Rainy Day Subscription Box-Review

We were sent a subscription box from the Rainy Day Box!
(I say we, but it was obviously more for the children.)

Who are Rainy Day Box?

Founded by Mum of two, Aly, the Rainy Day Box was created during a winter when Aly’s eldest son, Kit, was 3 years old.  She made him an entertainment box inspired by her childhood.
Deciding she wanted all Mums to make wonderful memories with their children, she created the Rainy Day Box, which she hopes will make rainy days a little easier, and a time to look forward to, with the contents of your own box.

rainyWhat was in our box?

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Le Petit Ballon-Subscription Box Review

I was sent a wine subscription box from Le Petit Ballon to review.

Who are Le Petit Ballon?

A subscription box service sending monthly boxes of Sommelier wines, Le Petit Ballon, was founded in February 2011.
In every box you will receive two bottles of wine carefully selected by a former Sommelier Chef at The Ritz, tasting advice and super tips with handy posts and videos, and a magazine called The Gazette, which tells you everything you need to know about your bottles of wine. Continue reading

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Bruu-The Gourmet Tea Club-Review


We were sent a lovely tea subscription box from Bruu!

Who are Bruu?

bruuBruu are a subscription box company, delivering the finest and tastiest gourmet tea, which is promised to be ethically sourced and packed with natural healthy ingredients.
By joining the tea subscription service, members get to enjoy all their favourite types of tea, and try a few new ones. There are 8 tea types on offer; Green, Black, White, Fruit, Herbal, Oolong, Chair and Rooibos. Continue reading

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The Greek Lemon Subscription Box Review

We were sent a subscription box from The Greek Lemon!


For those who haven’t heard about the company before here’s a little about them!

There are two subscription boxes Classic Dionysus (£34.99) and Vegan Apollo (£29.99) and both have free delivery.  In both boxes the ingredients and foods that are sourced for you, are able to be used in authentic Greek recipes that The Greek Lemon give you some ideas on making, with included recipes.

The Classic Dionysus Box includes;lemon Continue reading

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The Pudding Post Subscription Box Review

We were sent a baking subscription box from The Pudding Post!


For those who don’t know who The Pudding Post are……….

Once a month you are sent the ingredients and recipe to make a “Pudding Post Pud”.  In your box (that’s letterbox friendly) you receive an easy-to-follow recipe from The Pudding Post’s Patisserie Chef and all the ready-weighed and freshly vacuum packed ingredients ready to bake your pudding!

In our box we received;

  • McVitie’s Ginger Biscuits
  • Caster Sugar x 3
  • Lindt Dark Chocolate
  • Green & Blacks Ginger Chocolate
  • Hazelnuts
  • White Wine
  • Lemon Juice/Zest
  • Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste
  • Sprig of Thyme
  • Conference Pears

These ingredients, along with butter, eggs and water, which were the only things I had to provide, were to make…..


Pear & Hazelnut Chocolate Torte With Ginger Biscuit Base


Now, I need to own up to something.  In the time it took the box to get to me, I came down with a really bad illness and ended up in hospital.  Because of this (and the fact I couldn’t get out of  bed for the best part of a week), when I came to make the above pudding, the pears had gone off (they had a shelf life date on them).
I had NO pears in the house, and so, after a small amount of deliberation, decided to use apples.


The ingredients were really good quality-which obviously helped (and my culinary skills too!)  I’m not usually one for a recipe which calls for more than about five ingredients, so I was a little concerned that I’d struggle, but it was instructed on the recipe card so well, I found it as easy as basic recipes!


Torte on it’s way to the oven!


40 minutes went by, and it came out looking more like the picture than I’d imagined it would!  The recipe card said to serve at room temperature, but I was straight in with a fork as soon as it went onto the plate.  The apple’s tasted amazing too-as I’m sure the pears would’ve done had we used them in time!



As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and our little lady just loved Mummy’s creation!


The boxes are priced at £44.50 for three months of Pudding Post, and £89 for 6 months!  Once broken down into months, plus the quaility of the ingredients, this really is an amazing box of cakey goodies to have!

(We even had some chocolate left over!  So I made brownies! )



To find out more information about The Pudding Post and how you can get your own boxes, head over to their website HERE.

I was kindly sent this box free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  Any thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Cure & Simple-Bacon Subscription Box Review

We were sent three packs of bacon-as part of a subscription box review from Cure & Simple!

Now, I know what you’re all going to think-a bacon subscription box?!  (Also-if you’re anything like me, you’ll also be thinking what a brilliant company name!)
Seriously-do not knock it until you’ve tried it!!!!!

I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say I believed there were three types of bacon.
Smoked, unsmoked, and whatever they use in cafe’s and restaurants.
It turns out-there’s other varieties!!!!

Our ‘Cure & Simple’ Bacon Packs

The first pack we were sent was Original.
Dry cured with just a hint of sugar, this was probably the main one out of curethe three  we received that reminded us of the bacon we eat regularly.  Personally the sugar made all the difference to the taste for me.  It gave the bacon a sweetness that I’ve not noticed on any other kinds I’ve had.

The second pack was Bourbon.
This sweet tasting bacon reminded me SO much of american style I’ve had in a diner before.  Although there is a sweetness to it, there’s also a spice that comes out, reminding me a little of Italian meats.

The third pack was Old English.
Using galangal and caraway for this Old English Cure this was probably the most aromatic of all three packs.  It wasn’t easy to pinpoint the different flavours in this one, but it still had an incredible taste!


Plan Options

There are three options for the bacon box plans, all of which are £5.95 including delivery.  You can either sign up for a weekly delivery, a fortnightly one, or a monthly one.  You will always get a minimum of 8 slices per pack, and the bacon comes vacuum packed in strong cardboard packaging.

The bacon really is such high quality, the delivery time is super fast, and personally I think well worth the £5.95!

There are so many other flavours on offer, and you can choose smoked or unsmoked, for each variety.  If you can’t decide you can even choose a mixed box!

All packs are full of premium back bacon, from outdoor reared pigs, and all rashers are air dried, with no added water.

For more information head over to their website HERE, and get ordering your bacon box now!


We were sent three packs of bacon in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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