Samsung Galaxy S8+ Three Mobile Phone-Tech Review

I was sent a Samsung galaxy S8+ from Three, to review for a few weeks.  Before we continue, I don’t want to lead anyone into false expectations; I’m not a tech blogger, I’m a Mummy, Wife and blogger/vlogger, and I’ll base my review from those points of view rather than anything “techy”.



As some of you will know, I’m a massive Apple fan.  I own the iPhone 6+ and have owned iPhones for years.
When I received the S8+, I wondered if this beaut of a phone, had the possibility of converting me back to wanting an Android! Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8+ Three Mobile Phone-Tech Review”

A Day In The Life Of A 3 Year Old


5:30am. I’m awake-my day can start now yeah?  MUMMYYYYYYY MUMMYYYYY.  Oh god daddy’s coming instead.  He’s not got a clue how to handle me at this time in the morning.  He said mummy is sick so she can’t come in.  NOOOOOO I WANT TO GET UUUUUUP!  Eurgh, he’s closed the door and left me here-I’ll call mummy again.  MUMMYYYYY.  Yay here she comes!  Oh wait she’s sick?!  Now I feel bad.  I’ll go back to sleep for her.

7:30am. I actually feel better for more sleep.  Who knew!  It doesn’t matter though because I’ll forget tonight and do it all again tomorrow anyway.


Daddy is asking what I want.  I think I want toast with honey but I might deliberate over my decision for a minute.  Ooh I know what I could have-Weetabix!  We don’t have any, but I could get cross about that then settle for honey on toast anyway!

7:45am. Breakfast was lovely-although it did go really cold really quickly.  I genuinely don’t understand it.  I couldn’t have been talking for more than half hour in-between bites!

Daddy took my plate out, then just as he sat back down I asked for some juice.  I don’t get why he looked so irritated?

8:30am. Is it lunchtime yet?  I asked Daddy and he said we’ve only just had breakfast.  So I asked for a snack.  He said we’d just had breakfast.
I don’t get it-my Brother doesn’t ask when it’s lunchtime or ask for snacks.  Does he never get hungry?!

OOH stickers-I’ll play with those.

8:40am. I’ve stuck the stickers all over the floor and now I’m bored.  I’ll leave them here and I think go and ask Daddy if it’s lunchtime yet…..
Daddy said it’s not lunchtime for another 2 and a half hours. So I cried. Lots.

9:00am. I’m going to go see Mummy.  Daddy said she’s having a lie in because she’s sick but she’ll want to see me.

9:05am. Mummy wasn’t overly talkative this morning.  A limp hand on my back while I’m draped over her isn’t really my idea of a cuddle.  God knows why she wasn’t all excited to see me!

10:00am. Ooooh we’re going for a walk in a little while,  Mummy just told me (she seems to be happy to talk now).  I really want to go, but decided not to let her know that, so instead I cried and said I didn’t want to go.
She told me that it was fine and I could stay home alone.
I dropped the crying really quickly and said I’d like to go-I don’t want to be on my own!

I think instead I’ll just moan while we’re out instead.

10:30am. Mummy’s been trying to get me to come up to the bedroom to get ready.  I’m busy!  This Lego won’t tip itself out and be left in the middle of the floor you know!

10:45am. Mummy said she’d take me out in my pyjamas and I’d get cold, so I’m getting changed.  And when I say I, I mean I.  I’m making her let me do it.  So here goes!

11:15am. I’ve managed both my socks and one leg, half into my trousers.  This getting dressed lark is harder than I had considered! Mummy, Daddy and my Brother are sat waiting for me.  Mummy has offered to help LOADS.  No Mummy-I can do this!!!!


11:17am. Mummy got me dressed.  She’s like some kind of ninja and I could see how much she wanted to do it so I let her.
(I did put my own shoes on though-win!).


11:25am. I’m in the car.  Only two minutes ago, I was screaming about going into the car seat-and I did a really good impression of a rigid banana!  Now I’m happily singing to the Moana soundtrack.

11:28am. I’ve just heard Mummy and Daddy say something about me being Jekyll and Hyde-not a clue what that is but I reckon it’s something lovely!

. We’re finally here. I asked constantly in the car if we were there yet-but for some reason it didn’t speed things up and everyone just seemed irritated.  Mummy gave me and my Brother lunch in the car.  I managed to talk through that too.

12:03am. I’m now walking.  Mummy brought the pushchair “just in case”.  I’ve already told her I won’t need it.  I’m going to walk everywhere!

12:05pm. Arghhhh my legs!  My little sore, tired legs!  I’m going to cry this one out.  I’m NOT going in the pushchair!

12:07pm. I’m in the pushchair.  Don’t judge me!  I was tired!  What baffles me is how Mummy knew I’d need it-i asked her.  She replied “Mummy just knows”.  Well that doesn’t explain anything!

1:00pm. I’ve had fun!  I kept making Mummy stop pushing me to get out then back in the pushchair.  They walked a lot, I didn’t!
Perfect afternoon really!  I’m also SO tired. It must’ve been all that walking!

