Why my Son is scared of the world, but I’m not completely sad about it….


Over the last 6 months, my son (7), has begun having nightmares, and sometimes anxiety before he’s even gone to sleep, about being scared of the world and situations around him.

My Dad and Step-Mum, both work closely with children of all ages, and have assured me this is normal-something I confirmed with our old friend Google.  Apparently at this age, children become more aware of mortality-their own and other peoples.  They overthink situations that usually wouldn’t get a second thought. Continue reading “Why my Son is scared of the world, but I’m not completely sad about it….”

Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 1

Way back in March, at an unrelated awards ceremony, I happened to be sat next to two of the nicest, funniest people I’ve met in a long time.  They happened to be PR and Content Managers at Haven.
As they left, I was given a card, and told to contact them the following week-something I did first thing the Monday morning, thanking them for making us feel comfortable at the table we were all placed at.

5 months later, and we owe those two Haven managers, Johnny and Helen, the biggest amount of gratitude.  We’ve not long returned from our first family holiday, to Poole in Dorset, which we were given by Haven, in exchange for a review.
This sounds pretty simple, but to us it meant everything-and we hope we’ve done Haven proud with our review, as well as the vlog I’ve spent a week putting together-wanting it to be nothing less than perfect.

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London Eye & Shreks Adventure-Family Days Out

We were treated to a lovely day out in London, reviewing the London Eye and Shreks Adventure!


With summer holidays in full swing, and the kids giving you the boredom eyes at every given opportunity, it’s not only hard to find things for them to do, but to also take a risk, spending money on days out, at attractions you’ve not visited before!

Luckily, I’m here to give you an idea about two of London’s best attractions-and a little insight into what you’ll see (without spoilers of course), and how to make the best out of your day out! Continue reading “London Eye & Shreks Adventure-Family Days Out”

B&M 4 Seater Folding Picnic Table Review


At family events, the issue that most have when holding a party or get-together, is seating.  Peter Kay famously used the “emergency chairs” subject for one of his stand up shows-and we all know how true it is!

That was when this awesome contraption from B&M came into play. Continue reading “B&M 4 Seater Folding Picnic Table Review”

Summer Holiday Clubs & Camps-Why I Won’t Be Participating

So, it’s that time of the year again.  Kids are coming home with leaflets in their bags, events are being set up and shared on social media.  What are they for?  Summer holiday clubs.

Sports clubs, holiday clubs, holiday camps, fun activity clubs-you name it, there’s something for everyone.

So why won’t I be even debating on sending my children on one of these?

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Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages-Review

We were sent a crate of soft drinks from Fentimans to review!


Who are Fentimans?

In 1905, Thomas Fentiman, an iron puddler from Cleckheaton, England was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan. A deal was struck and a recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer was provided as security. The loan was never repaid so Thomas became the owner of the unique recipe.

The world has changed a lot over 100 years since Thomas Fentiman founded the business and Fentimans have had to adapt to meet the demands of the modern world. Continue reading “Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages-Review”

Alcoholism, My Mum and Me

I found the above quote on Pinterest when trying to find something profound to start this blog off with.

In all honesty-I don’t know enough about the subject from an alcoholics point of view to be profound, but I know how it is to be the victim of alcoholism.
I haven’t got it, I should add that, I barely actually drink.  Maybe that’s because I’m so scared of being the person that is suffering from it right now.

That person is biologically, my Mother. 

I have to say it like that now.  I have to say biologically because she is-biologically my Mother.  But that’s all she now is.  We have no relationship anymore.  We haven’t done for over three years. And even prior to that, the relationship was fraught.

All because she chose to make her decisions under the influence of alcohol. 

My parents divorced when I was 13.  My sister was 10.  My brother was 8.

I woke one night to hear them rowing,  I crept to the top of the stairs and as I did, my Dad came up, on his way to the bathroom, murmuring as he passed me to go back to bed-that everything was fine.

I’m unsure if she did it to spite him, but my Mum shouted up to me “he’s leaving me-your Dad is leaving us!”

Unable to process this, considering my Dad, my idol, had just told me everything was fine, I rushed back to my bedroom, and got back into bed.

