PJ Masks-Powerful Fun For Little Heroes-Magazine Review

Myself and my daughter, were kindly send a PJ Masks magazine to review! Olivia is a massive PJ Masks fan, so this was very well received by her!


Most pre-school magazines are pretty bang on with how appropriate they are for their target age-we reviewed a CBeebies magazine a little while ago (see here) and, although Olivia was a little younger, she still managed to get a lot out of the learning pages. Continue reading “PJ Masks-Powerful Fun For Little Heroes-Magazine Review”

90’s Television Shows-What Were Your Favourites?

Being born in the late 80’s means I don’t remember a large amount of 80’s shows-I’m really a true 90’s girl at heart.


One of my favourite shows was Fun House (hence my insistence it needs to come back HERE).  I always wanted to be on that show-I genuinely thought I’d be amazing at it!

I asked some of my lovely blogger friends what their favourites were! Continue reading “90’s Television Shows-What Were Your Favourites?”

It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!


During 1989 and 1999, my only issues in life, were attending nursery/school, homework and my favourite television programmes.  Among them-Fun House.  Running from 1989-1999, the CITV children’s favourite, was by far (in my opinion), one of the best things on my big backed telly box.

Now, 28 years since the first episode hit our screens, plans are underway to bring the Fun House back!!

Alas, this news isn’t as it seems!  To be in with a chance of reviving this “whole lotta fun” show, the team need your help!


To find out more about the revival, and how the general public can help get Fun House back up and running, I spoke to the man himself, Pat Sharp. Continue reading “It’s A Whole Lotta Fun! Fun House Interview With Pat Sharp!”