Bloopies from IMC – Kids Toy Review

We were kindly sent a new toy to try out and review from IMC!  Even more exciting than just receiving a toy, it was made even better by being an underwater toy!


I have to say, I do struggle to find bath toys for my little ones-my son is now 8, so it’s all about water guns, and shooting water at targets.  My daughter loves a bath bomb, but I’ve not really seen any underwater toys for her age group-4.

So when we were sent an underwater doll from the Bloopies range, on a lovely warm Saturday afternoon-and she had to be bribed to let me take pictures of it before she ripped the box opened, I knew it was going to be a hit.


Actually, the first place she played with her Bloopies doll, was in the garden.  We were super busy trying to get our garden ready for our first barbecue of the year (the only one we’ve had so far thanks to the weather), her Brother was out with his Uncle at the cinema, and just before the post arrived, Miss Olivia was “helping” Daddy pull weeds up.

Once photos were taken, she eagerly pulled the doll from it’s box, and took it outside with a big bowl of water (well I took that out) and played with it for ages, laughing everytime it squirted water out of the snorkel or it’s mouth.


Ah yes the snorkel-the only accessory our Bloopies doll came with, it ended up being the best accessory-squirting water out of the top when the doll was squeezed!  She also plays with it in the bath (which is probably what it was more intended for, rather than a bowl of water in the garden!)

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There are six dolls available in the Bloopies range, and all come with a colourful snorkel and flippers!  As I said above, they squirt water out of the top of their snorkel, or through the whole in their mouths, and they’re easily filled up by holding them under water and squeezing their middles to fill them up!


Bloppies dolls are available in Argos, and are only £12.99 each!  Check out the range and further information HERE.


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