The Magic Of My Name-Personalised Children’s Book Review

We were really kindly sent some personalised books from The Magic of My Name-a treat for both children with individual stories of their names.

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Who are The Magic Of My Name?

In basic terms?  The Magic of My Name was created by The Story Tailors-creators of personalised story books.
The Story Tailors wanted to launch a product that would create unique experiences for young children and contribute educational and positive values.


What did we receive?

We received two story books, one for each of my children-both with individual stories, unique to the letters of their names.
I had assumed, that both of the stories would be the same, and that the name wouldn’t be seen until the very end-maybe at that point we would read the only difference in the stories.
I was very wrong-each story is actual tailor made to the children, and includes pages which begin with, or feature, letters of their names.
I think, had I known this, I would have added my Son’s middle name(s) in-Kye seemed a bit short in comparison to his Sister’s first name of ‘Olivia-May’ once we’d seen both books.
However short the name though, the story is the same length as others with longer names-so at least there wasn’t a “her’s is longer than mine” issue when we received them.


The quality of the books, and the illustrations throughout, are something to behold.  Clear, beautiful pictures, and imaginative story telling, makes these books a truly magical and special gift.

During the personalisation stage when ordering your books, you’re able to add a unique greeting, for the child to read before they begin their story journey.  There is already a message there when you begin, so you’re also able to keep that one should you think it appropriate.
You also get to add the child’s name, whether they are a boy or a girl, and choose from five character faces!

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They are honestly one of the most beautiful types of personalised book I’ve come across-they’re great value, and absolutely beautiful-perfect for gifts for your children, or members of family or friends.

You can buy one of these stunning personalised books for only £23.99 by heading over to The Magic Of My Name website HERE.


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