1:05pm. Mummy said to snooze in the car.  I didn’t even want to get in the car.  I wanted to walk more.  So I cried-LOTS.  I’ll show her, I don’t want to snooze in the car.

2:30pm. What the hell!  I literally just woke up.  I fell asleep in the car and didn’t even wake up when they took me in the house.
I must’ve been really tired.  At least it was my decision to snooze-not Mummy’s.

4:00pm. I’ve had a lovely couple of hours.  All my toys are out.  I’ve barely played with them, just sat amongst them all, watching TV.
I also had a couple of rows with my Brother, and asked 28 times, when dinner is going to be.

4:02pm. Daddy just asked what I’d like for dinner.  I’ve told him I don’t want any dinner.  He said he’ll choose then.

4:30pm. Dinner is ready! It smells so good!  But I am going to assume there’s something in it I don’t like.

4:35pm. My brother is eating his dinner so they’ve probably only put something bad in mine.  I’m not eating it!

5:00pm. I’ve cried. I’m not proud of myself but they actually told me I couldn’t have pudding?! What?! Why?!

5:30pm. Oh wow-dinner and pudding were amazing.  Had to eat without everyone else though, they eat WAY too fast!

6:00pm. I’m so tired again!  What is wrong with me!  I’ve got a sneaky suspicion there WAS something bad in that dinner, and it’s making me sleepy!

6:05pm. I’ve asked Daddy when it’s bedtime.
He’s said soon. That’s not good enough! I’m exhausted! Can he not see how  tired I am?!

6:07am. I’ve cried at him again. I told him how desperate I am to go to bed-he’s still not taken me!

6:30pm. I’ve spent the last 23 minutes doing my absolute best to get Daddy to take me to bed.
He’s just said it’s bedtime.  I’m actually not that tired.  I’ll stay up I think.

6:35pm. Daddy has carried me upstairs-how demeaning!  I just wanted to stay up!!!  I’m not even tired!
I’ll show him!

6:40pm. I didn’t want to brush my teeth-I cried.

6:45pm. Daddy asked me to choose a bedtime book. I’ve managed to drag it out for 10 minutes. I’m not tired!!!!

6:50pm. I’ve got a book.  Daddy said if I took any longer I’d have to go to bed without a bedtime book.  So I’ve got one now.  I’m still not tired though!

6:57pm. The book is finished.  Daddy’s trying to convince me that it’s time for bed now.  What is wrong with him-I’M NOT TIRED!

7:00pm. I kicked the covers off twice but Daddy said he’d just leave me without them on if I didn’t settle down.  So I’m now tucked up.  I’ve told him I’m not tired again and he said that’s fine I can just lay here until I am.  As he tried to leave I remembered I needed all of my night lights on.  And my nose wiped.  And I need another wee.

7:05pm. He’s gone now. I’m going to stay awake-I’m really not tired. I’m really not tired! I’m really not ti…………


The Tale of Mummyhood


Teletubbies DVD Review

We were sent the new Teletubbies DVD from Sony to review!

As someone who actually watched Teletubbies the first time round, I couldn’t wait for my little lady to watch it too!  She’s seen it on CBeebies since the new series started, but she was so thrilled to have her own DVD of it!

Enter a caption

When I get things that the children love, to review, I always like the idea of having them review it rather than me.  So this time, that’s what we’ve done!

Olivia settled down on the big black chair to watch her DVD, then, when she’d binge watched the entire thing, and coloured the majority of the colouring book that came with it, I sat down to ask her some questions about what she just watched.

To conclude, Olivia’s favourite Teletubby is Po (the red one) because she has a scooter like Olivia.  She also loved the fact the scooter squeaked, and her favourite bit was when Dipsy went up, and down, and up and down!
She liked it when they shared the puddles to splash in, and remembered who shared with who.
She absolutely loved it, and has already asked when we can watch it again.
Additionally to that in depth review from my three year old, I would like to add some points from a parents point of view.  The DVD was really good. Highly educational, and the short, different episodes keep a small child, like Olivia, engaged and entertained without them becoming bored after a larger amount of time watching the same thing.

From the aspect of a parent who used to watch Teletubbies as a child, I’d like to add, it feels like nothing has changed, in a good way of course!  The same movements, no major changes to make it look too messed with, the same noises and character from each Teletubby, makes this a trip of nostalgia for those who watched it the first time around.

You can buy the new ..DVD from amazon HERE.


Superstitious Minds

As it’s Friday the 13th I thought it a perfect opportunity to post a blog about superstitions.

Personally, I don’t think I have any major ones, especially not ones I do, so I don’t have bad luck (I have enough of that without adding superstitions into the mix).
I don’t walk under ladders.  Not because of getting bad luck, but because I already have such bad luck I would probably end up with something (or someone) falling on me!
One thing I have always done-not because of superstition, more routine, is making a wish when I blow an eyelash off of my finger!  I’ve done it for as long as I can remember!

