#Blogtober17 ~ Day 8 ~ Holidays


Today is Day 8 of Blogtober 2017, and the theme is Holidays!


I’d love to be one of those people that can list tons of destinations, with memories and bucket list items ticked off.  Unfortunately, that won’t be happening on this blog-I’ve barely left the UK-but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to!


Where have I been?

HolidaysIn a short round-up list, I have been to the following;

Sidari, Corfu;  My first family holiday abroad with my Dad, Step-Mum, Sister and Brother-this holiday was eventful!  I learned to swim (at 16 I may add), my Step-Mum broke the ‘don’t run around the pool’ rule and broke her arm, resulting in a trek across the island in a strangers car to the closest hospital.  We made friends, ate lots, I sang karaoke, and had a cheeky alcoholic drink.

Ibiza;  I mentioned this in my Date blog the other day-this is the first holiday I had with Keiron, and this is where he proposed!  The location wasn’t bad-but it wasn’t amazing either.  I soon realised, especially on looking back now, that Ibiza, regardless of the area you go, really isn’t as great as if you were going for the clubbing, and other things Ibiza is famous for.  I regret not going to Cafe Mambo and watching the sunset-and we did kind of waste the holiday lazing around the pool!

Disneyland, Paris;  This counts as a holiday yeah?  We went to Disney for a few days, prior to having the children.  It was as magical as I’d imagined it would be.  I have the best memories of this time away-before the craziness of wedding planning, and babies entered our world-we were carefree and happy (not that we’re not happy now obviously), and I didn’t care about how I looked, what people thought of me, or how childish I came across when meeting Disney characters.
I just wish we could take our babies there now.

Alcudia, Majorca;  By far one of the best holidays we ever had-we went with my husbands Parents, Brother and Friend, and it was brilliant.  Even factoring in a water retention infection I ended up with in my forehead, and the fact that I had to stay out of the sun for 48 hours.  The food, the drink, the entertainment, the location, the views-you name it, it was incredible.  We’ve actually said it would be the first location abroad we’d take the children.

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Crete; This was our honeymoon destination-but the less we say about this the better.  I was 18 weeks pregnant, still sick, scared of flying while pregnant, I ended up with sunstroke, it rained constantly, and our apartment was dingy-full of bugs, and no where near anything.

Dorset; The first and only family holiday we’ve been on since having the children.  Gifted the entire week from Haven, we had an incredible time-and I still well up when we talk about the things we did, the memories we made, and watch the video I put together on our return.  We’re always going to be eternally grateful for the opportunity to review somewhere so beautiful.


Holiday Dreaming

Honestly, I’ll be grateful to be able to go anywhere with our children in the future.  Saying that, I’m only human-and of course I have a list of places I’d love to visit – a holiday bucket list if you will……

Disneyland/Walt Disney World; Disneyland is obviously closer to us-and somewhere I would love to take the children to fill them with the magic I felt when I visited 9 years ago.  Saying that, I’d obviously love, when they’re a little older, to take them to Walt Disney World.  My son is a massive Harry Potter fan like me, and I’d love to take him to the attraction in America.

Egypt; A location that’s been on my bucket list since I was Kye’s age-I dream of the day I get to visit the pyramids in Egypt.

New YorkNew York, in the winter, watching the snow fall from the Empire State Building.  Visiting all of the sites I’ve watched in movies, and walking with my husband in Central Park-I literally can’t think of anything or anywhere more perfect.

UK Destinations;  Don’t worry, there are achievable ones on here too!  Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall-they’re all on there-with specific landmarks I would like to see upon visiting.



The one thing I always have and always will take from holidaying-regardless of destination or cost, is that the memories you make, and the experiences you have, make a holiday what it should be-nothing else should matter.


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