My Fairy Garden Picnic Basket Play Set Review

We were very kindly sent a rather cute play set to review from My Fairy Garden.

Olivia already owns two of the My Fairy Garden sets, but they’re the ones that you can plant seeds in, and they require soil (so they’re a little on the messy side!)

I wasn’t aware that there were play set products in the range, so, when we were sent the Picnic Basket Play Set, I was pleasantly surprised (and Olivia was thrilled).


Olivia absolutely loves a playset-her level of imagination with toys like this, always humours me.  She puts on voices for each character (her American and Scottish accents are a thing to behold), and she always dreams up the funniest little scenarios during her play time.

Included in this set are;
fairy1. The Picnic Basket House-This is pretty awesome in itself, as the house is the shape of a picnic basket!  The handles open the roof, and the house doubles up as storage for the items that make up the set.
2. The Mouse-Olivia absolutely loved the mouse-I think we had one in one of the soil based sets before, and they always have the cutest features and detailing (plus the mouse voice Olivia does is awesome).
3. The Fairy-Every fairy garden set needs a fairy!  She’s often American or Scottish-being that they’re the only two accents Olivia thinks she can do, but we also used the fairies from her other sets in this one too!
4. A Cake Stand, 2 Cupcakes, A Picnic Blanket, 2 Plates and 2 teacups-Obviously these make up the picnic set, and are very well detailed considering their size.  You have to pop the little stand together, but it’s super easy to do.

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As I mentioned above, the accessories that make up the set are rather small.  I don’t often check a box for an age limit, because Olivia has never been the sort of child to put things in her mouth or up her nose etc.  The box does say 4+ which Olivia is, but I do think maybe the smaller items are a little too small for some 4 year olds.
Additionally, I think there was room for them to be made a little bigger, as the comparison in size between the house and the accessories is quite vast.

That being said, she hasn’t put it down since we received it, and the rule of the toys going back to her room at the end of the day (usually because she plays with different things each day), has been lifted as it’s all she wants to play with!


You can check out the My Fairy Garden range over on the website HERE, and head to Amazon to pick up this set for only £12.97 HERE!


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