one year

One Year….Changing Schools and Changing Lives

Some of you may already know the story (or some of it), of why and how we ended up moving Kye, mid-term from his last school to his current one.
Most however, don’t know the full story, and I have rarely told it.
I couldn’t tell you what stopped me really-I think it was a mixture of things; not wanting to rock the boat; I know people who’s children still attend the previous school-and I know there’s a loyalty there.  I also think a lot of my reasoning, was sheer stubbornness-I didn’t think I needed to share our reasons for changing something so huge in our Son’s life, because we knew we were doing the right thing for him-and no explanation was needed for that. Continue reading

Coming off of the contraceptive pill after 13 years

So, most of you know already that my Husband and I decided that two children was enough for us-especially after losing three babies between our two children.  Aside from the fact, I personally just couldn’t deal with the grieving and heartache that miscarriage brings with it physically and mentally, our second child wasn’t as easy going as our first, and we knew two was plenty with chalk and cheesE as our kids!

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Don’t Mistake My “Confidence” for Confidence


noun: confidence
definition: a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.
self-assuranceself-confidenceself-reliance, belief in oneself, faith in oneself, positiveness, assertivenessself-possessionnervepoiseaplomb, presence of mind, level-headedness, cool-headednessfirmnesscourageboldnessmettlefortitude

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Botley – The Coding Robot – From Learning Resources

I’m starting to think I’m a little addicted to the Learning Resources online shop at the moment-especially for home education learning activities and products for my children.  I don’t home educate-they both attend nursery and school-but I like to co-educate I suppose you’d call it, by teaching them things they learn at school at home too!

One of the subjects I haven’t done much of yet, is coding-my Son who is 8, has done a fair bit, but my daughter had zero idea of what it even was.

We were super lucky to receive Botley-a coding robot from the lovelies at Learning Resources, which has enabled me to not only teach my son further coding tricks, but has also allowed him to teach his little sister how to do it!

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