Hunkemoller-Forever Pretty Perfume-Review

Ask anyone who knows me, what I own most varieties of-they’ll all say the same thing-perfume!

I’ve never been the type of girl that buys tons of shoes/bags/clothes, but I absolutely adore different scents of perfume.  Obviously I have my favourites, but I will always try new ones, and haven’t found one that I’ve disliked so far.

So when Hunkemoller sent me their ‘Forever Pretty’ perfume to review, I was a little excited. Continue reading “Hunkemoller-Forever Pretty Perfume-Review”

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Three Mobile Phone-Tech Review

I was sent a Samsung galaxy S8+ from Three, to review for a few weeks.  Before we continue, I don’t want to lead anyone into false expectations; I’m not a tech blogger, I’m a Mummy, Wife and blogger/vlogger, and I’ll base my review from those points of view rather than anything “techy”.



As some of you will know, I’m a massive Apple fan.  I own the iPhone 6+ and have owned iPhones for years.
When I received the S8+, I wondered if this beaut of a phone, had the possibility of converting me back to wanting an Android! Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8+ Three Mobile Phone-Tech Review”

Mills & Boon-Growing Old Disgracefully-Book Review

‘Growing Old Disgracefully-Ada Adverse’

Those who regularly read my book reviews, will know I’m a little in love with, not only Mills & Boon but also Ada Adverse.

An incredible writer of some of the most hilarious “self help” books, I’ve ever read, Ada has done it again, with this absolute corker of a guide to “Growing Old Disgracefully”. Continue reading “Mills & Boon-Growing Old Disgracefully-Book Review”

Beer52-Christmas Beer Box Review


This is one for beer lovers (which happens to include my husband!)

I was sent a Christmas gift crate of Beer to review by the company Beer52!

Beer52 are a monthly craft beer club company, based in Edinburgh, providing their customers with a monthly crate of beer selection from around the world.  Inside the box there is a booklet with “meet the brewers” information in, so you know where each beer has come from.  The monthly plans you can choose from are; £24 for 8 beers or £29 for 10 beers on a monthly plan billed every 28 days.  You could also save money by paying for 3, 6 or 12 month memberships and get them from as little as £21 per month!

Inside the box, as well as the beers you also get the latest edition of Ferment Magazine, the UK’s number one craft beer magazine and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, you also get one delicious beer snack to enjoy with your beers!  If you stay with Beer52 for over 3 months, they will also send you some gifts as rewards!


My box arrived last weekend and inside there were 7 bottles and 1 can of beer.

Now, we’re not massive alcohol drinkers, so it has taken us a little while to taste each one (its a hard job but someones gotta do it!).


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I knew I’d have a favourite! (Or favourites in this case!) Mikkeller and Wiper and True were definitely the tastiest, much fruitier than the others, and as I usually drink fruit ciders, I think I knew these had a strong possibility of being lovely!

The lovely people over at Beer52, have given me a £10 off discount code just for my readers!  The code is MAYFLOWER10 so head over to Beer52 now to use the code and enjoy a lovely crate of beer, just in time for Christmas.  You can gift boxes of Beer, and monthly subscriptions for people too-so even more perfect for Christmas-and with the £10 discount code you can save some pennies too!


Free yourself from big beer brand slavery.
Drink the freshest beer.
Send your tastebuds on the ultimate craft beer road trip.



Yesterday, as I was flicking through my Twitter feed, the picture that a lot of people have now seen, of the deceased child, Aylan Kurdi from Syria, came up.  His lifeless body washed ashore, next to the popular tourist beach of Bodrum in Turkey.

This is Aylan and his brother Galip, who also died after the dinghy they were on, after fleeing their country, sank before it got to Greece. Their mother, Rehan also died along with up to 12 others, also on the dinghy. 

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. 

As a mother of a 5 and nearly 2 year old, that photo hit me hard.  I personally think, whether you have children or not, that photo had to have affected every single person who saw it, in some way.

Today, my news feed on Facebook, is full of newspaper articles, advertisements for charities to help, and posts from people in groups I’m in, giving their opinion on the latest news.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest, and say, I can’t work out where I stand on the entire situation.  There’s no denying the fact I’m heartbroken for the families who have been forced to flee their country.  There’s also no denying the fact I think they need help and refuge, I just can’t see how we can help because no one is telling us how we can!

David Cameron has said “We’re doing enough.”  A senior UN official said “We could do more.”

On Wednesday Mr Cameron said taking more people in wasn’t the answer, and he says we’re doing enough, but exactly what are we doing to help?  If enough was being done, this wouldn’t be happening.

Aid is no longer helping them (the aid that gets to them anyway), these people need homes, stability, care and kindness.  Is there a way of us as a country giving them that, surely we could do that?  

Something needs to be done, because those photos of dead children are unacceptable.  Not because they’ve been shown-on the contrary, I think they NEED to be shown! It provokes help from people seeing the pictures, it keeps this crisis fresh in our minds. 

It’s unacceptable because this shouldn’t be happening.