Playfoam Pals-Kids Toys from Learning Resources

We were lucky enough to be sent some of these awesome Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources.

After the amount of children’s television we watch, I’m surprised I haven’t actually seen these advertised-I have a four year old who pretty much wants everything she sees, but she didn’t know what they were either!


So what are Playfoam Pals?

Made for children aged 5-10, Playfoam Pals come in a clear pod which included inside, a Playfoam Pal figure, and non-toxic beads of foam.
The foam is mouldable, but won’t stain carpets, and doesn’t leave a residue on hands once played with.

Playfoam PalsThere are 12 pods to collect, each with a different figure inside, and, if you’re lucky enough, you could get the rare gold figure!  Inside the pods, are collectible sheets, so your child can keep a note of which pals they’ve collected so far!

Playfoam Pals are actually safe for children as little as three years old to play with, because of the aforementioned non-toxic formula used!  The foam never dries out, so it can be used time and time again!

Our Playfoam Pals

Playfoam PalsOlivia absolutely loved opening these-she had already looked on the back of the packaging to see which figures she’d like, and I explained to her that some people got the gold figures!  To our surprise, two of the four pods had gold figures in!  She also received
two other normal figures.

Playfoam PalsPlayfoam PalsShe spent hours playing with the figures and the foam-she built houses out of it for them, and when her brother came home from school, he got in on the action to.  To be honest, although the age bracket for this particular product is 5-10, and Olivia is only 4, I didn’t assume my son, who is 8, would actually get much out of them.  But he did and they play with it all of the time together now!
Playfoam Pals

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Where you can buy your own Playfoam Pals.

Playfoam PalsAs I said there are 12 to collect, but at only £6.00 for a pack of two pods, they really are quite the pocket money treat for little ones.  You can buy the pack of two from Learning Resources HERE, but you can also buy a pack of 12 pods for only £35.00 HERE.  Additionally, there are even themed pods in dinosaur form-check them out HERE.


We absolutely love Playfoam Pals, and will be buying more until we’ve collected all 12 pals!


Playfoam Pals

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