Peppa Pig Potty Training Bundle-Product(s) Review


Look at all the lovely Peppa Pig goodies, we, (well Olivia really) were sent!


Olivia is a rather big fan of Peppa Pig-we recently went to London to see “My First Cinema Experience” and she loved it!

Because of this, she was thrilled with her box of goodies, and set to work placing the items where they needed to be in the house.

What was in the box?

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The A-Z of Parenting

These 26 words, are pretty much all you need to grow tiny humans and keep yourself from rocking in a corner sane.  Memorise them, use them as your mantra, and you will be fine!

thFYJHRHSW.jpgAppetite.  Kids have one.  All of the time.  They’ll eat you out of house and home if you let them.  You must keep them entertained and hydrated or they’ll mistake thirst and boredom for hunger!
bBooze.  It’s needed, not all the time, but always in the house “just in case”.  Being everything to everyone can get stressful sometimes!
th8V3Z2NMZ Chocolate.  Also needed, ALL the time, ALWAYS in the house, sometimes if ‘E’ is happening, chocolate can work instead of meals.
thB6SL29OE Dirt.  For some reason, kids are somehow, always dirty!  I don’t know where they get it, or how, but there’s always some somewhere!!!!
thZA3SB8R1 Eating. It’s done fast, or not at all.  You need to make sure you’re available for helping others eat, serving drinks, extra sauces, clearing up mess, and basically not having time to eat your own-and if you do-its cold!
th Fun.  Whether you wake up feeling like crap, absolutely shattered, with tons to do  throughout the day, you MUST still be fun!  Kids seem to get bored around about 10 minutes after waking up, and throughout the day when they’re not eating or tantruming. You must entertain constantly if you’re going to get through a day!
thBD6W568I Growing.  You go out, spend an entire months worth of spare money on the kids clothes and shoes, and within that next month, they grow out of most of it.  The worrying thing is, you don’t notice it day to day, but it just happens!
thIVI5MVTW Housework.  Just don’t even go there with this one.  Its constant, you get little/no help and its just never tidy or clean enough unless you’re home alone for a substantial amount of time.  As you clean up, they go around after you, undoing all your hard work.
thCZ5OUDUL Illness.  There’s tons of it, and it comes in waves, taking down each member of your family one by one, until there’s a big fat red cross on your door and you’ve quarantined everyone to their bedrooms, with a bin each for vomit, and some kind of noise they need to make for when they need refreshments or cuddles.
th2LPAMEBW Judgement.  You’re going to be judged.  No matter what you do, when you do it, how you do it, and why you do it, you’ll always be judged by someone somewhere.  Don’t let this phase you!  You know what is right for your kids.  Go with that instead of listening to others.
thLC2GTCAQ Know-it-all.  You must know everything-every answer to every question asked, whether its absolute nonsense or not.  Most of those answers you give, will end up being responded with “why?” by the child in question, and you’ll need to give an adequate answer to that too!
thK80KI12Z Laughter.  This is a must.  Its pretty basic, but its the best noise, the best entertainment and it keeps you battling through the day!
thKL48NCTZ  Mummy.  This is now your name.  You will hear it from the moment the little ones wake, to the moment they go to bed-and maybe even during the night when they should be sleeping!
th7CN1WOS1  Nights out.  These are a thing of the past.  Its hard enough finding the spare money to get out of the house, let alone to find a sitter that you trust with your precious little ones, or who doesn’t cost the earth.
thO9YCN79J Octopus.  You have to be one.  You need to find a way to grow around 6 more arms, so you can carry out all requests without taking too long and ending up with tantrums!
thXIYKVXDM Pets.  The little darlings decide at some point in their tiny lives, that they’re going to need some kind of pet.  You may be like me, and unable to have cats/dogs etc in your rented home, but that doesn’t stop them.  You could end up with a fish, or a hamster, or a tortoise!  They sound like fun dont they? NO! They are as much mess/effort/money/time as the kids-maybe even more.  For as long as you can, put them off!
th3WPZ9O03 Quickness.  Another must, you must always be quick.  If you don’t get to the kitchen for juice or a snack, within roughly 90 seconds after being asked, all hell is going to break loose!  Be quick.  All the time.
thTQWYS370 Right.  Kids are always right, even when they’re wrong.  If you remember that you’ll have a much easier life!
thAXBALVQP School Runs.  Think back to walking yourself to school, how much effort it was to get there, how reluctant you sometimes were, and the playground issues you’d have.  Now add in, having to take someone else there, who’s sometimes just as reluctant, and this time, you have to deal with playground issues from fellow school mums instead!
thHPLU0ZDVToilet training.  One of the biggest learning curves you’ll go through as a parent.  Patience, patience, patience.  That is my only advice on this one!
thCFTHZS0F Unintelligent.  If you thought you were clever before you had kids, you wont think that anymore.  Well, unless you count your vast knowledge of nursery rhymes, kids tv theme tunes and the names of ALL the characters they watch!  In that case-you’re a genius!
th1CPHOY9J Vegetables.  They are the devils food.  According to the little ones that is!  They wont eat them, and if they do, their faces will contort, they will moan and whine and sometimes even force a gag out for maximum effect!
th14ZK3WER Washing.  It never ends.  Thats about it.  IT just doesn’t end.
thBZXW1EQR X-ray.  This one might seem an odd one, but think of how many times, prior to having children, you spent in the hospital, then double it and double it again!  There will be lots of lovely trips to the paeds a&e department, which can sometimes end up in xray!  Doesn’t that sound fun!
thTQDG2IH4 Yes!  This is what they want to hear, always.  You must never say no, because that word is also known as the “tantrum button”.  That button should be avoided at all times.
thMQCKIMFW Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  This is how tired you are.  All the time.  Not just physically, but mentally too.  All the time.

Sometimes, we could use alternative words for the “Parenting Alphabet”.

P is for Pride.  How proud they make us day in, day out, for just the smallest things sometimes-but things that seem the biggest, best things to you.
F is for Family.  These little people are your flesh and blood, your little family you grew and nurtured into the tiny humans they are today.  It doesn’t get better than that!
E is for Emotions.  The emotions you feel when with them, or without them, are like nothing you’ve experienced before.  The sheer tug on your heart when you miss them, or the swell of love you get when they kiss and cuddle you, or tell you that they love you is more than you need to get through each day.
U is for Unconditional.  You’ll never feel the sort of unconditional love you feel for your children, for anyone else.  They are your everything and nothing else compares.
For the 26 challenging words above, there’s millions of others that can be used to describe your children, that are full of love, and that are the best to remember when battling the ’26’.
Enjoy all of it-before they grow up and you miss every single bit.


Potty Training – A Good Day

 I wasn’t planning on blogging about littlest mayflower and her potty training today, until she had such a good day and two new things were brought into the mix!

A common theme I’ve seen since beginning this journey is that littlest mayflower gets a little panicky when it’s time for sitting on the potty.  It’s just too low down for her I think, and she must feel so uncomfortable. 

So last night, during a restless hour, I logged onto Argos and reserved a new potty.  After only having one that cost £1 and one that cost £2, this one did seem a bit steeper at £9.99-especially when you consider you’ve basically paid that money for something your child is going to use to poo and wee in!

The Strata Little Star Potty Chair claims to help children’s confidence and help them get the hang of potty training. I was dubious because of the price tag!  What swayed me was the reviews from customers with the same issue I had with normal potties being too low.  They said their two/three year old had long legs and this was ideal as it was more of a seat than a proper potty.  Additionally, the middle of the seat where they “do their business” was a lot easier to remove and carry to the toilet.

So the potty arrived this morning (a friend kindly collected it for me) and little miss was rather excited, as she stood by the door shouting “you got my new potty?”

I read online that letting the child decorate the potty with stickers really helps them to get used to it being somewhere they go to a lot, so we dug out the bargain stickers, and I made her a label for it!

At lunchtime, she was just about to begin eating when she said “oh no, the wee is coming!”

I got her straight off her chair and she sat, by herself, on the seat, did a massive wee, and helped carry the little pot to the toilet (she also waved bye bye to the wee wee, a ritual I’ve come to notice we’ve suddenly gotten into).

After that I decided a reward chart was a good idea.  We stupidly started rewarding her with food (way to child obesity right there), so, as she has such a massive love for stickers, I decided she’d be rewarded with one each time she did one of three things;

  1. Weeing on the potty 
  2. Pooing on the potty
  3. Good walking (I’m trying to use the buggy less now).

As you can see, she had 3 wees, (and no accidents all day I’d like to add).

She also managed to stay dry from 9am this morning until bedtime at 6:30, and she wore a nappy on the school run and didn’t wee in that either!

All in all very successful (probably the most successful so far) day today!  I’m so super proud of my little lady and how well she’s taking to it all (especially as I thought she’d be a nightmare!)

If you wanted to try the Strata Potty for your little one, I would recommend it massively (after only one days use too!) Click here for the link to the potty on the Argos website.

Happy Training!



Potty Training….Swings and Roundabouts 


Things I’ve learnt in the last 4 days. 

  1. My beautiful sofa has been weed on more times than I’d have liked so I’m less antsy about it now-this must be a positive, yes?
  2. My carpet wasn’t actually that clean in the first place. Now I’m using carpet cleaner each time a puddle is made, the end result is patches of clean carpet. 
  3. I prefer accidents to happen in the kitchen where there are wipeable floors! 
  4. I’m far too excited about the slightest little wee!
  5. Staring at your child will not make them wee faster….


    Littlest mayflower is very advanced with her speech and her understanding of what other people are saying. She can tell you that she needs to do wee wees on the potty, and that she doesn’t do weeing on the floor or the sofa.  So I assumed, this would be a piece of p*** (pardon the pun) to get her to understand. 

    The last two days have been pretty quiet with regards to her dryness because we’ve been out a fair bit and as I previously wrote in my last potty training blog (which you can see here) we aren’t training unless we’re at home at the moment. 

    Today we had no plans so I thought it would be perfect for a whole day of no nappy-ness! 

    It didn’t start well in all honesty

    She had a wee on the sofa, a wee on the floor (carpet not kitchen), and 3 wees through 3 pairs of pants. 

    It was at this point I thought, it may be better to stop this now and start again in a few months. My patience was wearing thin and my heart couldn’t take the strain of seeing my beautiful sofa getting any more wee on it. 

    Then, in the space of an hour, we had a breakthrough. 1 massive wee on the potty and her FIRST EVER POO!

    Oh god the smell. The look of it. The fright on my little lady’s face when she was doing it. Gripping my hands so tight I thought she might hurt herself. 

    She was so happy afterwards though. She walked around showing her daddy and big brother (while they opened windows and I sprayed febreeze). We fed the toilet her poo and she waved it goodbye, walked back into the front room and announced, “well that was stinky!”

    I think from today I must remember for every accident, we do have the good incidents to balance them out. I also mustn’t give up. If this takes months, then it takes months, I’m not a mummy that gives up on my children and their challenges, and I know she (and I) can do this! 

    Onwards and upwards! (Or outwards?!)


    Potty Training


    Day 1 – The adventure begins 

    Today is a bit of a milestone day at Mayflower Towers! Our littlest mayflower has begun the potty training journey. 

    Our other little mayflower was fully dry in pants during the day by 22 months old, and dry in the night by 25 months old. It was his decision to use the potty, wear the pants, then use the toilet, so I’ll be completely honest in saying, I had very little to do with getting him potty/toilet trained. 

    So now our littlest person is 2 years and 1 month old, and is showing signs of potty training readiness, we  (well I) decided it was time to try it out. 

    Deciding on how I was going to tackle her-as she’s very very different in most ways to how our son was, was the first part of my challenge. 

    I’ve decided to settle on, while we’re still in the first stages, to keep her out of nappies while we’re at home. Bed time will be with a nappy for now, as will times I’m out of the house. 

    Around 6 months ago, we got the potty out and left it laying around so she could see it and get used to it. She was petrified of it. My mother in law then bought a Frozen toilet seat to see if maybe she preferred the toilet, but no-same issue. 

    So we left it. I’ve read pushing children into potty training is no good, it pushes them further back. Until today that is……

    So back to this morning-by 10:30am I’d made the decision to start, I’d got the potty out, and she’d actually sat on it-BIG step!

    She then spent an hour going to the potty, sitting on it but stopping herself from going. She asked for her nappy back on, I said not until bedtime. 

    An hour and a half after I took the nappy away, holding it in wasn’t cutting it and she did the biggest wee on the potty! Momentous occasion needed a photo taken, so one of a beautiful little lady, thumbs up and smiling, next to a potty full of wee, did the rounds, being sent to various family members! 

    Lunch was served, and as she sat waiting for me to bring her waffles over, as I was mid-butter, the gentle sound of a beautiful waterfall filled the room…..except it wasn’t a waterfall and it wasn’t beautiful, it was an even bigger wee than before. Except this one wasn’t being done on a potty, it had been saved for doing on a booster seat at the lunch table! 

    The butter knife went flying, I ran over to her, while noticing the biggest kidlet is still looking round the room for the source of the noise of running water he can hear!

    She was dry through lunch (quite possibly because she had nothing left in her bladder), and managed a sleep with pants on and no accidents! 

    Another couple of hours and she did one wee when she woke up (that happened to be on my sofa) and another two in the potty (one for daddy’s eyes as proof of her brilliantness when he came home from work).

    She was, in total, without a nappy for 8 hours by bedtime! 

    All in all, day one was pretty successful! 

    Let’s hope it continues successfully (with not too much damage to my beautiful sofa or not-so-clean-anymore floor!