Mills & Boon-“Modern Girls Guide” Series Book Review

Drunk Ebay; There was a point somewhere around 1 a.m. and the second bottle of gin, when it had suddenly seemed really important to Abi that she should order a hundred and fifteen identical Channing Tatum plastic figurines.

But now, in the cold light of day, with the postman giving her one of his looks, she couldn’t one hundred per cent remember why that had been the case.

From Happy Hour.

This is just one of many absolutely hilarious pieces from the four books Mills & Boon sent me recently.*

Alongside Ada Adverse, Mills & Boon have published four books for “modern girls“. Each book is an A-Z guide on four different subjects.



WORKING 9-5.15271733_10154066139666935_30824798_o-1
Focusing on the work day, this hilarious A-Z guide to a “modern girls” daily work life had me in hysterics.

It gives a humorous feminine twist on surviving the office, and getting through a day at work.

Obviously no spoilers, but Deadlines  was one of my favourite pages, reminding me massively of my every day life!



HAPPY HOUR15271263_10154066139641935_1696527624_o

This book focuses on surviving your 21st century life, with the help of alcohol of course!

Again, absolutely hilarious, and once again, no spoilers, but one of my favourite pages in this one (aside from the above  quote from Drunken Ebay was Forgetting (once again, this is definitely me).





15271520_10154066139661935_2086992629_oHELPING YOURSELF

This one is a guide to self improvement, to help you rid yourself of self doubt (and to stop you slouching).

One of my favourite parts in this one was Writers Block.  As a frequent blogger, this is something I have time and time again!

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The final book in the collection talks about relationships, love, and how to handle it when things don’t run quite as smoothly as you’d hoped.

One of my favourites in this one was In Laws.  For obvious reasons really, we all have them, and we can all relate!


Each time I picked another book up, I was sure it was going to be my favourite. But in truth, I can’t choose. Each one made me laugh out loud (much to my husband and children’s confusion). I related to each one individually and parts of each one reminded me of people I know!

The “Modern Girls Guide” books are absolutely brilliant. Sold at only £3.49 each on Amazon, these are perfect Christmas presents, stocking fillers, birthday presents (the list is pretty endless), and well worth every penny.

So what are you waiting for!  Go find your Happy Ending, by Helping Yourself, Working 9-5 and finishing the day with Happy Hour.



*Thanks to Mills & Boon for the books to review.

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