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Zak Storm! Hover Vehicle, Coins & App Review!

Kye was super lucky to receive some Zak Storm products recently, to try out along with the related Zak Storm app!

zak storm


Who is Zak Storm?

A teen boy who steals his Dad’s necklace and gets sucked into The Seven Seas of the Bemuda Triangle during a surfing competition, Zak Storm was first seen on our Netflix screens!
The stolen necklace Zak has stolen, is actually the mythic eye of The Sea of Beru!
Zak ends up as captain of a ship called The Chaos, and, along with a band of misfits, and a talking sword called Calabrass, he travels across The Seven Seas to find his way home!


What was Kye sent?

Kye received the Zak Storm Hover Vehicle, and two packs of Collectable Coins.

zak stormHover Vehicle-This racing red hover vehicle, features an awesome missile launcher, and a Blazz Zak figure-who fits rather nicely on top of the vehicle-enabling him to battle with his missiles while stood strong on the top.
Priced at only £14.99, this vehicle also comes with one collectable coin-which you can use alongside the Zak Storm app to receive digital rewards, that you can then use to progress through the game!

zak storm

Collectable Coins and the Zak Storm app-As mentioned above, the coins you collect, either inside the toy packs or in the packs of coins you can buy separately, can be used on the app game, to gain rewards-weapons, powers and health.  The more coins you collect, the more loot you get!

The app is available for free on both Google Play (follow this link), and over on the iTunes app store (follow this link), and is a great connected play experience, where kids WATCH, PLAY, and LEVEL-UP, by enjoying a mobile gaming experience like never before!

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zak storm
The toys and the app work really well with each other-Kye played the app, easily scanning in his coins (and getting rather excited each time he unlocked something new), and then playing with the hover vehicle, reenacting the scenes he’d played out on the app.


Check out the range of Zak Storm toys and coins available, over at Smyths, by clicking HERE!


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