#Blogtober17 ~ Day 5 ~ Education

Today is day 5 of Blogtober 2017!  The theme today is…..Education!


Education is actually something that is not only important to me now I have children, but also something that has always been prominent and important, my whole life.

My Education

I attended a primary school from the ages of 5-11, and equally hated it as much as I loved it.  I was bullied from the age of 7, right until I left secondary school at 16.  However, I absolutely loved learning (probably half the reason I got bullied).  I wanted to know everything about everything, and my brain was a little sponge when I was taught new things.
Entering an all girls secondary school-my thirst for learning never stopped-even when the bullying hit an all time high.  The only time I wanted to stop learning was when I left school, and didn’t go straight into a college course as most of my fellow students had, I needed a break from that environment.



When I’d had my children, I knew I wanted them to want to learn like I did-and be as into their education as they wanted to be-without fear of being picked on for that!


My Son’s School

The primary school I attended is still around now-and at the time of choosing my Son’s school, it would’ve been the most convenient in it’s location for us-being as I don’t drive and Keiron works full time.
However, the school hadn’t improved over time, and I unfortunately still had a chip on my shoulder for their lack of care during my horrible time there.

Instead, we chose a school half an hour away-and, after visiting it with Kye, and seeing how much he loved it-we were happy to send him there.

The first year went as smoothly as it could’ve done-he was at the top of his class for everything-reading at a level the next year up were at.  The only niggle I had was that he was being held back, because of his young age, to wait for fellow pupils to catch up.

When he entered the second year-the most amazing teacher he then had leading his education, pushed him further and further-making sure he was never held back.  He was at the happiest I’d ever seen him-loving learning and making great friends.

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The third year didn’t start too bad-but as the months went on, we began losing our happy, confident, enthusiastic little boy.  The work was harder and full on-but we knew he would cope with that.  It wasn’t until two months before the end of term-and a month after he’d been accepted into the neighbouring junior school, that his behaviour at home-which had always been amazing-took a massive turn.
After a few weeks of it, and a particularly horrendous tantrum, the truth came out.

During a test-grading the teachers on their teaching, more than the children on their levels-his then teacher was walking around the pupils checking their answers as they worked.  At the end, he and a fellow student were made to stand up, where they were told by the teacher that “they should be embarrassed about their efforts”.
Because this had happened weeks before, I couldn’t march in there and start shouting the odds.

Instead, I spent my time applying to move him mid-term, to the best primary school in our area-not telling anyone our plans, in case someone tried to stop it happening.

EducationWithin two weeks and a half term, he’d been accepted-and took the transition incredibly.  From the day he began, we slowly began seeing our son turn back into the happy little man we hoped we’d see again!

I know there are people who disagree or don’t understand our choice to move him-especially those at his old school-staff and fellow parents.  In fairness, I’ve not really told that above story before, not feeling it was anyone else’s business but ours.

The reason I’m telling it now, is to outline how important I don’t just feel education is for all children-but also for how important care of the children in the education system is.
I still love learning-and I hope both of my children-Olivia included when she hopefully joins her Brother at his amazing school next September-continue to love it too.


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