Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey

So today, we’re off to Dorset on our Haven Holiday!  We live in Kent, so the journey is long (4 hours long to be precise), and to say I’ve been dreading it, would be an understatement.


Without Kye tackling his travel sickness, there’s also keeping his little sister occupied with him for the hours and hours that we’re going to be on the road!

We’ve only ever been in the car for a maximum of 90 minutes before, so I’ve literally zero idea about entertaining them for any longer than that!

Because of this, I asked my lovely blogger friends for their tips and tricks on handling the long journey! Continue reading “Long Car Trips-Tips and Tricks for a Happier Journey”

Baby Loss Awareness Week-The Wave of Light


Today marks the final day of Baby Loss Awareness Week, and on this day, the day is marked by something called The Wave of Light.

For those that haven’t participated before, and would like to know more-you’re in the right place!


The Wave Of Light

On October the 15th, to mark the final day of Baby Loss Awareness week, everyone is invited to light a candle (or however many candles you want to light), at 7pm. These candles signify all babies, taken too soon, born sleeping, lost before they met their Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Siblings and Families.  You don’t have to have lost a baby to light the candle, you could light it for someone you know who’s lost a baby, or just plainly for all those babies around the world taken too soon.  By participating, and leaving your candle lit for a minimum of an hour, you will be taking part in a worldwide “wave” of light across the globe.


Ahead of tonight’s Wave Of Light, The Miscarriage Association have set up a candle gallery on our “Days That Matter” website. They hope to create a memorial video from the images sent to them, and you can find out more information on how to take part by following the link to their Facebook page here.


Finally, I’d like to say some Thank You’s before I end my final post this week on this subject.

Every day this week, I’ve blogged or shared blogs to try and raise awareness on the subject of baby loss.  All were greatly received, but yesterday, after publishing one of the most personal (and long) blogs I’ve ever done, the response was truly overwhelming.  Messages of support, comments of gratitude for my words, and the amount of views, shares and likes, literally blew me away.  So if you’re one of those people, who liked, shared, commented, messaged, or viewed, I’d like to thank you.

To have a post that’s so personal to me liked so much, is amazing in itself, but to have the message of baby loss awareness, spread so far and the chance I’ve made just one person feel less alone in what they’re currently going through, or have gone through, makes me happier for that, than for anything else.


To those that continue to support me on my journey, to help me through dark days and listen/read when I choose to speak about it, I thank you too.  I literally couldn’t do any of this without you.



If you didn’t manage to catch yesterdays blog, here’s the link to that one-The Mummy He Used To Know, and if you’ve missed any others this week, head over to the website at mayflowerblogs.com and have a nose!

London Calling

Back to reality today, but Friday me and the hubs went for a weekend away in London, half for my birthday present and half for our 6th wedding anniversary. 
We got the train Friday evening and arrived at our hotel around 9:30pm. We stayed in the Days Hotel in Lambeth.  We usually use Travelodge for our London stays but their prices have rocketed recently so my husband chose this hotel instead.  The staff were lovely and friendly, the reception open 24 hours, and they offered to hold our bags if we wanted to go out and sight see on our last day. 

The room was spacious, clean and had everything we needed, including extra towels and pillows. The bed was clean and comfy, and a fan was provided, which was just as well as the weather was beautiful! 

We had breakfast for both mornings included in the price of our rooms, which was an all you can eat, English breakfast and a continental selection. There was plenty of everything and anything extra they brought out straight away. 

Our hotel was literally a stones throw from Lambeth underground station, although not knowing this on the first evening meant we walked from Waterloo station, only adding another 5 minutes onto our journey. 

On the first evening we checked in and put our bags in our room and went for a walk to see what was nearby. After only 10 minutes we were at the London Eye!  We took in the sights, lit up for the evening, then returned to our hotel for a drink in the bar (and I had a KitKat).

The following morning, after breakfast, we set our for a full day of sightseeing.  We walked so much! First we walked along Oxford Street having a nose in the windows of shops we could never afford to shop in haha! Then we walked to Covent Garden which I’ve never seen before, it was amazing! Such a wide variety of shops and places to grab a coffee! We stopped at 21 in Covent Garden and had a drink, then went to see a busker, singing opera in a lower level cafe-he was hilarious!

We then walked to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, again watching the buskers and street entertainment. 

One place I was desperate to go to was Trafalgar Square, as I’ve never been! There was a busking festival on, so we sat on the steps and watched the acts in the sunshine, it was lovely!!!!!

 After a few tourist-like photos, we headed off again to Westminster to walk down The Mall and see Buckingham Palace.  After negotiating around the cyclists taking part in Ride London, we ended up back on the tube to St Paul’s and walked along the Millennium Bridge, then back along the Thames. 

Thoroughly walked out, we headed back on the tube to our hotel room, where we relaxed for an hour before heading back out.

As part of my birthday present my husband bought me tickets to the theatre.  We headed out to The Lyric Theatre to see Thriller Live.  For those who haven’t seen it, I won’t go into detail, but oh my god it was INCREDIBLE!! I literally can’t fault one part of it, and would be quite happy to again.  My arms ached the morning after from clapping and dancing, and even the hubs got up and clapped along!  The train journey home was spent listening to Michael Jackson songs!

So back to reality today! Well yesterday really when we got home with shopping and dropped a jar of pasta sauce across the ceramic kitchen floor.  

I am full of London blues, missing what feels like our second home, and looking forward to the next time we go. 

London we love you.