#Blogtober17 ~ Day 7 ~ Goals

Today is day 7 of Blogtober 2017!  The theme today is ‘Goals’.


Obviously I could’ve got the football loving husband involved, and asked him about his all time favourite goals, scored since he’s been watching the big game….  However, I decided not to bore you all to tears with that-and instead, discuss my idea of goals, not just as a blogger, but also with regards to all aspects of my life.


As a Blogger

GoalsGoals as a blogger is something that I think is really important to be successful in a really competitive working world.

Each day, I set myself a few goals that I must complete before the day is over.  I’m really careful to make these goals achievable-there’s nothing worse than setting yourself unrealistic goals, then becoming downhearted when you don’t succeed in meeting them.


As a Mum/Wife/Homemaker

GoalsAdditionally, there are goals set for my home life too.  Each week I split my one-day-view diary pages into two halves-the upper half focusing on what we have going on at home/school/nursery/work, and the goals I set for housework etc, and the lower half focusing on blogging/emailing etc, and the goals I set for that.

What I always make sure I do, is prioritise the tasks I enter-and I always make sure home items are done before work-there’s nothing more important than running my house and making sure the children have stability and routine.



GoalsObviously during the day to day events and schedules, I set goals that I want done within the same day.

But as a blogger, I also make monthly and yearly goals, that I hope I can achieve.

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For example, I hope for a certain number of followers on my social media platforms, a specific visitor count, and natural job progression.
The difference between these kinds of goals, and the ones I set daily, are that I can’t 100% be sure I’ll achieve these goals-and have to make sure I remember that if I fall short of them.


Ultimately, as long as I’m not overwhelming myself, and am setting achievable goals, which make me feel good as I meet them, then I’m happy-and that keeps me motivated to continue writing and working as a blogger-as well as being organised with my home life.

As close to a “perfect” home/work balance as I can get.


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One thought on “#Blogtober17 ~ Day 7 ~ Goals

  1. Debbie says:

    I also set goals in my daily planner for my blog, home and family and so far it has been working pretty well.

    I’m hoping to get a little more focused for next year and set myself so pretty big goals so fingers crossed I can find the motivation to keep going.

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