Super Ski Jump

Super Ski Jump from Drumond Park!

You mat remember last month I shared my review for a table top game for age 4+ from drumond park!  I mentioned i was sent two games to review, and now the time has come for me to reveal the second one to you all!
This review is for super ski jump-for ages 8+!

Super Ski Jump

The aim of the game for this one is a little less simple than Wally the Washer was!  But absolutely perfect for ages 8+!

To begin, players choose their player (playing pieces include a sledge, bath tub, snowboard and skis), take to the ramp and get ready to go!

Then, it’s just a case of earning the most amount of points!  You can do this by jumping the farthest, doing tricks and sticking the landing as you tackle the toughest slope of them all!

For up to four players, Super Ski Jump is the ultimate trick challenge.  There are three thrilling rounds, where players can take turns to jump once.  The youngest player begins the game, by placing their playing piece at the top of the ramp of their choosing out of the three available.

Once your playing piece is at the top of the ramp, you turn the wheel, sending them skiing down to the bottom-at which point, it’s all about timing.  You have to press the lever, which sends the skier up into the air!!

You have to watch super carefully, so that you can count how many flips and tricks your player does, then, count up your points, based on that, the playing piece you chose, and then how you landed!

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Players continue to take turns for the three rounds, and at the end, the person with the highest score wins!

Super Ski Jump

I said during the last review, how I struggle to find age appropriate games for my children-they’re at awkward in between ages-especially my son who turns 9 in February.  This is perfect for him-it’s got action, and competition-the two things an 8 year old loves in a game!

What’s even better, is that the game is available from Amazon for only £14.00!  So what are you waiting for!  Go get jumping!
For stockists and more information, head over to!


Super Ski Jump

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