Clever Tykes Storybooks-Supported By Lloyds Banking Group

Clever Tykes sent us the three storybooks they have published with the support of Lloyds Banking Group.

Earlier this year the co-founders of Clever Tykes secured sponsorship to gift the Clever Tykes storybooks into all primary schools in the UK–which will give 4 million children an enterprising role model no matter what their background.
Alongside the books, Clever Tykes have also made online teaching resources, free of charge, enabling schools to teach enterprising skills to their pupils.

The books are illustrated by Sam Moore, and are perfect for the 6-9 age group they were created for.

“Storybooks providing positive role models to help children ages 6-9 be more resourceful and enterprising.”

Code it Cody

cleverThis book features Cody, a young boy who is a whizz at computers.  When the school’s Computer Club competition is announced, Cody and his friends use their coding skills to research current computer games before Cody creates a prototype of his very own.

What I loved about this book is how, for starters, the main character has hearing aids!  I’ve literally never read a children’s book with something like this in-it’s so important to include children who are slightly different.
Also, Cody’s confidence in his abilities, and his passion for computers, really show children how important it is to have that confidence in their talents too.

Walk it Willow

cleverWalk it Willow is about a little girl who loves dogs and enjoys walking her big dog, ‘Stomp’.
When asked for help walking Miss Snippet’s dog, Willow realises she can turn her passion for dogs and dog walking, into a great way to earn money and a way to help others!
Some issues occur, and Willow must rectify these, and make some tough decisions-ultimately ending in her making a success out of her passion.

Willow is a great advocate for children to teach them to make good use of their talents!  Things children love doing, and are good at, needn’t be just for them-they can be used to help others too!

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Change it Cho!

cleverCho is one of lifes great competitors.  She loves racing, (and winning)!
Cho also loves eating healthy food-so, when she sees her fellow school buddies not eating healthily, she decides something must change!
Beginning by raising awareness about healthy eating, she unfortunately gets a less than pleasant response from the local shopkeeper.
Then, when she asks her local council if she can start up her own fruit stall, and they say  no, Cho has to find a way to change the eating habits of those around her, in her own way.

This book is so important, especially in the current financial climate.  When bad foods are cheaper to buy, it’s no wonder some children aren’t eating as healthy as they should.
Although the message of healthy eating is clear and important in this book, the message to help others realise how important it is, as a fellow pupil/human, is even more important.
Thanks to sponsorship from Lloyds Banking Group, the Clever Tykes digital enterprise portal is free for all UK primary schools. It contains the storybooks, lesson plans and teaching resources for enterprise education.

Both my children (3 & 7) absolutely loved these books.  Easy to read and understand for my 7 year old, he happily read them to his sister, explaining along the way, the parts she didn’t understand.

I’ve also emailed the headteacher of my son’s school, to make sure she’s aware of this initiative, as I feel it’s so important to get the children involved!

To find out more about these books, how your school can get involved, and more information on the initiative, head over to the Clever Tykes website HERE!

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