Within minutes, the feeling of worry crept over me and I remember the panic taking over. My Dad came in and I didn’t give him chance to explain. I just kept asking him if it was true.
He confirmed it was, but he wasn’t leaving us, he was leaving my Mum.  Nothing would change between him and his children, it was his wife he’d fallen out of love with, not us.

Shortly after he moved out, leaving us with someone grieving the loss of her marriage. 

I get this, I really do. 20 years of marriage thrown away like that, you’re going to struggle.

Unfortunately, my understanding didn’t last as long as I hoped it would, because, although I understood she was sad, my 13 year old self assumed we, her children, would remain her driving force to stay strong and keep going because she had us.

It didn’t happen like that at all. 

Within a week, she was out every night. She was spending all of her money on drinking in her local pub. I was left at home, at 13, cooking for me and my siblings, getting them into bed on time when she would go out prior to their bedtimes, and making sure all was ready for our school days.

On occasions, she wouldn’t come home until the early hours, on other occasions she’d bring random men back with her and I’d have to try and sleep through loud music, while she continued her party downstairs.

I was effectively a Mum. At the age of 13. 

I did this for 5 years.  We saw my Dad on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday one week, then a Wednesday Thursday and Friday the next.  When he met his now, wife, he would holiday with her,, so, in August he’d be away for 3 weeks.  I’d dread it.

Not only was it the Summer holidays, so we’d have no school to break up our day, she’d have spent all her money on alcohol so there’d be no days out, no treats.

We’d just count down until he got home. 

When I was 18, I got with my husband. For a few months we’d stay at my house every night, because I had the children to look after.  Within a year we were engaged, and he made the decision we would get a flat.

If he hadn’t done this, I don’t know where I’d be today. 

She was upset when I left, I can never be sure whether it was because I was leaving and her daughter was growing up, or she’d lost her babysitter.

She married again, I didn’t go to her wedding-I wasn’t invited, and I didn’t want to go.  Her husband is also alcohol dependent, and openly told her he wished she hadn’t had kids, something he repeated to me during a drunken rant down the phone one night.

During my wedding, which her and her husband attended with my late Grandad, she spent the day with a face like thunder.  I can’t watch my wedding video because she taints it in the background constantly.  An hour into my reception, following the food and the first dance, she left, to go to her local pub. 

During my sons christening, which I also invited her to, she didn’t speak to me or my husband.  She sat in the pew in front of us and didn’t even acknowledge my son.  At the drinks afterwards, she made her excuses to my Dad and left without speaking to me. 

When I lost my three babies after having my son, she wasn’t there-she doesn’t even know she could’ve had three other grandchildren. 

The day my daughter was born, I messaged her to tell her the name and weight of her new Granddaughter.  She didn’t reply.  I messaged again and she responded asking why I’d chosen the name.  She was angry my daughter was named after mine and my husbands grandmothers-there was no congratulatory message, no plans to visit and meet my daughter.

She refused to be part of her life unless I allowed both of my children to call her Nanny-something I’d made very clear during many previous arguments, fuelled by her decisions made during drunken phone calls, that she’d not earned that right-that her constant flippant relationship with me and my son, didn’t warrant her to have that title-that it had to be earned.  At the time of those conversations she’d agreed.

But suddenly that agreement wasn’t accepted anymore. 

She’s never met my daughter. My son doesn’t remember her.

Around 18 months ago, I messaged her during a clear-out of my old photos, to tell her I had pictures of her with her late parents, and I’d give them to my brother to give her if she would like them.  She responded telling me to f*** off out of her life.

So I did. 

Honestly, I’ve never found a decision so easy but hard, so upsetting but elating, and so final.

There’s a certain element of grief in it.  I’m grieving for the Mum I had as a young child.  The one who spent time with us, as a family.

But I’m also grieving for the life I never had.  For the love I never felt from her.  For the cuddles I never had. For the relationship I’ll never have again.

Yes, alcohol did this, but her choice to drink that alcohol, to get through a divorce, caused her to end up addicted to it.  She not only make her decisions under that influence, but showed no remorse the following days upon realising her mistakes.

And I’ll never forgive her for that. 

