#Blogtober17 ~ Day 6 ~ Flowers

Today is day 6 of Blogtober 2017, and the theme is Flowers!


I don’t have a favourite flower-I often think this is weird, because everyone seems to have a favourite.  I love them all-all colours, styles, types-you name them, I love them.

I also love it when people bring me flowers (hint hint hubs, it’s been a while…).

However (yep there’s a however-there’s always a however), I do have some issues with flowers.

The Cost

I don’t know enough about where certain flowers have to be bought from to make a precise argument here-but really, why are flowers so expensive?  What are we actually paying for when we pick up a bunch of sunflowers from a florist, and they’re priced per stem?

When you’re buying funeral flowers, or wedding flowers-are we paying more because they’re harder to arrange?  OR is it because we’ve added the words ‘funeral’ or ‘wedding’ onto the description?

FlowersAnd do not get me started on Valentines Day flowers-when bouquets you’re sure you saw in the shop window last week, have now had a wooden stick with a glittery heart added, and £20 onto the price.

Even as a recipient of the occasional bouquet, I still question how much they cost-and, as you’ll see by my next issue, worry they’re not worth the money, especially once they’ve entered my house…..


Keeping them alive.

I kill every plant/flower that enters my house.  No joke-they just die.  I change the water too much, or too little, the temperature of my house isn’t right, the flowers don’t like the window/don’t like being away from a window-whatever the reason, they die.

FlowersI bought my step mum an orchid for Mothers Day in 2016!  She still has it now.  Genuinely-it’s not a stick in some mud, wilting and being kept because of sentimentality, or on its last legs-it’s a flowering orchid still, and what’s more-it has more flowers now than it did when I first bought it.  And it cost me £10-which, at the time I thought was pretty expensive.

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The Stench Scent

Why do some flowers have glorious heavenly scents-like they were sprayed with Febreeze (not an ad) before they were given to you, but others smell like horse shit?

Not straight away, but after a few days, when you’ve kind of forgotten you’ve even got them (that’s probably why mine die so often).  You walk into a room, and think jeeeeeeze, what is that smell?  Wandering around the house, sniffing the dishwasher, the bin, the carpet, and you just can’t place it-then you realise-it’s coming from the flowers.  You can change the water, move them, spray them with Febreeze (still not an ad), but they still smell like something has died in your house (and it’s not even the flowers that have died……yet).

There’s no telling which flowers are going to bloom into beautifully scented delights, and which are going to stink the house out like an uncollected food waste bin!


So, you basically have to spend a lot of money, on something that may die within a day, or that may stink to high heaven… can you see why I have  some reservations about flowers?



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