Super Colour Deluxe

Super Colour Deluxe Aquadoodle from Tomy

We were kindly sent the new Super Colour Deluxe Aquadoodle from Tomy, for Miss Olivia (and her Brother) to try out!  We’re no strangers to an aquadoodle-one of my favourite things to take for Olivia to do on holiday, or on long car journeys, is the portable, smaller one of these-they fold away neatly and make no mess!

This one is pretty similar to the portable ones, or mats I’ve had for the children in the past-except this one also has some pretty awesome features!

As usual, there is the famous mat-that allows your child to draw and write with the magic water pen, then absorbs and dries within minutes-meaning hours of fun!  The mat included in the Super Colour Deluxe set is slightly different to the plain ones-it has a bright, rainbow neon colour-its beautiful!

Super Colour Deluxe

Also included in this set, are stamps and a stamp pad!  I’ve genuinely never seen this in an Aquadoodle set before-it’s so clever!  To use, you simply get the pad of fabric wet, lay it in the tray provided, and use the stamps as if you had ink!  There are three stamps included and my Daughter had so much fun covering the mat in pictures she’d stamped!

The other “new” accessory included (new to me anyway), was a paintbrush!  The “brush” is actually a plastic stick with the same fabric on it that the stamp pad has, and with that, an oblong plastic dish, that you fill with water, and dip the brush in!

Super Colour Deluxe

The mat is bordered with a bright, fun print, and the use of water, as always on these mats, mean no mess and no fuss!

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The pen, stamps and brush, help little ones with their hand to eye coordination, and stimulates their creativity and broadens their imagination-so it’s not just a messy play mat!!!


We absolutely loved it-as did my Son when he returned home from school to find his Sister playing with it!

You can buy yours from Smyths Toys, for only £19.99 (bargain), by clicking HERE!


Super Colour Deluxe

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