Ultimately throughout all of this, I’m left with peace. I have a doting Mother-in-Law, Step-Mum and Auntie (who ironically is my Mother’s sister-another family member alienated by poor life decisions) who play the role of a Mum better than I have ever known.

I have two children who are shielded from a relationship they could have had, with an unhinged adult I couldn’t have allowed to influence their lives.

I am proud of what I do, decisions I make and relationships I have, and I’ve made those decisions based on a need to never act how she has.

Today I’m Thankful For…..#7

Today’s ‘thankful for’ has a very wintry theme!

I am today, thankful for;

Yes blankets-plural.
I needed more than one today.  So I am thankful that I own lots.
It took two hours from getting home from the shops, to be able to feel each part of my body.  My toes hurt they were so cold-but thankfully, I own lots of lovely blankets!


Central Heating
See, I told you it was all winter related!  There’s nothing better, while freezing your arse off, wrapped in two blankets, with two pairs of socks on (this didn’t help either), than sitting on the floor against the radiator.
I’m not sure how much help it was for the rest of my body, but my back was boiling, and I was cosy!


Hot Chocolate
Oh yes, the final thing on the ‘thankful for’ list today is most definitely hot chocolate!
I’ve had four today.  In my massive ‘I Love London’ cup.
I was half asleep for the majority of the day, and my downstairs toilet isn’t warm, so the amount I’ve drunk has been slightly detrimental to my temperature, but at the time it was amazing.

Until summer I may just live on hot chocolate, wrapped in blankets, with too many clothes on, sitting against the radiator, trying to get my core temperature to an acceptable level.


So that’s all for today’s ‘thankful for’ post!  Don’t forget you can join in to!
You can go onto my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or comment at the bottom of this post to join in thinking of something you’re thankful for.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MFBthanful so I can find you easily too!



End Of Term

Today was always going to be emotional.  Ignoring the fact I’m a complete wuss anyway and cry at pretty much anything, today was the last day of Reception class for my boy.

This morning, just like the morning of his first day at his school, I took a photo of him ready to go in.  The differences aside from the obvious ones, the new house and the fact he had shorts on instead of trousers, weren’t visible until I put the photos side by side.

Visually, his little round baby face has turned into a little boy’s face, less round, more long.  His hair is lighter, and styled now.  His once, short, pale, little legs, are now longer, with more colour in them (and more bruises!)

What you can’t see in the photos is the difference in him as a person.  

He was already clever 10 months ago, he could write his name, count to 20, he was able to read small words.  Now, he is top of his class in reading and writing, and is counting to 100.  He is polite, well mannered, caring, loving, happy, funny and way beyond his 5 years.  

I can’t take credit for any of this. He comes home to me at 3:10 and the most I do of an evening is have him read to me.  At the weekends, I let him rest and do what he wants, unless we have plans.  The credit is to his teacher and teaching assistants.  They’ve put in the hours with him and moulded him into the amazing little man he is today. 

The pride and sadness etched on his teachers face today as he hugged her and said goodbye was clear to see.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to spend the best part of a year with 30 children in your care then have to say goodbye to them!  

I can’t find enough words to say how grateful I am to her and her assistants.  I can’t find enough words to explain to my boy how unbelievably proud I am of how much he’s learnt, and how he’s grown as a person.  

For now, I’ll hold back the tears that have threatened to escape all day, and maybe have some more cuddles with my boy, who’s mine for a whole 6 weeks from now!



Ramsgate is home. 

Ramsgate in the sunshine-what a beautiful day out!

The sun has been shining, Mr Mayflower had a half day so we took the littlest kidlet while the biggest was at school and had a walk to the harbour.

After a walk to the pier we walked to  Sorbetto and had an ice cream, and the husband, quite out of the blue said “Lynn’s selfish!”  Soon it became quite apparent as to what he was referring to!

 ramsgateI promised him it would end up on the blog this afternoon haha!

While on the pier I told Olivia how lucky she was to live by the seaside-she agreed-although I am unsure how much she understood!

It truly is a beautiful town!

To find out more about events and news for Ramsgate, please visit Ramsgate Town Website , visit the Twitter page @RamsgateTown or the Ramsgate Facebook Page

Or maybe just come for a visit!!!