Blogtober ~ What Did I Learn?


As we approach the end of October, and I get back into the swing of normal, natural blogging, I felt it necessary to explain what happened this month-blog posts and no blog posts, a blog a day, then no blogs for a few days.

I began October, with a list-31 prompts, for the 31 days of October.  I was ready-I had already written a weeks worth before October had even arrived.  I got into the swing of taking a prompt and writing something unique-something that almost didn’t fit the common theme.


A week and a half in however, I was looking forward to the half way point-not so I could celebrate making it that far, but mainly because I knew it wouldn’t take long for it to be over once that mid-month part was over.

I was busy with personal and review blogs, so some days I’d have three blogs going up on the website.  Not one to complain (especially as my stats/views were booming) I didn’t see an issue with it, but it eventually took its toll.

After writing in advance a few days ahead at this point, I began noticing the boredom I faced while creating new blogs.  Where the earlier prompts had unearthed content that was true and meaningful to me, there were now prompts where I was having to pull information out of the depths of my mind-they didn’t mean anything to me, and it was more of a chore to get the blogs ready and scheduled than it ever had been before.

I discussed my feelings with my best blogger friend Clare from Neon Rainbow Blog, and we both agreed that we felt the same.  At the time neither of us were sure whether we were going to continue or not.

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It wasn’t until I fell poorly, and ended up having to write a quick post for the following days prompts the night before, I truly realised how this wasn’t for me.

Sure I can get a blog a day up, but it will be my own blog, my own theme-something I want to write and share.

Mainly, I always promised myself I’d do this job until it became a bore or a chore.  And I wasn’t ready to stop-so I knew I needed to stop Blogtober.

I asked more of my blogger friends how they felt about it all-and I was surprised to see the majority really don’t enjoy it-they actually said that the randomness of it all is boring, and it feels forced-something that I felt while taking part.

I know I made the right decision to stop-and I definitely won’t be taking part in another one next year.  I love what I do, and I want to continue loving it.  If that means not being part of this particular crowd from now on, then that’s just how it is.

Blogtober, you were memorable-you just weren’t for me!


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