#Blogtober17 ~ Day 3 ~ Car

Today is Day 3 of Blogtober 2017-and the theme is….CAR!


This one could’ve been a tricky one to write about-I don’t drive, and to be honest, I don’t particularly like cars!

Let me explain more…..

To me, as a passenger and non-driver, getting into a car isn’t fun.  I don’t know much about how things work in them, I don’t like other people who drive, I don’t like the danger, cars pose to my children-who I work tirelessly to keep safe every single day!


As a Passenger

I have terrible passenger road rage-it’s a thing-along with pedestrian road rage-I wrote about it here!

I grip the seat/dashboard/door, tightly a lot of the time-or look at my phone in an attempt not to freak out too often, as I know it irritates my husband a lot!

I get cross at those who don’t indicate, those who brake suddenly (often for no reason), those who don’t say thank you when you let them go, and pretty much everyone else.


The reason, I’m always the passenger, and have never had a driving lesson in my life, is because I suffer with Generalised Anxiety Disorder-which unfortunately enough, flares up, the minute I even think about getting behind the wheel of a car.
Also unfortunately, I don’t think my feelings will ever change-so I’m bound to passenger/public transport life for the foreseeable future.


But how do they work?

So often as I was growing up, I would be told that cars are safe places-especially in a thunder storm!
I get that in some situations this is true-but in all honesty, I just see them as death traps.

They’re effectively, pieces of metal, that run alongside metal, on wheels.  This is not safe.

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There are gages, all over the dashboard, most of which I’ve no clue on what they do or are saying to the driver.

We’re supposed to trust electric windows to never break-something I can see happening, probably during a thunder storm-so not as safe as I was led to believe as a child…..

Wheels pop-need I say more.

I just don’t trust them very much-and I think my logic is valid!


Other people in cars

3C’mon now, how do some people manage to pass their tests?  Some can’t park.  Some can’t find the indicator (yep I’m on about that again).  Some can’t even change gear without stalling.

Some are just idiots.

Most of my road rage, and fear of dangerous cars (from a passenger point of view of course) comes from watching others put my family in danger because of their careless driving.

I think I would be more likely to want to drive, and reduce my anxieties surrounding cars and driving, if there were literally no other cars on the road.  I don’t personally think this is a big ask-just clear the roads for me please!


So there you have it-my view on our four-wheeled friends (not my friends obviously).

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