#Blogtober17 ~ Day 11 ~ Kitchen

Today is day 11 of Blogtober 2017, and the theme is…….Kitchen!


My kitchen is unfortunately not officially mine.  We live in a rented house, and most of our fixtures and fittings are integrated (which I do still love by the way).  I especially love my dishwasher and tumble dryer (which is mine) and literally couldn’t imagine life without them-let alone remember what life was like prior to having them!

When I was younger-I used to dream about my first home, and what would be in it.  I’d spend hours, searching the Argos catalogue, choosing my future products, in a “money is no issue” situation.

So-today’s theme of “Kitchen” is a really easy one.  Let me take you around my dream kitchen, using the power of the Argos website, and internet links! Continue reading “#Blogtober17 ~ Day 11 ~ Kitchen”

My 5 

Almost 6 years ago I lost my first baby. 

That’s probably not the way to start a blog but to be honest, I can’t think of another way-I’ve
been waiting to find a time when I can speak about what I went through.

And now words seem to fail me.  Continue reading “My 5 “

All About You – #Blogtober17 – Day 1

Hello-and welcome to the first day of #Blogtober17!  If you didn’t catch my Facebook post yesterday, then you may not have the first idea about what’s happening right now.

Blogtober is basically a-blog-a-day!  I’ll be blogging about a variety of random subjects, every day throughout this month-but don’t worry-there will still be the usual reviews and ramblings of my mind!

Today’s theme, as the title suggests, is, All About You. (Which is All About ME!)

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The day you were born-for my girl, on her 4th Birthday

Today my girl turns 4!

Recently, I realised, I’ve never written about Olivia’s birth.  I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs-of course I have.  Many of my readers are well aware she was our rainbow baby after our three miscarriages.
But I think it’s important for her to have her own story-her own words-to look back on when I’m old and grey (and probably more forgetful than I am now).

So here you are SWEET-PEA-this is your story.  And it all begins 4 years ago today……

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Mokuru-Move Over Fidget Spinners-There’s A New Toy On The Block

Remember fidget spinners and bottle flipping?  Well there’s now a new toy in town-Mokuru!


What is a Mokuru?

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Vertu Honda-Why We Love Our Car (even though it’s a bit rubbish)

Vertu Honda asked us to tell them (and you, my lovely readers), why we love our car!

Before I continue, I’d like to point out, we don’t own a flash car-it’s a Renault Laguna. It makes funky noises (not good funky) when you turn it on/move it/turn it, it doesn’t look amazing, and it’s quite old.

However, it is our car, and, we have reasons we love it so much.


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The Big Bingo Bash-Mecca Bingo Thanet Review

Last Saturday (19th) I was invited to review The Big Bingo Bash at my local Mecca Bingo (Thanet).

The only Bingo I’m used to, is the quiet, dab-your-numbers, (usually win nothing), kind of Bingo.  This, is nothing like that kind of Bingo. Continue reading “The Big Bingo Bash-Mecca Bingo Thanet Review”

Back To School With Hedrin-Head Lice Treatment-Review & Giveaway

The summer holidays are almost over-and, as children head back to school, there are chances of them bringing home new little friends, and not human friends!  

Head lice are super common amongst school children, (I can hear you all scratching your heads in irritation), and, with so many lotions and potions on the market, it’s easy to get confused (and further irritated) by making the decision of which to buy!

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Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 2

Following on from the first part of our Haven holiday review (see here for part one), I’m bringing you the next instalment today!


After unpacking and taking in the views from our decking area, we grabbed our swimming clothes and headed up to the park.  The children had seen the outdoor pool on the way in, and were desperate to visit it, and, as we didn’t have to head to a shop to pick up the necessities thanks to Haven, we agreed to take them! Continue reading “Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 2”

Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 1

Way back in March, at an unrelated awards ceremony, I happened to be sat next to two of the nicest, funniest people I’ve met in a long time.  They happened to be PR and Content Managers at Haven.
As they left, I was given a card, and told to contact them the following week-something I did first thing the Monday morning, thanking them for making us feel comfortable at the table we were all placed at.

5 months later, and we owe those two Haven managers, Johnny and Helen, the biggest amount of gratitude.  We’ve not long returned from our first family holiday, to Poole in Dorset, which we were given by Haven, in exchange for a review.
This sounds pretty simple, but to us it meant everything-and we hope we’ve done Haven proud with our review, as well as the vlog I’ve spent a week putting together-wanting it to be nothing less than perfect.

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