Moonlite-A Storybook Projector

We were very kindly sent this beautiful gift set from Moonlite from Spinmaster.  I first came across Moonlite on an American toy website.  Captivated by its unique design, I queried when it would be available in the UK-in the hope I could buy one for the children for Christmas.  I was told the release was imminent and so grateful when I was offered an opportunity to review one!

The lovely people over at Spinmaster, sent me this stunning set, with everything I needed for the children, to get them started with the Moonlite experience.


So what exactly is Mooonlite?

I only came across Moonlite by accident.  I hadn’t heard of it before, but being able to review it means I get told the background of the product and the people who’ve made it!

Moonlite was born the best way-organically.  Creator Natalie, and her Daughter Chloe, came up with the idea of Moonlite because of Chloe’s love of her bedtime ritual.  Every evening, the Mother and Daughter duo would make stories with shadow puppies, by the light of Natalie’s phone.
Natalie loved watching her Daughter as she enjoyed the magic of these stories-her imagination ignited by the different  scenes and characters they would dream up.

Natalie searched the depths and heights of the internet to see if there was a product that would enable these stories to be brought to life, but, after finding nothing, decided to make something herself.

She imagined a projector with reels that could be inserted for different stories, and an app that would allow it all to work via a mobile phone.  And there, Moonlite was born.


Moonlite is unique-it doesn’t replace books-but engages children into a new way to use their imagination.
The story reels make bedtime stories come to life-they’re fulled with HD images projected using the phones torchlight, and in-app sound effects which engage children into an immersive storytelling experience.
This magical experience has the ability to encourage a love of reading that will last a lifetime, as well as creating that time of day that bonds children and parents with the innocence and fantasy that storytelling brings.

Educationally, Moonlite promotes early literacy, fuels imagination which activates the creative side of children’s brains, and therefore develops their creative intelligence through visualising the words that are being read to them.


So how do you use Moonlite?


MoonliteIt couldn’t be simpler-in four quick and easy steps, your phone will be a storytelling projector in no time!
1. Simply download the Moonlite from the App Store or Google Play Store – it’s free!
2. Pop one of the story reels into the Moonlite projector
3. Attach Moonlite to your phone
4. Open the app, unlock the store with the included activation code and start reading

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Our review

Well, I assumed I’d love this product-the idea of it alone is something to be admired, but I also assumed I’d love it just as much when I used it.
It was super easy to start using-the app is simple to understand, and the projector began working immediately-but I did run into a few issues.  Firstly, I own an iPhone 6+, which for those of you that know phones and iPhones in particular, will understand how large it is!  Additionally, the battery life, isn’t as great as on other phones, which I factored in when I started using the projector.
The issues arose, when I tried to turn the reel to turn the page on the projection.  Every time i turned it, the projector would slip out of alignment, and then it would take me a few minutes to line it back up again.  Additionally, the projector works by using your flashlight, which drains the battery-I just hadn’t realised how quickly!



When I received Moonlite, the first thing I noticed was the age on the box-it said 1-4? which I hadn’t noticed when I first saw the product on the American website.   My children are 5 and 8, and there would usually be a moment when I noticed the age rating on a product and kicked myself for wasting my time.  After all, an 8 year old wouldn’t be bothered about this baby-ish projector would he.  Don’t be fooled though-he loved it when it was working properly, and so did his little Sister.  The magic in their eyes as they saw one of their favourite stories-The Very Hungry Caterpillar, light up onto my Daughter’s sloped ceiling, was incredible.  The pictures genuinely are very beautiful, and it really did make the story come to life.
Additionally, the low light needed so we could see the projections, made their little eyes relaxed and tired-which actually led to a much less manic bedtime-especially needed when the clocks are due to go back at the end of this month, and we’re going to have to get our children used to darker evenings!

Moonlite Moonlite

i’m so grateful to have been given the chance to review this product-I’m sure, if you had a full battery, and your phone was a little smaller, the problems I faced wouldn’t be something everyone would have to deal with.
The concept and idea behind it, is really special and unique, and I do think it’s worth giving a go.

Moonlite is available to buy here in the UK right now-from all good retailers including The Entertainer, Smyths Toys and Amazon!

For more information head over to the Moonlite website HERE.

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