Wally The Washer

Wally The Washer from Drumond Park!

You know it’s getting to ‘that’ time of the year, when I start giving you reviews of games for the kids!  Every year I make sure the children get a new game each-and I don’t mean a computer/tech game-I mean a ‘proper’ game the whole family can get involved with!
This year, I was sent two awesome table top games, from Drumond Park (you may remember me reviewing a couple of their games last year too!)
This review is for Wally The Washer-a table top game for ages 4+!

Wally The Washer

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Do You Have a Lifelong Dream? Mayflower Blogs

A little while ago I was speaking to a fellow blogger regarding how hard the whole Blog Job situation is…..emails are quiet-no one is getting work, and we got to chatting about what we’d really love to do-if money/home life/lifestyle situation was no issue.

Mine?  I’d absolutely love to open my own florists!  I love floristry and flowers, and it’s just the most perfect dream I could ever have-however, I’m never going to be able to do it!

I asked some of my blogger friends if they had a dream to do something in life that they couldn’t envisage actually happening…..

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Mum's Birthday

Mum’s Birthday Gift Guide – Mayflower Blogs

July is so ridiculously busy with Birthdays filling the majority of the month.  I’m usually a dab hand at choosing gifts, but I’m starting to have less and less time to find unique gifts, and I know others are too.
I decided to help you all (and myself), by putting together a handy gift guide with some fab idea for your Mum/Mother In Law/Step Mum etc….

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A letter to my Daughter’s nursery-on her last week.

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
Franklin D.Roosevelt.


Dear Nursery,

18 months ago, our three year old wandered into a whole new world-a world filled with bigger children, new grown ups, so many activities, and the unknown.

18 months ago, that three year old tentatively let go of my hand and took hold of another grown up’s.


18 months on, and here we are-our last week with you.  I saw “our” because really, you’ve become as much of a welcome place for me, as you have for her-it’s almost like coming to a safe place every other day when I drop her in.

I know you all tell me how much she’s changed and how you can’t believe it’s been so long since she started-but I wonder how much you actually really see of the change in her.
We all know she’s always been confident and willing to learn-but when starting something new, or doing something as big as starting nursery, you expect those qualities to disappear for a little while.  If anything, she’s more confident and more willing to learn, but you’ve also added some special parts of her personality we hadn’t seen before.

You taught her everything she needed to start the rest of her life-her manners, her attitude (although I still attend parent/keyworker meetings confused as to the little girl you explain never gets in trouble or acts up!)

You all know her, she’s funny, she’s a character-but she’s even more than that now.  You’ve brought out the full force of her personality-and we couldn’t thank you more for that.

For 18 months you’ve kept her safe, you’ve never let any harm come to her, and you’ve cared for her as if she was your own child.  I didn’t think anyone could love her as much as you all do, but you have often told me how much you think of her, and how much you’re going to miss her.

Honestly, I’m not scared about her starting big school, I’m not even too fussed about her growing up as quickly as these years seem to go by.
I’m scared of how unbelievably sad I’m going to be when next week comes….

I don’t ever want you to leave her life-and I know some of you won’t, because we’ll see you around-but it’s almost like you should always be there, because I worry who she’ll become without you!

She’ll never ever forget you-I won’t let her.  How could any of us forget the people that shaped her into the amazing little person she now is?

This week is going to be the hardest time for all of us, and I didn’t want to leave without letting you know how much you all mean to us-because lets face it, I’m about to spend the next week being a complete wreck-probably unable to form words!

You do though, you mean so so much to Olivia, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Whenever you see her photos, whenever you hear of her achievements at big school, or her first day pictures in her new uniform, remind yourselves that you had a massively important role to play in getting her there-and that you absolutely smashed it.

nurseryThank you