as hers, she dislikes it very much when I still take her in for her sessions!
Nursery staff are very well aware of this, and take her straight away and calm her almost immediately.  This for me, and my anxious Mummy brain is an absolute godsend.  I know they can deal with her, and that this isn’t forever.
Today was made even better by the fact, an old friend of mine (old as in I’ve known her a while, not old as in age-she’d want me to say that) is now working there, so they both took to each other this morning-making me even more relaxed!

Apple- the makers of the iPad and iPhone
Yes, I went there, and they’re not even sponsoring me to write this!
On a day where I’m spending the majority of my time in bed, but still needing to work and keep in touch with people, these two things have been amazing today.  When I’d finished working, I watched films on my iPad, and really, that’s all that needs to be said.  They keep my life turning, even from my bed.

And finally-leftover turkey from Christmas
OK, so I’m pulling at straws a little for this one, but the one thing that’s made me feel better today (aside from the drugs) is turkey and vegetable soup.  Not just any turkey and vegetable soup-homemade-by-me turkey and vegetable soup.  It was made last month, the day after Boxing Day, in my slow cooker, and frozen into 8 batches for the foreseeable future.  It’d almost as if I knew there would come a day my body was screaming out for good food, and those batches would serve me well.  Thank god for massive turkeys at Christmas that don’t get eaten.

So there you have it-that was me finding the positives in my day when there were so many negatives I could’ve focused on.

Now it’s your turn.  Why don’t you think of just one thing (you can do as many as you like but try one first) you’re thankful for today.  And, if you fancy it, add it onto here as a comment, or on your social media platforms, tag me in them (look to the right for my social media links), and use the hashtag #MFBthankful.


A Blog With A Pretty Bad View

This morning, my day had a lovely plan to it. A visit from my little brother to play with his niece and nephew, and a spot of baking this afternoon after lunch with my babies.

How plans change……

Right now, I’m currently sat at the side of my son’s hospital bed, in the middle of a children’s ward, in my local hospital.

After waking late this morning (which we knew meant something wasn’t right as he never sleeps in), I went up to find him all teary, with what seemed to be the start of a migraine. As no stranger to him having migraines, I got him some medicine, ice water and put his tv on to give him something to focus on.

At 9:30, he came downstairs and sat with me and seemed so much better. Within half an hour he started complaining of the same headache, but this time, he had dizziness and his whole body kept shaking-not symptoms we associate with his migraine headaches.

I served lunch up at 11:30, at which point he was pale, sleepy, and shivery alongside the other original symptoms. He attempted to eat but it became clear shortly after he wasn’t right at all.

I asked him to look at me while I checked his skin with my phone torch for rashes, and he couldn’t keep his eyes open when the light was on. That made me ask him to touch his chin to his chest, which he couldn’t do. Panic set in, but the fake happy mummy, smiled and asked him to rest where he was, while I called the local doctors surgery. I knew I couldn’t get him there so I asked to speak to a doctor and listed his symptoms. Within five minutes of the phone call ending, the doctors receptionist called me back and said there was no question on what we needed to do-take him to hospital.

Hubs was working so called him to get him to come home, and after finding out he was going to be the best part of an hour, I started getting bags and clothes ready to go.

It’s not until you have to take your 6 year old to the hospital, with his 3 year old sister in tow, you realise just how much you’re going to need for both of them. I packed so much, tablets, colouring, stickers, snacks-to the point when I lifted the bag it hurt my back!

The husband came home, and off we set in the car. 3 minutes up the road, the boy throws up into the emergency sick bowl we keep in the car, and we have to stop the little lady throwing up in some sort of disgust/sympathy and pull over to pour the sick down the drain (I love being a mum, did I mention that?!)

We get to the hospital at 12:30, and the sight that greets us was nothing short of ridiculous.

People. People everywhere. Not a free chair in sight on first glance. I send the hubs off with the boy and stay with our girl at reception.  

It soon becomes clear the people waiting are mainly in twos, bringing a friend or family member with them for support. That doesn’t free up any chairs though, so in the end we had a child each on our laps, in a temperature that can only be described of, as something similar to the Bahamas. 

An hour in, I send the hubs to ask how much longer it’s going to be (something I later realise has become his main role). We’re in the next couple to be seen.

Eventually he gets taken to triage and they send us straight through to children’s a&e. We settle him on a bed, and he has some obs taken, and I send the hubs with our daughter home until there’s more news.

For the next few hours, we’re either moved around from bed to chair to bed, to make way for what they called “people who needed them”, while I was shown to one lone chair in the middle of the room, to balance my not-so-light child on my lap while he dozed in and out of sleep.

When finally seen by a doctor who had to be moaned at to come and see us, we were told how serious the symptoms were and they were going to be testing his blood for signs of meningitis (which sounds pretty major, except that information was given by a different doctor who also stated he would bet his mortgage on the fact it wasn’t meningitis).

Magic cream on, bloods done, on a very brave boy, in record time. 

We then wait 2 and a half hours for the results, which were available prior to that time, but not looked at by doctors.

A doctor comes and says that she’s heard we were worried about the results so just to tell us it’s all clear (and they’re diagnosing as a viral infection-shock), but now we have to wait for a registrar to come and sign it all off, and discharge him.

So that brings us to now. To me, sat on the end of a hospital bed (I moved half way through the blog writing as my bum had gone numb on the side chair), iPad on my lap, and so far, an hour and a half of waiting for the famous registrar to appear.

I’m not writing this to have a dig at anyone we’ve seen (or not seen) today. I’m mainly writing because I’m bored out of my mind, but also to highlight how desperately understaffed and overworked the staff of NHS services really are. We are waiting for one registrar who needs to come from one end of the hospital to the other, to sign a piece of paper to say we can take our son home.  

I have been here for 8 and a half hours, waiting mainly for things that could be done in half that time, had the NHS been given the staff they needed.

Government funding certain aspects of the NHS is fine. But I can’t see how nothing/not enough is going to the parts that really need it.

I suppose we can only look upon today as a positive outcome. No major illnesses diagnosed, and all tests carried out professionally and kindly. I just can’t help thinking it’s tainted by the negatives I’ve outlined.
Change is most definitely needed.