The Day You Were Born-For My Boy, On His 8th Birthday


Last september, i wrote about miss olivia’s birth story, on her 4th birthday, after realising I’d never told it before.  i’ve also never told kye’s!

this not-so-little guy, doesn’t realise it now, but he’s the reason i’m who i am today-he was my reason to get up, to carry on, when the going got seriously tough.

SO HERE YOU ARE my gorgeous boy-here’s the story of you, and it begins in 2009……

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The Story Of Us-On My Husband’s Birthday

Today is the 28th of January-which is also known as my Husband’s Birthday-his 32nd this year!

When prepping my work for this month, and getting his presents and Birthday plans sorted, I realised I’ve never used my website to tell the story of us (me and Hubs, not you and I dear reader).

So, what better day to tell it, than on the day we celebrate another year of his life!

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