#Blogtober17 ~ Day 4 ~ Date

Today is day 4 of Blogtober 2017!  The theme today is Date!

I deliberated over and over about which kind of date I was going to write about-the word is super vague when you think about it.  I had pretty much decided on writing about the dating scene-how it was when I was in it, and how it would be now…..

….In the end however, I decided to write about important dates to me-dates of things I treasure the most-because those are more important than the other kind!

*These are in chronological order-not favourite order-just in case anyone mentioned ends up reading this and wonders why they’re not closer to the top of the list!*


28th March 2005

Mine and my now Husbands, first date.  We’d known each other for 12 years prior to this-bumping into each other during nights out-and I’d walk past him on my way home from town, and had always liked him since we attended school together.

He’d dated all of my friends pretty much-and then he dated me.  We went into town and out for the evening-and, except for a couple of hiccups further along our relationship, we were inseparable from then on!

If you’d told me then, I’d be married to him, and have two children with him-I probably would’ve laughed in your face!

6th October 2007

The day Keiron asked me to marry him.  We were on holiday in Ibiza (the quiet part), with his parents and Brother, and we’d agreed to go and get each other a little present.  I took his brother with me, and chose this beautiful watch-I actually said “he’ll never beat this!”

That evening, before we headed down to meet his family for dinner, Keiron got down on one wobbly knee, and proposed.  It was perfect-just us, on holiday, in our room, and I spent the rest of the week in my little bubble-excited that I was finally getting my happy ever after.



29th May 2009

DateThe day I found out I was pregnant with our first child.  A little bit of awkward timing, as we were 9 weeks away from getting married-but still thrilled at the prospect of starting married life off, growing a little baby.


1st August 2009

DateOur wedding day. It rained, hard-and someone stood on my train as I got out of my wedding car.  But I didn’t care-just as I didn’t care about anything else that went less than OK that day.

Morning/All day sickness, held off, I danced with my family and friends until I couldn’t stand straight, our first dance was perfect, and I remember every single part of it.

We’re now planning our wedding renewal, for 2019, as we’ll have been married for 10 years.


7th February 2010

The day we welcomed our son into the world.  At 10 to 10 in the evening, on the 7th of February, all 9lb 3oz of our son joined our family.  Kye George Peter Willson-Kye, meaning ‘strong warrior’, George and Peter after two of the best men, myself and my husband have ever known-our Grandads.

He was and still is the light of our lives-not a day goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars, he came along when he did-we didn’t realise it when the shock of falling pregnant happened 9 weeks before our wedding, but he came at the most perfect time.

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25th September 2010 & 26th October 2010

DateThe day we found out we were expecting our second baby-and the day we lost our second baby. We’d chosen a pushchair, we’d told lots of people, and we were excited.  But fate chose a different path-and the 26th of October was when 2 years of heartache began for us.


29th August & 1st September 2012

DateThe day we found out we found out we were pregnant again, and the second time we lost a baby.  This time I knew-I knew it was coming.  I was as ready for the heartache as I could be.  There wasn’t time for planning pushchairs and telling people-within three days of a positive pregnancy test-there was another loss.


4th September & 7th September 2012

DateAnother positive pregnancy test and another loss.  I was done trying.  My heart had been broken too many times-and I resided myself to the fact there would be no more babies.  I did accept tests to help me find out why I had suffered what was now medically known as “recurrent miscarriages”-and a month after this miscarriage, had tests to see if my blood was clotting properly.  The test came back inconclusive, and I never had anymore……


22nd January 2013

Another positive pregnancy test-this one we didn’t get excited about either. It turns out, this positive pregnancy test, and this pregnancy-our 5th one-was our lucky one-our rainbow after all of our storms.  6 months of morning/all day sickness, all leading up to one more special date in our lives.



27th September 2013

DateOn this day, a little over four years ago-Miss Olivia-May Barbara Willson (Olivia was my choice, it’s a name I’ve always loved.  We chose to double barrel it with my Nan’s name, and Barbara was Keirons Nans name) came and shone a bright light into our lives.  Weighing .5 of an ounce less than her brother-she was definitely the most colourful of our two children-living up to her “Rainbow Baby” status.


6th October 2016

The day Mayflower Blogs was born. I’d blogged for a while, but this was the day I bought my domain and set up my own website.  Ironically it matches the date me and Keiron got engaged-fate again?  I’ve almost been blogging full time for a year now-and I still love doing something I love and am good at, as much as I did the day I started.




The dates that follow these, are ones I can’t write about yet-I’ve no idea where we’ll end up or what we’ll do along the way.

All dates, including those not mentioned, hold truly special places in my heart.  They’re reminders not only of day’s I’m grateful for, but for moments and events that have shaped me into the person I am today-regardless of the negative or positive.


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  1. Rachel says:

    I love this take on the ‘date’ theme! Although sad to see that so many of these dates hold painful memories for you. That’s not something I would wish on anyone x

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