Wobbly Worm

Wobbly Worm from Spin Master-the modern day Hoopla!

We were very kindly sent WObbly Worm from Spin master to review!  You may have noticed, that the title of this toy review blog, includes the line “the modern day Hoopla” – read on to find out why we thought that!!!

So Hoopla-you all know how to play that yes?  In which case, you’ll have no problem working this toy out-however, you may have an issue actually winning it!

We took our Wobbly Worm game to my In-Laws house on Fathers Day-I knew there’d be a range of ages there, from our littlest member being only two, and our oldest being 78, I had a feeling it was made for all ages!

My Brother-In-Law was very confident-he was adamant it would be easy to win, so after I’d finished setting it up, and pressed the ‘on’ button, and he’d seen it begin to move, he changed his mind pretty rapidly.

Wobbly WormSpeaking of the set up of this game, it’s so super easy!  The box includes instructions, but at a glance you can easily work it out.  There’s a base that needs two batteries (the C 1.5v size), which is uneven at the bottom, enabling it to move while you’re trying to throw your hoops-there are three tubes with connectors, and Wobbly Worm’s head that you place on the top!
You press the green button and you’re off!
It stands at 3 feet tall once it’s all together, and there are enough hoops for 2-3 players-

Basically, for those that haven’t worked it out yet, Wobbly Worm moves in circular motion (quite erratically actually), and you have to get the hoops around its neck!

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The first person from our family that managed to get the hoop on, was actually my Husband’s Nan-she managed it on her first go!  It obviously got rather competitive after that, with the Brother-In-Law  managing to get some hoops on eventually (not as many as he thought he’d get I think!)

Wobbly WormWobbly WormWe’re going on holiday in August-staying in the UK, so we’ve been looking for games that the whole family can play, and as we’re taking the In-Laws with us, it’s definitely coming along-if anything, it really keeps my two very quiet, which is also a bonus!

Spin Master’s Wobbly Worm is available from most toy shops, but here’s the link to it over on Amazon (not an affiliate link), and it’s currently priced at £16.65 down from £19.99*-so head over and get it while it’s reduced in price!

*Price correct as of 21/06/2018-subject to change.


Wobbly Worm

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