Fashion Fun Minnie Mouse Toys from IMC

IMC toys very kindly sent us two Minnie Mouse toys, for Miss Olivia to play with!  Being a rather big fan of Minnie Mouse and her crew, Olivia was absolutely thrilled when she opened the box to find two minnie mouse toys, and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!


There are actually six of these figures to collect-each including a whole host of accessories and dress up clothes for Minnie!
We received the ‘Pop Star’ and the ‘Fashion Fun’ figures-both of which came in a clear plastic box, so that all of the accessories and items were on show.

The figures themselves are quite big-which means the clothes and accessories aren’t too small for little fingers, or too difficult to attach to the body.

Each set, contains three outfits, accessories to match, and a dressing room for Minnie to get some privacy while she changes!


Olivia absolutely loved changing the clothes around, and putting on Minnie’s voice while playing with her-she’s at that awesome age of imagination right now, where everyone speaks in an American accent, and she can make a scenario out of any situation.  These figures are perfect for that-it really allows the child to get into their own heads and add some imaginative sparkle to their play-time!


I will mention, that my four year old, did have some issues taking certain shoes off of, and putting some of the dresses and accessories on, so if you’re thinking that this is an activity that can be done by your child on their own, then think again-even I had difficulty taking the yellow boots off of Pop Star Minnie.

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Both of these figures, and the other four in the collection are currently priced at £16.99*, and you can buy yours from Smyths by clicking HERE for the Pop Star Minnie, or HERE for the Gym Time Minnie from Amazon.  The full range are also available from Amazon-just click HERE!



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*prices correct as of 03/06/2018-subject to change



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