Superhuman Super Parents-All For One and One For All

You guys know me by now-you know I’m all for female solidarity-girls and women being there for each other, in a world that is unfortunately still dominated by the opposite sex.

However, I’m also very much into advocating parental solidarity-parents being there for other parents-without judgement, bringing only positivity, advice, help and, well, just being there for each other (regardless of sex). Continue reading


Caidr-Self help advice at your fingertips

Is it only me that worries when their child is unwell, not only about what they could have and how I could help, but also about wasting doctors time!

I’m such a worry wort, I concern myself that if I keep going to the doctors surgery, they’ll start to think I’m crazy and not take anything seriously!

I’m always Googling (I know I shouldn’t), so when I found out about Caidr, a new app which enables you to check symptoms, Google took a back seat!

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