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This is by far one of the easiest blogs I think I’ve ever written, and will probably ever write.

It is a blog filled with different messages-those of hope, sadness, disbelief, anger, thanks and fellowship.

For months (possibly years), I’ve been blogging about my experiences of baby loss, trying to raise awareness for recurrent miscarriages and mental health issues surrounding and following on from losing a baby.

Most of the blogs I write, highlight two major mental health issues, incidentally, two I suffer from-anxiety and depression.  But these issues stem from one other diagnosis I have also been given, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

So much time was spent, blogging about this subject, and never hearing about similar stories.
This year though, that all changed-other people came forward to describe the same situations as mine-people messaged me thanking me for highlighting a condition, they’d never have thought of themselves having before.

Today, PTSD has been recognised by so many people as a issue now suffered by more than is acceptable.  A lack of aftercare following early pregnancy losses, has shown to magnify mental health issues.

I am saddened, by the amount of mothers who have commented with similar stories to mine-those of hopelessness, loneliness and defeat.

Women and their families who felt like they were alone in what they were going through, because the people who were supposed to help them, didn’t.

Women who felt like they, like me, were losing the person they used to be, taken over by fear, anxiety, depression, and sadness.

Families who had lost so many babies, but hadn’t been told why they’d lost so many, it had become the “new normal” in their lives.

Families who are currently going through a miscarriage, who are concerned that there is no help, no one to turn to, and have been told “it’s just something that happens”.

To all of you, I just want to say, you’re never alone.  I would message every single one of you if I could, all day, every day, comforting you and helping you feel like you have someone.  I want you to get the help and aftercare you not only need, but deserve.  You’ve lost a baby, your baby-that doesn’t “just happen” and it isn’t something you’ll “get over”.  You need to speak with people that can help-you need correct aftercare that is going to help you understand why what’s happened, has happened.

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Things have to change, this has never been acceptable, and will no longer be accepted by those of us who’ve lost babies.

The “thanks” I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, is for those who have messaged me thanking me for my honesty and braveness when writing about my experiences. Others have thanked me for making them feel less alone, and giving them the fight to go and get help.  This is why I blog-so these messages mean more to me than you can imagine.

Further thanks, go to those who continuously support me, and my need to raise awareness of recurrent miscarriage and mental health following miscarriages.
This subject is something so super close to my heart-I’d move heaven and high water to change everything about it.  The stigma attached to talking about it, the process you go through during a miscarriage, the aftercare (or lack of it in mine and so many others cases)-just everything.

The support from those who message me, those who comment on my posts, friends and family who continuously help me through the bad days-those are also the people I’m thankful for.
The continuous support shown to me from Tommy’s, is also something I am truly grateful for-and I will continue to support them in their campaigns as they have supported me through mine.


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