Miscarriage Awareness

Recently I’ve been involved in a series of blogs to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Day which falls on the 10th of October. 
Most of my issues since having my 3 miscarriages have been because I didn’t deal with my grief, or come to terms with what happened to me, and my husband, when it happened. This resulted in anxiety and depression hitch I’ve also blogged about on numerous occasions. 

The 9th – the 15th of October is Miscarriage and Baby Loss Awareness. 

Grief is such an important process in any loss, but when it’s the loss of a baby, no matter howfar along the pregnancy, and whatever the circumstances, it’s seems doubly important to deal with your feelings. 

Today, I’d like to share with you a video from an amazingly brave, honest lady, Natalie Fitzpatrick. 

Natalie made a video to explain what happened to her, to outline the statistics for people who’ve had miscarriages, and to try and stop the “taboo” attached to speaking about miscarriage. 


She tells of the “1 in 100”. These are women who’ve had 3 or more miscarriages- also known as “recurrent” miscarriages. 


I’m one of these women. I’m a 1 in 100 woman.

Please watch the video, please share it with your friends, share with anyone you know who has gone through a miscarriage, or someone who’s going through one right now.  This video, is honest, brave, and relatable and it’s important that the message is spread. Click here to see Natalie’s video.

Natalie also writes a blog, which you can find by clicking here. And she’s on Instagram-Her username is motherhood_calls.

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To see my main miscarriage blog I wrote back in August, please click here.


**All photos are stills from Natalie’s Video and are her property. She has given me permission to use her video in my blog. 

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