#Blogtober17 ~ Day 13 ~ Movies

Today is Day 13 of Blogtober 2017, and the theme is Movies!

I’m so excited about this one-mainly so I can ramble on about my favourites!


*I’ll just mention now, these aren’t in order of favourite to least favourite-as that’s an impossible task!  Also, they’re very random!

MoviesHarry Potter-All of them-I’m a serious HP geek.  Since having Kye, that geekiness has been passed on to him-and now it’s something we share together, often having Harry Potter marathons with big bowls of popcorn.

Beauty and the Beast
-The first Disney film I fell truly in love with and, even at the grand old age of 31, still know every single word to.
I also still class it as mine and my Nan’s film, as she loved is just as much as I did-and when the new version came out this year, I also knew she’d have been as concerned as I was about whether it would do the original justice.  I loved it-almost as much as the original, and I know she would’ve agreed.
I’m even luckier, not only to have shared it with her, but to now share it with my daughter-our princess.


High School Musical-I’m just going to tuck this one in here, and hope you all skim over it, and don’t judge me.  I just love these films-I always have since the day they came out.  Give me a romantic comedy musical and I’m there.  (I may also have had a soft spot on Zac Efron-I may still have one.)

The Sweetest Thing-I’m always surprised as to how many people have not only seen this chick flick, but also who love it as much as I do!  It’s the cheesiest, cringiest film, but I can’t get enough of it-and probably watch it once a month!

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Jack & Sarah-This is one of those films that I can’t bear to watch because it tears my heart out every single time I watch it, but that I also can’t stop watching because I love it SO much!  The music, the story, the romance, the comedy-it’s got everything-even a cute baby!!!

The Holiday-CHRISTMAAAAAAS!  I have a rule during the year, where I don’t allow anyone in the house to watch Christmas films until the 1st of December.  Little do my babies know, but I watch this movie often (and Christmas episodes of TV Programmes)-and what’s more, I don’t feel guilty!  Oh Jude Law-those eyes, that smile….perfection!

Hairspray-“You can’t stop the beeeeat”. The music in this brightens the darkest of days for me-I even have them on my iMusic playlist.  I’ll just mention Zac Efron once again-and that wink (seriously…) but also I love the message the movie gives.  I watched it with my seven year old-who picked up on the racial segregation and how wrong it was-a message that any person of any age needs to understand.

Marvel Movies-There are too many to mention, but I love them all!


Were your favourites movies on this list?  If not, what are your favourites?  Let me know!


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4 thoughts on “#Blogtober17 ~ Day 13 ~ Movies

  1. Maria - wrexhammama says:

    Some great films listed their, i love the holiday, in fact i love quite a lot Christmas films especially the ones you watch in the run up to xmas, im a suchker for watching the Grinch and a christmas carol in like November xD

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