Because I don’t have any proper superstitions of  my own, I once again called on my lovely fellow bloggers to hear about theirs!

It turns out, saluting magpies is actually a really common one!d64538236f99c93eee407c772fb1b06e

Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders, Becky from The Family Beehive, Nicola from All Things Spliced, Siobhan from The Baby Boat Diaries, Elaine from Entertaining Elliott, Kristine from Max and Kai and Deborah from Country Heart and Home, all salute magpies!

f7fd724e143fdecdcba186b56a11cac4Additionally to their magpie saluting, Siobhan from The Baby Boat Diaries and Carly from
Mummy and the Chunks
, won’t walk across three drains in a row-and Siobhan won’t walk under ladders.


Smashing mirrors is another superstition-Carly from Mummycc9f4f90616b9e056bf9c0c9df57cfd2 and the Chunks also has this one, and crossing on the stairs seems to be a common one, shared by Deborah from Country Heart and Home and Tracey 543571610b6f0cfaa52ff028931ada49from Kidz Cruises.
Deborah also won’t cross knives-not one I’ve heard of before, or open umbrellas indoors.



Laura from Five Little Doves never puts new shoes on the table!! She said she’s so super panicky about it, especially because her children always plonk things down wherever they want to. She’s not even sure where her superstition came from but she just won’t risk it!

Alex from Better Together Home is actually really superstitious!  If she gives someone a purse or wallet she always puts money in.  She never sweeps towards the door, if she spills salt, she throws a pinch over her shoulder and she’d never have dried flowers in the house!


7eb3f3abe0caf004800b9885283de33fLaura from The DRM Project has a bit more of an odd one!  She was always told never buy or drive a green car because they’re bad luck!

Talya from Motherhood The Real Deal, has a bit of an odd one that came from her family, that when you sneeze three times in a row you then have to pull your earlobes!

On another note, Rochelle from Twinkins, stopped having superstitions, because she realised they were making her go crazy.  One that has stuck with her though, is not putting her handbag on the floor, because that meant you’d never have money!

To conclude, a little clip from The Office (US Version), sent to me while crowd sourcing for this blog, from the very “un-superstitious” Adam over at AT Tech Reviews!

Thanking everyone that helped and took part in this blog-it was once again very enlightening!



Another New Chapter


Tomorrow, little miss starts Nursery.  At the grand old age of 3 years 3 months old, she (in her words) is apparently now a grown up-enough of one, that she can go to Nursery two and a half days a week, without me.

I however, have very different ideas……

I’m known for being quite protective and close to my children, my Son, is quite the Mummy’s boy, and my Daughter is very attached to me.  And, in all honesty, I rely on them and live my life for them (possibly a tad too much).

Around a year ago, I went to do a Health and Safety course.  Within the building was a nursery, so my daughter, then 2, was offered a creche place.  

I built myself right up just to go to the course-suffering from social anxiety makes things like that very difficult to actually do, but, I sucked it up and did it.
Over the course of the first half an hour, I was called back to the creche every five minutes, where my daughter, who’d gone in and left me absolutely fine at the beginning, was crying to the point she was heaving.
I, after all I’d put myself through to get there, had to leave without completing the course.  I was so angry with her!  How dare she interrupt something wanted to do!

I called my husband, and messaged my mother-in-law.  I then cried the entire way home-great big heaving sobs, not caring who saw me.  
I didn’t stay angry at my daughter forever, I came to realise she was just too little to leave me, and she didn’t even understand what was going on.

This event though, has quite possibly scarred me for life it would seem.

Now, a year older, she’s more aware of why she needs to go to nursery, more understanding of where I’ll be, and what she’ll be doing-so I should feel like time has moved on enough for her to be able to go tomorrow.
I haven’t.

To me, she’s still too small.  To me, she’s still my baby girl-my other half during the day when her older brother is at school and her Daddy is at work.
And I hear you, asking me why I’m like this with her when I wasn’t with her brother when he went to Nursery for the first time-but I’ve thought about that long and hard too.

When he went, I was cooking her-I had her to fill my days, even before she came along!
I still had 3 years of a little mate at home with me, taking up my time and giving me a purpose.
Now however, there’s no one.  I’ll be all on my own.
How selfish of me!  Why am I only thinking of me!  It’s going to be just as odd for her older brother, when I come to get him from school two days a week without her.  It’s going to be weird for him tomorrow, when he waves his baby sister off, when he doesn’t have school to go to.
It’s going to be weird for my husband, on days where I have plans, for him to be home alone.
But it just seems harder for me.

I’m trying so hard to focus on just doing it, just getting her there and hoping she goes in OK-I can’t see into the future, so assuming she’s going to react as she did before is pointless and stupid…….and unfortunately something I continue to do on a regular basis,  for most upcoming events.

Tomorrow, begins a new chapter in all of our lives.  And yes I’m petrified.


Sometimes, though, love means letting go, even when you want to hold on just a little tighter.