“How am I going to pay for that”?! Something I say every November….

Every November, I spend the first two weeks of the month in denial, at the impeding doom that is….our car’s MOT.


Denial probably isn’t the most grown up way of dealing with this yearly occasion, but it’s all I’ve got. Continue reading ““How am I going to pay for that”?! Something I say every November….”

#HelloYellow ~ Young Minds ~ Supporting Our Children’s Mental Health

Being a Mental Health Blogger myself, it goes without saying how important my children’s mental health is too.


So when I saw my Son’s school were supporting Young Minds-the UK’s leading charity championing the well-being and mental health of young people-on World Mental Health Day 2017, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that I would support them too. Continue reading “#HelloYellow ~ Young Minds ~ Supporting Our Children’s Mental Health”

My 5 

Almost 6 years ago I lost my first baby. 

That’s probably not the way to start a blog but to be honest, I can’t think of another way-I’ve
been waiting to find a time when I can speak about what I went through.

And now words seem to fail me.  Continue reading “My 5 “

Mayflower Blogs is 1 today! A little round-up and celebratory giveaway!


1 whole year, of blogs, reviews, comments, shares, editing, learning, vlogging and everything in between!


I genuinely never assumed I’d get to this point-I worried at the beginning that I’d not be very good at this writing lark, and maybe my unorganised mind would mean I wouldn’t cope. Continue reading “Mayflower Blogs is 1 today! A little round-up and celebratory giveaway!”

#Blogtober17 ~ Day 5 ~ Education

Today is day 5 of Blogtober 2017!  The theme today is…..Education!


Education is actually something that is not only important to me now I have children, but also something that has always been prominent and important, my whole life. Continue reading “#Blogtober17 ~ Day 5 ~ Education”

Christmas is coming! How to save money and grab bargains!

With Christmas on its way, and families still feeling the pinch with rising living costs (and low wages), it’s really easy to become overwhelmed with the mounting cost of Christmas presents!

I am glued to my phone in the last few months of the year-signed up to alerts on discount sites and Facebook pages.  There’s even Whatsapp groups now-sending you the latest deals to your phone! Continue reading “Christmas is coming! How to save money and grab bargains!”

Mental Health & Medication-Anxiety & Depression

As a lot of you will know, I suffer with various mental health issues.  Recently, for the first time in a very long time-I’ve felt a little out of control with coping with the issues I have.

After a conversation with my cousin discussing whether it was a good idea to go and see my GP to speak about the possibility of taking medication to help me cope, I decided to see if any of my fellow bloggers had an opinion on whether or not to go down that route.
Additionally, I wondered if there were any alternative ways of coping with my depression or anxiety attacks.


Continue reading “Mental Health & Medication-Anxiety & Depression”

Helicopter Parenting-Do You Really Have All The Facts?

Helicopter Parenting
Some have heard of this term, others may be  wondering what it is.
To clarify, “helicopter parenting” relates to a parent that hovers around their child, being overprotective, shadowing them, keeping a short distance between them, in case of accidents and other life issues.


This is me. I’m a helicopter parent. The thing is, I don’t want to be one.  I certainly never chose to be one.  It kind of just happened. Continue reading “Helicopter Parenting-Do You Really Have All The Facts?”

Parenting, Blogging, Housework-Top Tips on Juggling Jobs


So often I see people mentioning how overwhelmed they’re feeling with all they have to do.  Parenting is a full time job as it is, without adding in the mountains of washing and housework, and for my fellow bloggers and I, the writing time needed to get posts out on time, especially in the holidays when the children are at home all the time!

Personally, I’ve started working every evening until late, as this is the only time I seem to get quiet time, and then I have the days free to do things around the house and spend time with the little ones.

However, this still doesn’t stop me finding it all a bit much sometimes, and so, I asked some of my lovely blogger friends to help me out with some tips on juggling it all! Continue reading “Parenting, Blogging, Housework-Top Tips on Juggling Jobs”

Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey

So today, we’re off to Dorset on our Haven Holiday!  We live in Kent, so the journey is long (4 hours long to be precise), and to say I’ve been dreading it, would be an understatement.


Without Kye tackling his travel sickness, there’s also keeping his little sister occupied with him for the hours and hours that we’re going to be on the road!

We’ve only ever been in the car for a maximum of 90 minutes before, so I’ve literally zero idea about entertaining them for any longer than that!

Because of this, I asked my lovely blogger friends for their tips and tricks on handling the long journey! Continue reading “Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey”