Vodafone Smart Tab N8-Tech Review (from a non-tech blogger)

Vodafone sent me their new Smart Tab N8 to review!



If you read my last tech review, of the Samsung mobile, you’ll know two things.
1. I am not a tech reviewer.  I review as a Mum, woman (and as someone who has zero idea of tech related information.
2. I am a fierce Apple addict.  I have an iPad, and an iPhone, and don’t often find Android very easy to go back to. Continue reading “Vodafone Smart Tab N8-Tech Review (from a non-tech blogger)”

Peppa Pig Potty Training Bundle-Product(s) Review


Look at all the lovely Peppa Pig goodies, we, (well Olivia really) were sent!


Olivia is a rather big fan of Peppa Pig-we recently went to London to see “My First Cinema Experience” and she loved it!

Because of this, she was thrilled with her box of goodies, and set to work placing the items where they needed to be in the house.

What was in the box?

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Pocket Notebooks-Esmie,Rhodia & Papio Press Review

Forget the App, there’s a Pocket Notebook for that…

The lovelies over at Pocket Notebooks very kindly sent me some notebooks to review.


Who are Pocket Notebooks?

Pocket Notebooks are on a mission, to remind people about those good old days, when we didn’t reach for our phone to make notes-when a pocket notebook was all we needed.

The noise and insistence of technology is constant. A notebook takes us to a world that we choose. A world where the only sound is our sound.

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Sugru Rebel Tech Kit-Product Review

We were sent the Rebel Tech Kit  from Sugru!


What is sugru?



Sugru sticks permanently to lots of stuff like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and most plastics and fabrics. Just push it onto something, then it’s time to build, seal, fix, create and stick things together. You’ll have 30 minutes to get the job done.

Give it 24 hours, and Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it).

It’s the only glue on the planet that sticks to anything, moulds into the shape you need to have it, then overnight, sets into a durable silicone rubber. Continue reading “Sugru Rebel Tech Kit-Product Review”

Pact Planalto Cafetiere Coffee-Review

I was sent a pack of Brazillian Planalto Coffee for my Cafetiere from Pact Coffee!


Who are Pact Coffee?

Created in 2012 by founder Stephen (in his kitchen), Pact was born.  Stephens dream was to introduce the UK to better coffee at home, improving millions of mornings and changing the coffee industry for the better.

Now, 5 years on, Pact offer three different options, to get delicious coffee to you in the comfort of your own home.

What did we receive?

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Oblumi Tapp Smart Thermometer By BubbleBum-Review

We were sent the Oblumi Smart Tapp Thermometer to Review, from BubbleBum!


What is the oblumi tapp smart thermometer?

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Phoenix Trading-Holiday Craft Activities

We were sent some awesome half term holiday craft activities from Phoenix Trading!

Phoenix Trading are an fab company-focusing mainly on birthday and celebration items, in beautiful designs, they now also have some really cool craft activity packs for kids!

We were sent three different crafts for the children to do, Colour-In Finger Puppets, Colour-In Holiday Pictures and Happy Families Card Game.

phoenix phoenix phoenix

The children were thrilled because I’d asked Phoenix Trading to send the items addressed to them, so they had great joy in telling me it was for them!

Kye is so into games in general at the moment, so he was straight into the Happy Families Card Game!
Olivia LOVES colouring and her imagination is truly hilarious-so the finger puppets were perfect for her.
They both enjoyed all items, and after a week of Mummy being poorly in bed and unable to spend time with them, they were the perfect activities to capture their attention.

As I said before, Phoenix Trading, don’t just do celebration products, they do the most incredible kids products too!  I’m a little in love with their jigsaw puzzles and paper doll bunting!


There’s so much to see and buy-head over and take a  look on their website HERE!


I was sent these products for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Life’s Little Bugs-T.Stubbs Book Series Review

We were sent seven books from Life’s Little Bugs.

Life’s Little Bugs are a company aiding children’s development, also providing a good support for SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural studies within schools) and Home Education Studies.

All written by T.Stubbs, the books allow children to learn about good habits, in a range of subjects, using the fun book content and illustrations.  With fun characters, and a professor explaining the moral of the story at the end of every book-these really are an excellent way to get your children to understand right from wrong, in a great way!


Let’s meet Life’s Little Bugs!!!!!


Doodle Bug
Telling the story of ‘Doodle Bug’ who just loves being creative, he soon realises that drawing and painting on others property, isn’t appropriate.  Being given another outlet for his creativity, he teaches his young readers how to respect others and their belongings.


Litter Bug

‘Litter Bug’ (and his friend ‘Fly’) absolutely love making mess.  They happily throw their rubbish around, until a few people explain to them that this isn’t acceptable.  A great lesson in how to keep things tidy, and the importance of disposing rubbish appropriately.

Tummy Bug

‘Tummy Bug’ is probably my favourite out of the set of books we got sent.  Mainly because it’s the one life lesson I really preach about the most to my children.  No matter how clean we seem to be at home, they still end up with the tummy bugs from school and nursery!  This story explains how important hygiene is, not just on our bodies, but also in what we eat.

Flu Bug

Another germ prevention story, this one tells us about ‘Flu Bug’, who just loves to share himself around, making others unwell with his germs.  The professor explains how resting, staying away from others and taking care of yourself, prevent ‘Flu Bug’ from spreading himself around!

Gum Bug

‘Gum Bug’ tells us how much he likes to get into our teeth and make them feel bad!  The story explains to children, what they can do to prevent cavities and gum infections!

Hum Bug

I loved this one!  As a mental health blogger-I notice more and more, rising statistics of children suffering from mental health issues.  This story explains how the power of positive thinking helps stop the negative thoughts taking over.  A really important message at the end from the professor which I think really aids children during many of the stresses they now find themselves going through during their school years.

Fitness Bug
Kind of self explanatory from this bug’s title, this book explains how important not only keeping fit and exercised is for our health, but also how we should make sure we have a balanced diet.

I absolutely loved these books!  The characters were really engaging for both of my children (aged 7 and 3), and the message each story is trying to give, comes across really well-my children, after only reading each one once, were able to tell me exactly what each individual story was about.

I try and teach my children at home, using some Home Education resources, even though they both attend school and nursery.  Some resources I find really work for general life lessons-these books are included in those resources.  There is a free introductory story over on the website-so you can really see what you’re getting for your money!

You can buy each book for as little as £5.99 (small book 16.5cm x 15.0cm) or £17.99 ( big book – 31cm x 28.5cm).
You can also buy the entire set of 7 books (small size) for only £33.99 with free p&p!

There are plenty of other special offers over on the website-take a look HERE!!

The books were sent to me for free, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Star Name Registry-Gift Review and Giveaway


Star Name Registry very kindly, sent me a personalised named star gift for my Mother-In-Law this Mothers Day.  The company provide a personalised star gift, enabling you to officially name a star, along with an important date, star sign for the stars constellation, and a quote of your choice!

With a variety of types of star gifts, each one comes with an official entry into the star registry, a sky atlas map for the recipient to be able to find their star, a deed with the star details and personalisation on, and a confirmation letter.



With our star pack, we also reviewed two wooden red roses, our deed came in a frame and the contents were in a silver gift box surrounded by blue tissue.



There is an option to have your star registry sent via post, which in itself is really fast, but also, for those last minute gifts that are needed extra fast, there is also an option to get it emailed to you within 12 hours of payment.

I personalised our star gift, with my Mother-in-Law’s name and date of birth, her star sign-Cancer, and a quote that I knew she would love.

Myself and my husband have never got anything like this for her before for any celebration, but we knew she would love the uniqueness and thought behind the gift.

As predicted she loved it for those reasons, remarking when she opened it at how different it was.

I genuinely have never bought anyone such a unique, special gift, but seeing her reaction, made me think I’ll end up buying more for other members of family and friends.
And now you can own your own star too!
I’ve collaborated with Star Name Registry so you can now give you,  my lucky readers, a chance to win your very own star, worth £24.99!
Take a look HERE to see what you could win!


See below on ways you can enter-good luck!  I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday 17th April across my social media pages-so make sure you keep an eye on those! (I’ll also contact the winner via email!)

Star Name Registry-Name Your Very Own Star!

For more information and to see the vast selection of personalised named star gifts on offer-head over to Star Name Registry’s website HERE!


 I was sent this product in exchange for an honest unbiased review. Any thoughts and opinions are those of my own.
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Naturelle Cosmetics ~ Royal Coffee Scrub – Review

I was sent a pack of Royal Coffee Scrub from Naturelle Cosmetics to review.

I’ll be honest, I’m one of life’s weirdos-I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste-so this product was perfect for me, being that you only really smell it, rather than ingest it.naturelle

Opening the packet, the scent of coffee was really edible-rich and strong, with a slight aroma of Ylang Ylang.

I personally use the scrub while in the bath or shower.  I find the more you get out of the packet, the messier it tends to be, so the bath or shower is ideal.  I apply the scrub to damp skin, leaving it a couple of seconds (I’m unsure if this has any real benefits but I like the smell), before scrubbing the granules around my skin then rinsing off.

Since using this scrub, I’ve genuinely noticed a massive, positive, effect on my skin-it’s brighter, softer, and less congested.  Prior to receiving and using this product, I’d used an oil sent to me by another company, which had left me really congested with so many breakouts but this product really seems to have helped.

On another positive note, the scrub is super cheap-priced at only £9.95, it is well worth the money-it’s long lasting and so easy to use.

You can buy it HERE and Naturelle Cosmetics have so many other varieties of scrubs and other products on offer, which I am sure are all as amazing as this one!



I was kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review-any thoughts and opinions are my own.