Reroom-Interior Design-Mermaid & Space accessories

Recently, I received a press release from a company called Reroom.  I always have a little mooch on the press releases, but never really respond to interior design/home interior releases, because I haven’t really covered that kind of genre on my website before.

It occured to me however, that before I wrote about most of the topics I cover, I hadn’t written about them before-each genre and subject has to start somewhere, and I realised Reroom were the perfect company to start with.

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Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Fever-I’ve Got it, Have You?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know that in less than a week’s time, Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle.

Those of you  that know me, will know that aside from Prince Louis being born, this is the highlight of the year for me-something I’ve not only had pencilled in my diary since the date was confirmed, but that has been permanent marker-ed in there since it was confirmed.

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The Day I Realised I’m Not Ready To Be Alone

A couple of weeks ago,  saw the panicked posts and messages between anxious parents, waiting on their child’s school admission emails.

I was one of those parents-eagerly awaiting an email to tell me my Daughter had got into our only choice school-her Brother’s current school.  We kind of knew it was a done deal, but as the minutes/hours ticked by, doubt crept in-what if we were really that unlucky and we didn’t get her in! Continue reading


Superhuman Super Parents-All For One and One For All

You guys know me by now-you know I’m all for female solidarity-girls and women being there for each other, in a world that is unfortunately still dominated by the opposite sex.

However, I’m also very much into advocating parental solidarity-parents being there for other parents-without judgement, bringing only positivity, advice, help and, well, just being there for each other (regardless of sex). Continue reading