Old Photos

#Blogtober17 ~ Day 15 ~ Old Photos


Today is day 15 of Blogtober 2017, and the theme is ‘Old Photos’.


Old photos are obviously very important to everyone-including me.

I often find myself hunting through old photos of me, that my parents took, in order to see a possible resemblance between me and the children.

Old Photos

I also like judging the hideous monstrosities my parents used to dress me in-I think they actually might have hated me a little to have dressed me in some of them!

Old Photos


Additionally, I love looking back at the kids baby pictures-even Olivia’s last 4 years seem so long ago-so don’t even get me started on Kye’s last 7 years!


Memories are held in photos-memories I struggle to find sometimes without picture prompts.


I’m also a little bit of a photo geek-I love looking at old photos of my town and the area we’ve lived in, to see what it was like years ago.  Our town was pretty heavily bombed during the second world war-and I walk past houses now, that I’ve seen in bombing pictures, and get goosebumps imagining how it would’ve felt way back then.

Old Photos

Photo Credit: http://www.stlukesramsgate.org/history-of-st-lukes


In the digital age we now live in, actual photos-those you can hold and feel, aren’t seen as often-but all are important to how we remember times in our lives, and, in my case, just to plainly laugh at the mullet and thighs I sported as a toddler.

I’ll never stop taking photos-I’ll be capturing memories my whole life.

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